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lovehoundd  asked:

Ok, so how about: from all companions who is a cat and who is a dog person? And on how level? By the way I simply love your blog <3

Thank you!!❤️

Dogmeat: Dog person (dog?). Tolerates cats.

Codsworth: Likes dogs more than cats. Thinks they’re more productive members of the household.

Preston: Likes cats alright. They’re pretty self sufficient.

Piper: Loves dogs, hates cats. Thinks cats are prissy, and likes the loyalty of dogs.

Nick: Dogs! Pre-War Nick had a bloodhound for a partner. The sentiment stuck even all that time later.

Hancock: Total cat guy. Taking a page out of every other companion headcanon blog with the sphynx cat thing. He likes Dogmeat, but really is a cat guy through and through.

Macready: All about the dogs. Especially cause the only other hero he ever met besides Sole had a pretty cool dog with him too.

Cait: Just fuckin’ hates creatures.

Curie: Given the opportunity, Curie would have all the cats. Would be adamant about keeping them out of the lab however. She wouldn’t want them getting hurt.

Danse: While he likes cats okay, he socializes more with the Brotherhood attack dogs, and therefore prefers them.

Deacon: He’s a dog person! Always wished he could have a Railroad dog (code name Deeohjee), but after seeing the liability that is Dogmeat when it comes to stealth was convinced out of this.

Strong: Thinks both are weak but prefers dogs. At least they can fight.

X6-88: Cats. All the way. Feels a kindred spirit them.

Bonus: Desdemona is a bird lady, and gets doubly irritated when Tom brings back a snake or lizard.

Old Married Spirk Challenge - Page 1/6! (next page)
The comic was made with watercolour, but as I scanned them they seemed to grow a little overexposed. The colours do not seem quite as smooth this way, but I’m still happy with the result!
The comic is short and barely have a narrative, but it’s cute and cozy and OMS, so what more could you ask for?? Also, cat!

Thank you to @plaidshirtjimkirk for organising the OMS Challenge and for being lovely!