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I hope this is okay to request but how do you think the MX members would react if their gf, wanting to surprise them when they got home with some lingerie, but when he walked through the door with the other members, she was shocked and stuck in place like a deer in headlights? Thank you in advance~

Okay I wrote out a full post for this but totally had a brain fart and closed the tab without it finishing posting, so this is the second draft LOL

When you try to surprise him with lingerie but the other members see you

Shownu: I feel like it would take him a second to remember the others were with him because at first he’d be like “wow baby you look so beautiful, all for me??” but then when you’re frozen in shock it would hit him and he’d make sure they all never spoke another word of it
“Changkyun you better put your phone camera away before I break it”

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Wonho:  He’d freak out straight away bc I can see him being v protective of you like “GUYS LOOK AWAY THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING FOR HER” and he’d take off his shirt to put over you so he could get you inside the closet/room to grab your normal clothes, then take business to your place so no one would interrupt.

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Hyungwon: This sneaky little meme, so similar to Shownu it would take him a minute to realize what just happened but he’d act quick. He’d take off his jacket to wrap around you and tell the boys to wait outside the dorm so he could get you dressed and let the embarrassment of the situation wear off…. But he’d lock them outside and drag you to the bedroom
“Now they’re out of the way, let me get a better look at you…”

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Minhyuk: He’d basically tackle you and drag you into the bathroom while yelling at Changkyun to close the camera on his phone (I don’t know why I see him doing this in every situation but it’s canon guys I swear) I feel like he’d be more embarrassed than you
“This is exactly why I said we should only do things like this at your place Jagi…”

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Kihyun: All of the boys would be too in shock to fully look at you, they’d be more focused on the fact that Kihyun was getting some, cue a disgusted look from Hyungwon “You’re supposed to be our mother, how dare you do this to us”

“Jagi I said wait for me at YOUR dorm, they’re never going to let this go”

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Jooheon: He would initially be hella embarrassed and cover you asap before dragging you to the bathroom away from the eyes of the other buys, but as soon as you’re alone and he got a better look of your outfit *gif*

“thank you God, for blessing me with this sexy angel. I owe you one”

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I.M: This little nugget, depending on the others reaction he’d either do the same as Jooheon OR he’d be too busy staring at you to remember he’s not the only one who can see you and Shownu would end up giving you his jacket while you smack your boyfriend around the head for having his priorities the wrong way around. For the next week, he’d be strutting around the dork like the king of the world
“Bet you guys are jealous, sucks to be you. She’s all mine”

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100 Ways to Say: Ch. 15

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Chapter 15: “I made your favorite.” AO3


Here it comes, Katsuki thinks. He’s sitting ramrod straight, hands on his thighs and feet flat on the ground, trying not to sweat through the casual button up shirt. Izuku lounges beside him, unconcernedly watching television on the couch and patting Katsuki’s knee whenever he tenses up too much. He feels his palms sweating, so he wipes them on his jeans.

“Kacchan,” Izuku murmurs, a fond smile on his lips. “Relax.”

“I’ll relax when I’m dead,” Katsuki hisses, and retaliates to Izuku’s laughter with a pillow to his face.

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Drabble Game #22 Coffee

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Pairing: YoongixReader 

“Did you just hiss at me?”

It had been a particularly long day for Y/N at the dentist office, as it seemed like there was a surplus of screaming children crying about how they didn’t want to die than usual.  She understood. Y/N remembered being a kid and how the dentist was a scary place, but she didn’t understand why they had to scream about it though, especially since all she did was clean the twerps’ teeth.

She let out a tired sigh as she opened the doors to her flat.  Thank goodness it’s Friday! Nothing comforted her more than having a quiet and relaxing evening husband. Maybe they would cook a nice dinner and discuss their day over wine or maybe order take-out and binge watch The Office. As she walked into her flat she didn’t expect to see what she saw.

Music sheets, folders, and binders scattered across the coffee table. A group of empty Starbucks coffee cups neatly stacked on the floor, in which Y/N counted a total of six. When she walked closer she saw her husband, Yoongi, lazily laying on the sofa with his laptop laying on his stomach, drinking another cup of coffee through a straw. Maybe he had an even rough day then she did?

“Hey babe…” Y/N greeted warily.

“Hey, how was work?” He asked, eyes still glued to his laptop screen.

“It was okay. Just a bunch of screaming children,” she answered. She couldn’t take her eyes off the amount of coffee he had consumed. “Rough day?”

He hummed in response, “Not really, just got to grade these papers by eight o’clock tonight. Why?”

“Well, it’s just that I seen you got 6 empty Starbucks there, and you’re drinking another one. I just figured class might have been a bit crazy or something haha.” Y/N laughed. Yoongi stopped typing away at his computer to look at her slightly confused.

“I drink at least five a day haha, I’m just treating myself tonight silly girl.” He stood up ruffling her hair before heading to the kitchen

HE DRINKS 5 CUPS A DAY?!  That can’t even remotely be healthy, especially for his teeth!

“Yoongi, darling?” Y/N said sweetly as she sauntered up behind him. Placing a kiss on his shoulder then on his lips, “I think you have had enough coffee tonight.”
His eyes only narrowed down at her, watching her closely. Gently she reached to take his coffee away as he pulled it close to his chest, hissing at her.

“Did you- did you just hiss at me??”  Y/N gaped.

“Don’t touch my coffee.” He warned.

“Yoongi, you have had six already! This is not healthy!”

He rolled his eyes to the back of his head with a heavy sigh, “First of all, I don’t know why we are having this conversation. I don’t sleep. I need this to get through the day. It’s Friday and I wanted a treat! I don’t complain when you sneak in the middle of the night to eat Oreos!”

He had you there.

“Touché, but at least I brush my teeth afterwards!” Y/N gasped.

Yoongi only smirked down at his offended wife.

“Baby,” She cupped his face, making him look down at her, “the sixth cup should have been the treat since you drink five a day- not seven.” She reasoned.

Yoongi couldn’t help but stare into her big brown puppy dog eyes. It sickened him that with one look of those eyes he’s under her spell. With a sigh he walks to the sink and pours the coffee down the drain. “I swear you’ll be the death of me.”

“That coffee will be the death of you at the rate you’re going!”

A/N: I’m sorry if that ending was rushed or abrupt, but I had a total brain fart and didn’t know how to end it haha -Dri :3

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So I'm not a very gun smart person. I dont know all the labels and types but I like guns. I'm looking to get a rifle that looks like a dragunov in 7.62x39, essentially a long AK pattern rifle that's masquerading as an SVD, but i cant figure out what to type into gunbroker for that? I remember seeing a video saying that rifles by that description are being used in Syria, but i cant seem to find a common name for them. Any advice?

Well there’s the PSL, but that’s in 7.62x54R. The first thing that comes to mind in 7.62x39 is the Tabuk or M76. The M76 really doesn’t look much like an SVD though, it’s just a long ass AK. Which is what the PSL is, but it has the SVD-ish look.

Side note, the SVD/Tigr DOES NOT use the AK action. It’s short stroke piston vs the AK’s long stroke.

EDIT: I totally brain farted, the M76 isn’t in 7.62x39 its 8mm Mauser

So HeroesCon is all over now, and I have to say, once I was packing up on the last day, it was a mix of exhaustion (and probably dehydration), and sadness.  I had so much fun and was riding such a wave of excitement and energy that once it was all said and done, I already missed it all.  Big thanks to Rico and Doug and Heather and everyone else at Heroes that I had the chance to chat with and get to know and who helped make this whole event so amazing.  This was my first real comic convention, believe it or not, and I know for a fact I will be back at Heroes next year - with my fab new amigos, babsdraws (Babs Tarr), kristaferanka, and jakewyattriot (Jake Wyatt).  It was our first time all being together (first time I even met any of them) and we hit it off like Golden Girls who have known each other for years.

To everyone who stopped by our row, thank you so much for seeing us, shooting the shit, buying goodies, and being all around pleasant and awesome people.  I had so much fun getting to know everyone who came by and having a nice chat and I apologize if I wasn’t at the table when you may have stopped by.  I was part of a watercolor panel on Sunday, so that’s my excuse.  You should have been there watching, so what’s your excuse? ;).  People asked if I would be doing anymore conventions this year and I totally brain farted and said no to everyone.  But I LIED.  I will be in Austin for Wizard World ComicCon in October so if you’re around, I’ll be there.

Anyway, I’ve said enough.  Love you all!  Let’s get those precon sketches rolling on this feed ;)

Today my brother woke me up and told me that I had to get up now, and i looked at the time and it was 4:00 and it was kind of dark outside so of course I got angry like why the heck did you wake me up at 4 in the morning but then I realized that I had taken a nap and it was 4 PM and that was pretty disconcerting tbh

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I can barely express how appalled I am by the actions of the police in Ferguson. I was never a fan of the police but what’s been happening lately is intolerable. Although, I’m not an American, what happens down there effects up here. If you’re a cop, you take an oath to serve the people, not beat and gun them down in the streets simply because of their ethnicity. You don’t tell the media that their press badges don’t matter and threaten to shoot them for doing their job, maybe you could take some lessons from them and do your job. America is falling into a militarized police state at an alarming rate, protect yourselves. Your constitution is merely becoming a suggestion to these assholes.

i just totally had a brain fart

i was getting excited about it being the 2nd anniversary for alive ep to come out

and as you know it came out on 29th feb 2012

so i waited for 28th feb 2014 to end

it passed midnight