total brain fart

Today my brother woke me up and told me that I had to get up now, and i looked at the time and it was 4:00 and it was kind of dark outside so of course I got angry like why the heck did you wake me up at 4 in the morning but then I realized that I had taken a nap and it was 4 PM and that was pretty disconcerting tbh

Nurse Redheart joins the Fireside Monitor crew! Thanks @ask-wiggles
(who i accidentally submitted this to, then about fiiive-ish hours later I realized my epic pooch. Sometimes I have blonde moments, and if you’re asking yourself how I could possibly mistake submitting to Wiggles for my post page, you don’t know my brain. Motherfucker runs on auto sometimes. Sorry WIggles!)

I can barely express how appalled I am by the actions of the police in Ferguson. I was never a fan of the police but what’s been happening lately is intolerable. Although, I’m not an American, what happens down there effects up here. If you’re a cop, you take an oath to serve the people, not beat and gun them down in the streets simply because of their ethnicity. You don’t tell the media that their press badges don’t matter and threaten to shoot them for doing their job, maybe you could take some lessons from them and do your job. America is falling into a militarized police state at an alarming rate, protect yourselves. Your constitution is merely becoming a suggestion to these assholes.