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Low-Impact Beginner HIIT Workout


Gotta drop these hurricane lbs 😅😅 Total body workouts ALL week to get back on track 💪🏽🤷🏻‍♀️ I love switching it up!! Here’s a few total body exercises I did at the end of my workout yesterday…
1️⃣ Bridges combined with triceps skull crushers (I went light because I went high in reps) •works core, glutes, triceps•
2️⃣ Isolated bridge as triceps skull crushers continue
3️⃣ Isolate bridge combined with bridge hip abductors (resistant band optional)
4️⃣ Plank hip abductors using resistant band (slower, controlled and full range of motion)
5️⃣ Quick Plank hip abductors (cardio blast)
6️⃣ Plank Bosu Ball pull-in’s 😅😅
••• 4 Rounds; do as many reps until failure ••• 💋💋 #MandyCFit #BootyMaker #totalbodyworkout (at Boca Raton, Florida)

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Your 10-Minute A.M. Full-Body Toner Routine

Every day should start on a high note. This strength-and-cardio routine gives you that—plus full-body toning—in just 10 minutes.

Even when you’re too busy for a full workout (or can’t resist the snooze button), you can still sneak in 10 minutes—which is all you need for this turbo routine, created by Angel Santiago, a trainer at Drill Fitness, the new high-intensity boot camp studio in New York City. “This workout revs your heart rate for a big calorie burn while it sculpts,” says Santiago, who uses moves that recruit multiple muscle groups at once to maximize efficiency. Now, go have an amazing day.


LUNGE SEQUENCE Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms down. Bend at waist and walk hands out into a plank. Raise right foot and plant it just outside right hand. Pause, then return to plank; repeat with left foot for 1 rep. Do 6 reps.
Total time: 2 Minutes

Break a Sweat

RUNNING WOMAN Jog in place for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds.
STAR JACK Stand with feet together, arms down. Jump feet apart wider than hips, turning toes out 45 degrees. Bend knees and lower butt to just above knee height. Driving from heels, jump back to start but raise straightened arms to shoulder height, palms backward. Continue for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. Cycle through these two moves again; try to go faster.
Total time: 2 Minutes

Sculpt All Over

IN-AND-OUT Start in a plank, balanced on palms and toes with shoulders over wrists. Keeping arms stationary, jump feet forward so they land outside palms. Now, jump back into a plank. Do 10 reps.
FLIER Lie facedown, arms outstretched in front of you. Lift right arm and left leg, hold a few seconds, then lower and repeat on opposite side for 1 rep. Do 10 reps. Cycle through these two moves as many times as you can for 3 minutes.
Total time: 3 Minutes

Up the Burn

SQUAT HOP Stand with feet just wider than hips. Squat until butt is just above knees. Now, press through heels and jump while raising arms; thrust down as you land. Continue for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds.
BEAR CRAWL Start on hands and knees, with knees under hips and hands wider than shoulders. Straighten knees and lift butt into a Downward Dog. Take three small steps forward (right hand, left foot; left hand, right foot; etc.), then three steps backward. Continue for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds. Cycle through these two moves three times, trying to go faster with each set.
Total time: 3 Minutes

Exercise is a form of self love and should always be treated as such 💜💜✨


Total Body Exercises that Tone Arms, Legs and But by Serene VanEtten NQ …

40 Min Tabata Workout

Tabata is the ultimate fitness trifecta. It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s effective. You alternate between two complementary moves for a total of eight minutes. This gives your working muscles a bit more rest time between sets, which translates into better form for all your reps during each Tabata.

Tabata One

Jumping jacks: This classic calisthenic move gets the heart rate going; add in some cross jacks for variety.

Walkouts: This full-body move takes you slowly from standing, through plank, to a deep lunge stretch, and back to standing.

One-Minute Rest: Standing leg cradle

Tabata Two

Squats with reach: Take your basic squat, lift your arms overhead, and you’ve increased the core strength needed for each rep.

Up-down planks: Move steadily and smoothly between plank and elbow plank, which works your arms and your core.

One-Minute Rest: Standing quad stretch (30 seconds each leg)

Tabata Three

Alternating backward lunges: Step backward into a lunge and alternate legs with each rep.

Mountain climbers: Holding a plank position, move your legs like you’re running in place to work your arms and abs.

One-Minute Rest: Deep hip flexor stretch (30 seconds each side)

Tabata Four

Alternating side lunges: Keep your chest high as you step wide to the side. Return to standing and repeat the lunge on the other side.

Bicycle crunches: Don’t blast through your reps of this classic ab exercise. Keep your shoulder blades off the ground and twist through your ribs to bring your elbow to your opposite knee.


Last week we took a lil break using yoga to improve the flexibility and get more relaxed.

Now it’s time to go back to work because it’s Fat Burning week!

PS: we added few new members

First of all!  you need to warm up * click here*

Day 1

Fat Burning: Cardio Workout!

-every single exercise should last 1 minute

-repeat all exercises for 40 min

Day 2

Fat Burning: Bikini Workout!

-every single exercise should last 1 minute

-repeat all exercises for 50 min

Day 3

Fat Burning: Body Toning + Cardio

-every single exercise should last 1 minute

-repeat all exercises for 1h

Day 4

Fat Burning: Lower Body and Ab Workout!

-every single exercise should last 1 minute

-repeat all exercises for 1h and 38m

Day 5

Fat Burning: Workouts at home!

-every single exercise should last 1 minute

-repeat all exercises for 1h and 22m

Day 6

Fat Burning: Cardio Workout + Total Body Toning!

-every single exercise should last 1 minute

-repeat all exercises for 1h and 40m

Day 7

Fat Burning: Full Body Workout!

-every single exercise should last 1 minute

-repeat all exercises for 1h


The Most Effective Tiny Apartment Workout | Class FitSugar

When it comes to getting your sweat on, does your studio apartment feel like a prison cell? Inspired by Orange Is the New Black, we’ve created a workout designed for cramped spaces. You can work your entire body with very little elbow room in just 10 minutes. Press play, and get ready to burn big calories in your small apartment.

9 days out!!!

woo 9 more days to go which means 7 more workouts left!!!!
Just saw my coach and she’s changed up my training
I’m doing fasted HIIT cardio every second day and the other days Im dong total body weight isolating exercises to really isolate and bring out the muscles! It’s done by super setting an upper body exercise with a lower body one, low reps and don’t stop!!! Today we did this

  • 2x20 squats superset with 2x20 reverse lat pull downs
  • 2x20 lunges superset with 2x20 seated rows
  • 2x20 ab crunches superset with 2x20 chest flys
  • 2x20 rear delts superset with 2x20 shoulder press
  • 2x20 tricep pull downs superset with 2x20 lateral side raises 

and MAN that was TIRING! but check out my arm pump :P