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OK THIS PIECE OF FANART HERE MADE ME THINK, WHAT IF VICTOR WAS ACTUALLY FORCED TO CUT HIS HAIR (totally doing a blind guess here), but just what if… we know he’s had long hair for some time now, and he’s 27, so there might have been a period of time when for a skater his age still having long hair was no longer needed, or maybe people were expecting a change.

And it got me thinking of Yurio, remember episode 3.

We know Yurio’s body is changing and has yet some time until it matures completely. He still has time to grow taller, get some more muscle, so of course this boy is trying to take advantage of his young age, and his looks which are still delicate an can pass as a more “feminine stance” at the stereotypical eyes of the public, in order to perform a certain style. And this, I’ve mention it before, but I’m sure Yurio is not the first one to stumble when growing up, he’s not the first one to struggle to reform his own skating style while his body increases in stature and it becomes heavier to handle.

And we don’t know but this case might have repeated itself with Victor (I repeat only my guess). But if you remember Victor mentions having outfits which wanted to portray both male and female genders at the same time. And yeah we know both his looks and long hair were able to adopt the act at that time. Victor is shown in a pretty delicate manner when young and with long hair in comparison to years later when you see him with short hair. Of course he is still tall, and graceful, but his slender form has now turned into a more muscular one. His facial features have now become more mature and elegant, he’s no longer a child.

He’s body started to outgrew his younger looks, of course, and what if… for him to match his current age change he had to cut his hair short, not because he didn’t like it, but because of what others expected of him.

And we know he is quite sensitive when it comes to things like his hair. “Is it getting that thin?” remember? So I’m sure he had a reason to keep it long and of course he took good care of it.

Besides, we all remember what Victor thought about skaters having fragile hearts, and what Lilia’s ideal was regarding skaters, how some have to throw their old selves in order to get to create a whole new image to satisfy the public and win. And Victor’s been doing this since he was 15, now he’s 27, is logical to think he may have had to change from that young skater he used to be, in order to get to the top, even if it meant changing little things about himself along the way.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into the details, but I just get this sense Victor’s long hair was a big part of him as a skater, and having to change it, wonder what made him take the decision.


LMFAO ~ Look at Taemin wandering around on stage TOTALLY blind with a damn soccer ball on his head

I can totally get behind blind Soldier76 and the idea that his visor is the only thing helping him see. But imagine in the middle of a fight it’s somehow knocked loose and sent skidding across the field far out of Jacks reach.
Reaper descends ready to battle Soldier76 with everything he’s got but all he finds is Jack stumbling around trying to find his visor. Reaper finds himself staring into Jacks blank gray eyes and seeing them look right through him.
He can’t bring himself to shoot. Jack startles back as something is shoved into his hands. It’s his visor. When he puts it on there is no one there.

Say my name

Deaf Marinette AU

Nope. Totally do not have a half-written one-shot. Totally.

Also, guess who’s sick times two


Marinette furrowed her brows as she saw the blond boy who was kneeling next to her chair, putting a gum on her seat. She patted Alya’s hand and saw what Marinette was pointing at.

“Hey! What are you doing to my friend’s chair?” The girl snapped

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The largest problem with climate change and environmental documentaries and data is that the only people who willingly watch them and educate themselves are the people who actually care.

I’m watching Leonardo Dicaprio’s “Before the Flood,” and its absolutely infuriating how people in America will just turn a totally blind eye because “it’s not my problem.” And if you show any evidence, any at all, suddenly YOU’RE the enemy.

No. It IS your problem. It is a problem for ALL of us. For our children. For the life with which we share this planet. The animals, the plants, the sea life. It is the problem of every goddamn thing on this planet. You can sit there and say, “Ohhhhhh it’s not caused by humans it’s natural cycles that happen all the time,” but you know what? That doesn’t fucking matter. Human caused or not, it is happening and it is our responsibility to fix it or most of the life on this planet today will fucking die in the next 50-100 years. Cities will be underwater. Forests will be burning. Hurricanes will smash our cities harder than ever as time goes on. We KNOW that renewable energy will slow down and even reverse changes, and so it is our responsibility to do just that. It’s not the Earth that needs saved–it’s the damn things LIVING ON IT. We cannot survive what nature will throw at us in the long term if we do not do something NOW.

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How would all the companions react to the inquisitor being blind? If romances could also be included, that would be cool too

Cassandra: She doesn’t really know how to handle it. She found out when the mages were inspecting the survivor and reported that they were totally blind. The seeker feels pity for them once she realizes they’re innocent, but the Herald just sighs and assures her that if they need help, they’ll let her know. As she gets to know them, she learns to work with them and their strengths and disability effectively. She sees them as respectable and capable. If Romanced: She was somewhat surprised when he wanted to ‘see’ her by touching her face and smiled. At one point, he asks her to read one of her stories to him. Although with a blush, she agrees, and she starts falling in love with the Inquisitor.

Blackwall: He’s seen a lot of soldiers with a lot of different disabilities, usually in the aftermath of a battle, and blindness has been one he’s seen more than once. He’s surprisingly receptive to their needs; even so, he doesn’t belittle them or think of them as incapable. He does, however, voice that he respects them, and that’s it, for the most part. If romanced: He’s worried that he’s good enough for her, even more than usually. She insists, and he gives in. When he’s revealed, it makes him glad she can’t see him in his state in prison, but he can see her face– hurt. She forgives him, of course, and he vows to never let her down again.

Iron Bull: He’s heard, and when he meets the Inquisitor, he hardly treats them any different. He observes them all the while, and figures them out, and he’s fine with that. He knows they’re capable as a leader, but if he needs to do anything differently or accommodate them at all, he will. He seems to know what they actually need help with before they ask. If romanced: The romance proceeds as normal, though sometimes his Kadan likes to just lie in bed with him, stroking and feeling the dragon tooth necklace they got for him.Bull sometimes takes their hand and kisses it while they do so.

Sera: She doesn’t really know what to make of it, and initially asks questions, some of them a bit inappropriate, though as soon as the Herald tells her, she stops that particular line of questioning. Even so, Sera readily adjusts, and shrugs it off. “You made it this far, yeah? You’ll be alright. Lemme know if you need help or somethin’ though.” If romanced: Romance proceeds largely the same. Sera will punch the lights out of anyone who gives her girlfriend shit for being blind. “Doesn’t matter that she can’t see. She still sees more than most nobs. She sees me for me.” she says proudly. 

Varric: He heard before he met them, and he acts like his normal self around them. He does tell them that if they need any help to let him know, however, and looks into getting copies of his books printed in braille. He gets it done and presents the books to them, and when he writes the next issue of Swords and Shields per the Herald’s request, he makes an extra copy in braille for them, either to their delight or chagrin.

Cole: He knows what they can and can’t do, and he always manages to pop up whenever they do need help. He never treats them much differently than the others. The Herald finds talking to him somewhat refreshing, as at least at first, the others were a bit awkward around them, but that was never the case with Cole.

Vivienne: She takes it upon herself to help the Herald pick out fashionable outfits. The Herald can’t really see the clothes proper, but they can feel textures and hear the sounds of cloth swaying, and Vivienne has them feel and hear every outfit. They grow close over her help with fashion. If anyone is ever being rude or snotty to the Herald, she shuts them down harshly. Their blindness has no impact on their ability to lead, and she will not tolerate dissent. 

Solas: He’s a bit curious, of course, but he remains respectful of the Herald. He tries a few spells to see if he can fix their vision, to no avail, and wanders the Fade for a solution. The Herald reassures him that it’s alright– what they really want is just understanding and respect, and he agrees. If romanced: He likes to take her into the Fade, and while she cannot see there, either (assuming the Herald was born blind), textures and sounds and smells and feelings can be shared, and Solas learns as much from her as she does from him. If the Herald was not born blind, she seems to enjoy memories of sight in the Fade, and he endeavors every sleeping moment to show her as much of the world as he can. His heart swells as she leans against him, and they walk through in peace.

Dorian: He had never met a blind person directly before– most in Tevinter were either slaves or destitute, save for the rare child of a magister– and he’s not quite sure what to make of them. He asks if he can ask questions, and if they say yes, he’s very curious. As he gets to know them better and befriends them, he knows that they are them, and he treats them normally. Like Varric, whenever he wants them to read something, he insists on getting them a braille copy. If romanced: Dorian’s lover likes to run his fingers over the other man’s face and figure, and smiles as he does so, registering every detail. Dorian always seems amused when he does, and smiles as his boyfriend smiles. “I knew it. I’m beautiful with or without sight.” he gushes, and the Inquisitor laughs and gently swats at him.

Josephine: Her first order of business is telling the Herald to let her know if they need anything or any accommodations. She wants to ensure they are comfortable asking for anything, but doesn’t baby them. She’s quick to assuage any ignorant nobles or visitors that the Herald is not a helpless baby bird, and that they are, in fact, worthy of the same respect anyone else should be afforded. If romanced: She likes to lay with them on the couch in the Inquisitor’s room and describe Antiva City. She spares no details, including the sounds and feelings and smells of the jewel of the city, and it makes the Herald smile. One day she’ll bring them there, and they can feel it themselves.

Leliana: She could tell quickly, and speaks with the others about it. When she actually speaks to the Herald, she’s calm and respectful as she would be with any Inquisitor. She does ask if they need anything, though, and trusts they come to her or one of the ambassadors if they do. Like Vivienne, she does not tolerate any dissent or bigotry towards the Herald in regards to their blindness.

Cullen: He’s very respectful about it. He doesn’t baby them or belittle them or say or do anything rude– he just assures them that any accommodations they need will be handled properly. He knows that they can handle themselves, and are by no means helpless, and he grows to trust them like any Inquisitor. If romanced: He’s a little glad that she can’t see his face or any dishevelment when he’s suffering from more intense lyrium withdrawal. She can tell, though, by the sound of his labored breathing and the slamming and rustling of books and papers thrown astray. If he allows it, she takes his hand and squeezes it tightly, and he knows he’ll make it through this by her side.


ok but… jasper and eye ruby crack me up so much because it means all of these gems could totally exist and I want to Meet Them

Give this poor man his visor back.

Going into TFP totally blind, unsure if anything is real or if we’ve even seen one (1) solid second of actual episode footage from a trailer like

Qrow, Scorpions, Tyrian Purple, and Bromism: A Symptomatic Medical Analysis of Everyone’s Favorite Drunkle

Y’all thought I was done obsessing over RWBY, Tyrian, and Qrow’s condition? Guess again. Last time I suggested that Qrow wouldn’t die from Tyrian’s venom; I reiterate this claim, this time with scientific evidence. But to get there we have to do a little bit of in-depth analysis

I was reading this post from @pocket-dreamer (which, btw is an amazing analysis and I’m really impressed with it and I’m fully behind it as a theory), which got me thinking about the biology of scorpions. As they point out, scorpions are almost totally blind; but what really impressed me about scorpions, as I went looking through their biology and capabilities, is that almost none of them are lethal to humans, and none of them cause unconsciousness, delirium, or pulmonary edema–coughing up liquid as a result of liquid filtering out of your blood into your lungs.

Now, I know it could also be explained by the fact that Tyrian is way bigger than normal scorpions, and maybe normal scorpions aren’t lethal because the venom isn’t in big enough quantities. But just hear me out.

Tyrian, like the other characters, follows the color naming rule– “tyrian” is a very bright, very unique, kind of rare type of purple. The kind of purple that Qrow is bleeding, the kind of purple that Tyrian’s eyes were when he envenomated Qrow, and the kind of purple we see squirt out of his stinger when Ruby chops it off. So I went looking at tyrian purple, and I found out something really interesting about it. It’s rare because it’s manufactured from the secretions of sea snails. Their mucus, when in contact with the air, turns that lovely color, which people use as a dye. But what’s really interesting about it is the reason it turns that color is because of the chemical it’s based off: Bromine.

Bromine is generally a gas but can also be a liquid, and both forms are very toxic. And what do you suppose are some of the symptoms of exposure to bromine?

Cough with or without pulmonary edema, other varied respiratory distress, unconsciousness or coma, weakness, muscular ataxia, stupor, hallucinations, delirium, irritability, confusion, restlessness, and/or psychosis

This explains Qrow’s purple cough, his unconsciousness, his mumbling about the past, and their being unable to wake him. Plus the difficulty he had walking the night he got hurt. I know that it could also just be from getting cut, but he did seem a lot weaker than one might expect from a decently shallow slice across the abdomen (Qrow himself states it was just a graze). I’ve gotten cut across my abdomen clear from one hip to the opposite shoulder, and it bled through several bandages in a way we don’t see Qrow’s wound doing (until the venom really gets circulating), and I didn’t have nearly that much trouble walking. I was also a child when it happened, not a grown man who has been fighting most of his life that one might expect to have a pretty high pain tolerance.

Not only that, it also explains Tyrian’s madness. Psychosis is kind of his calling card, and the major symptom of bromism, which is prolonged bromine exposure. Apparently, bromism was formerly responsible for 5-10% of all psychiatric hospital admissions, before they started regulating bromine use.  If he or his tail is full of bromine, of course he’d be crazy.

The most important thing I learned from this, however is that bromine poisoning is almost never, ever lethal.  As long as Qrow keeps coughing, and they don’t get killed by Grimm, all they have to do is wait it out.

(granted there are risks associated with him not being able to eat or drink right now, but when the body is in a coma or near-coma state, it can last a lot longer without liquid before becoming fatally dehydrated. and a normal person can last 2 or sometimes more weeks without food. the pulmonary edema causes a little extra concern, though, because of pneumonia, suffocation, and exacerbating dehydration. but for these risks I rely on my previous explanation of why the writers probably aren’t going to kill him off at this very moment.)