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Minerva McGonagall knew Augusta Longbottom’s Charms score, but she’s not old enough to have taught Neville’s grandmother

So they must have gone to school together and now I’m just picturing this awesome rivalry between the two of them.

  • Augusta’s in Ravenclaw, and Minerva’s in Gryffindor and they’re both prefects with damn near perfect grades
  • They take a special pleasure in showing one another up in class
  • When Minerva gets Head Girl, it crushes Augusta (and maybe Minerva lets up her teasing about the Charms OWL.  Maybe.  Just a little)
  • Two words: Quidditch rivalry
  • I mean they both respect each other deep down, but they’re competitive and extremely skilled, and neither one backs down easily
  • When they’re paired to practice dueling in DADA they can literally go for hours, and it usually ends in stalemates because the professor just kicks them out
  • When they hear people are starting to place bets on their fights, they hunt down the gamblers together, and no one ever really feels like crossing them again
  • Albus Dumbledore once remarked it was fortunate that the Sorting Hat put Minerva in Gryffindor because he didn’t think Hogwarts could survive the two of them working together for long 

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I'm gonna need you to GIF the whole episode of Gotham last night. Mainly the parts where Bruce is a total Baddass <3

I’ll will do that for sure, because a) Bruce this episode was total bamf b) because David acted his ass off, and he impressed me so much in certain moments I’m still in awe of his performance.

  • for example when he sees what’s going on in that amusement park that Jerome took him too, the chaos, and the violence and death.
  • The second one when he’s trying to escape and that pin falls and he looks up, he looks so lost and scared, David nailed that. 
  • The third one when he picks up that piece of glass and holds it over Jerome’s face, then he looks at himself in the mirror and just …screams, that was hella powerful. 
  • And the last one when he sees Alfred that he thought was dead and almost breaks down in tears. 

In conclusion David Mazouz is terrific actor, and we’re so lucky he’s our Bruce Wayne. Sorry for that rambling, I’m still so impressed by that episode. This is why I started watching this show people, and after 3 and a half seasons I finally got to see it.

Real Star Trek Episodes as Fanfic Summaries: Season 1
  • Charlie X: Kirk/Spock, Janice/OMC, ft. Uhura as TOTAL BAMF. a Sweaty Young Thing boards the Enterprise! jealous!Spock denies his feelings. Kirk contemplates going slow. Rated T for some semi-pornographic wrestling lol
  • The Naked Time: Kirk/Spock, Spock/Chapel (unrequited). A ~mysterious illness~ infects the Enterprise and everyone's deepest emotions are exposed! woobie!Spock angry!Jim, SERIOUS Vulcan make outs!!!
  • The Enemy Within: Two Kirks run amok on the Enterprise. Spock wants to know if there's anything he can do for his Captain ;)
  • Dagger of the Mind: An EVIL SCIENTIST with a brainwashing machine wants to make Kirk desire a woman! sad!jealous!Spock, resistant!Kirk, Angst with a happy ending
  • This Side of Paradise: SEX POLLEN FIC, Kirk/Spock, Spock/OFC w/ implied dubcon SORRY guys but this little alien is NOT straight! Spock seems to be falling in love with a woman, and Jim is really jealous.
  • City on the Edge of Forever: 1930s Depression AU, Time Travel, Bones is on Bath Salts, Kirk/Spock Kirk/OFC, don't like don't read! Kirk and Spock get an apartment together in New York City. The neighbors are curious. Spock just hopes Jim doesn't figure out what he really means when he calls him "Captain."
10 reasons to watch How To Get Away With Murder

1. Without Viola Davis already making the entire show already, she gives us Annalise Keating who is a total BAMF who’s monologues will leave you taken back in awe at the total power she has and she loves and protects everyone even when they don’t always deserve it

2. Alfred Enoch has an English accent that will blow your freaking mind if you were a Harry Potter fan and his character Wes Gibbons is an immigrant, orphan and you see him progressively getting more problematic throughout the show but it’s great

3. Gay Relationship: Coliver, cute af, and for once there’s no stereotypes placed upon the two like in every other tv show or movie ever, EXTREMELY problematic yes but adorable nonetheless and you never seem to stop rooting for them 

4. Michaela freaking Pratt, played by the most ever gorgeous Aja Naomi King, has the most interesting background by far and just a total boss ass bitch that knows how to get the job done while just absolutely slaying 

4. Laurel Castillo played by Karla Souza is a bilingual underdog goddess who will rise when no one is watching 

5. Asher Millstone, played by Matt McGorry, is the best slow burn of your life how he goes from 0 to 100 with the most character development by far on the show and will always leave you laughing 

6. Connor Walsh, played by Jack Falahee, never shows it but cares deeply for people when they need it most but also gives no fucks about who disagrees with him, also a hoe but we love him (also my favorite character !!!!!! )

7. You have this character who is an absolute ray of sunshine Rebecca Sutter who looks like she could kill you with one look but is actually the biggest softie on the show and in real life played by Katie Findlay 

8. Season 2 you get the most gorgeous adopted siblings Caleb and Catherine Hapstall who’s storyline will NEVER leave you bored played by Kendrick Sampson and Amy Okuda 

9. Eve freaking Rothlow who is the cutest, hottest person ever who saves the day when no one else can and is just way too precious for us played by the gorgeous Famke Janssen 

10. The cast has the best friendship and their dynamic with each other is so great and they live tweet and like your tweets and are so down to earth its crazy  (and they’re also really gorgeous) 

So yes you should totally watch this show because it is so diverse and amazing and just all around yes :))

Things I want from Empire of Storms
  • <p> <b></b> ~Rowaelin smut<p/><b></b> ~Manon, Abroxos, and the Thirteen kicking ass<p/><b></b> ~My smol cinnamon roll Elide to be O.K. and be with Aelin and the court as she should.<p/><b></b> ~Elide's uncle to get his balls ripped off<p/><b></b> ~Perrington/Erwan to get his balls ripped off.<p/><b></b> ~Rowaelin smut<p/><b></b> ~LYSANDRA'S LAST NAME<p/><b></b> ~Aedion to be O.K. and not dead<p/><b></b> ~Chaol to be healed and achieve greatness/happiness<p/><b></b> ~Rowaelin smut<p/><b></b> ~DORIAN TO BE HAPPY AND MAKE GOOD TRUST WORTHY FRIENDS AND MEET A GIRL THAT MAKES HIM HAPPY AND DOESNT FUCKING DIE.<p/><b></b> ~Squadre<p/><b></b> ~Squadre joining Aelin<p/><b></b> ~ Mating bond<p/><b></b> ~Meet Nehemia's family.<p/><b></b> ~Nox Owen<p/><b></b> ~Yrene Towers<p/><b></b> ~Ansel of Briarcliff<p/><b></b> ~Nesryn being the total chip bamf she is. I just want more Nesryn altogether<p/><b></b> ~ALL MY LADIES SLAYING AND BEING FRIENDS ANS SUPPORTING EACH OTHER.<p/><b></b> ~Dorian and Chaol bro moments<p/><b></b> ~ROWAELIN SMUT<p/><b></b> ~NONE. OF. MY. BABIES. DYING.<p/></p>

Just a little faceclaim inspiration for my poor darling, Carey!

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Can I ask for a Halfdan The Black imagine?YN is Rollo and raganrs sister,who's total bamf warrior on her own(there are poems about her beauty and strengh all over) but she vowed never to be married because she knows what happened to ragnar and Rollo. But that changes when she meets halfdan and he's completely in love with her( he'd be 10x worse than his brother in love) something about strong vikings getting all sappy makes me happy ;)

Of course! I’ll add it to the list and once everything ahead of it clears up I’ll start working on it.

Rose Tyler - BAMF!

Seriously though. I mean look at her here:

She doesn’t even flinch at the huge explosion behind her. She just keeps walking. I mean that right there has got to tell you she’s probably seen some serious shit while working for Torchwood and dimension hopping. As the episode progresses, you can tell that deep down some of those original characteristics of hers are still present but she’s also become more hardened, sort of like how Nine was when they first met.

But what I love about her most here is that she didn’t just sit back and allow herself to wallow or go into a deep depression after being trapped in Pete’s World. No, No, she persevered, she threw herself into her work and proved The Doctor wrong by making the impossible possible. Rose Tyler ‘Defender of the Earth’ and total BAMF!

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this is the case of not knowing I needed it until I read it. In my mind YN plays Ivar total BAMF sister and pretty much the only woman he loves is her (sorry Aslaug) and on behind the scenes they're the most adorable couple eveeeer!!! are you making my dreams come true?

I think that’d probably be the case. Ivar and his sister would be super badass characters and would have a really interesting on-screen dynamic and then off screen they’d probably be super dorky and cute. I can just picture the cast’s Instagrams being made up of pictures of the pair asleep on each other on set between takes and Y/N would assist Marco to prank Alex with the water bottles all the time. Just them being super cute and adorable all the time :) 

Agent Emily Preston Appreciation Post

Something that I just really appreciate about Deadpool comics is the character that is Agent Emily Preston.

You have this total bamf who is a plus sized black woman, but is also this really sweet caring empathetic person, not to mention a wife and mother. 

And then they kill her off right away - but wait! Not quite, so after living in Deadpool’s head for a while, they finally get her into a robot body. And they could have designed it however they wanted, but they keep it looking exactly the same as before. Natural hair, big body and dark skin.

And then she kicks all kinds of ass with it because she’s basically the terminator:

(sorry for the image quality, I couldn’t find anything on google images so I had to take pictures of it from the comics I owned. And no way am I pulling the binding by sticking it in my scanner, sorry.) Also her face got torn/blown off in the fight, she obviously doesn’t look like that normally.

I just really think that she’s a very important character in terms of representation. 

Also she’s super fucking important in Deadpool’s life, because she’s the one that keeps him in check, plus she takes care of his daughter, so he can still be in her life, despite his mental health issues, profession, and past. (All things that would lose him visitation rights in any other situation)

And unlike most people that just labelled him as crazy and moved on, she actually saw him as a person with worth from the get go. She was the only person who actually seemed to give a shit about him and not just see him as a disposable scapegoat during the who Dead Presidents fiasco. He was genuinely distraught by her death. 

And when she got trapped in his mind, she said it was “beautiful”, and showed him nothing but compassion for his suffering and mental illness. But she also wasn’t afraid to put her foot down with him, holding onto her boundaries and morals. 

Basically she’s an amazing character and I am very glad for her existence, and I hope that she isn’t pushed to the background. (I haven’t read anything after secret wars yet so… but she was already starting to become more of a background character in the last comics I read, which is why there’s the concern there)

Also I would totally read a comic book series starring her, just saying.

Ok just a few thoughts because I can't...

-Morse should never be allowed to cry, there should be one of those law thingies. Like seriously Shaun Evans, what are you trying to do to me??? My heart can’t take it :(
- Thursday is a total BAMF! Overcoming a three week left to live scenario because his Daughter and adopted-sort-of-son-in-law-puppy are in danger. Fred I BLOODY LOVE YOU
-Bright being a badass as ever. ‘I can’t talk properly with this megaphone, I’ll just stroll over causally into the line of fire and tell them maybe I can’t get them a way out’
- Strange! With a shotgun! \(O-O)/ I think he needs to learn a thing or two from Morse though Re: suspect interrogation….Not cool bro
-Dr Debryn! You brave sweetie!
- Morse & Joan nooooooooooooooo!!!! Why?!?!? Can’t anybody be happy? That montage though broke me D:
- I just can’t arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
- I miss it already…………..
- Right, when’s series four?!