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H-hey... Do you do requests? If you do, can I request a Percy Jackson drawing? It's for my best friend, we haven't seen each other for a while and wanted to give something to her. Of course, I'll credit you for the art. And if you don't take requests, it's okay, I understand.

i did a quick sketch of Percy so i hope this is ok!


So is anyone gonna color these linearts or do I really have to do it myself


A little genocide comic for the birthday of Blue! Blue is not on tumblr yet, but they will be soon. (They love Sans and Chara, and this was the only way I could get them both in the same place at once, hahaha~)

here have more junk from that… one au. i finally decided on a design for the orange soul and had to draw them!! ;v;

Soul Eater // Maka Albarn + scythe!Soul

This one is the result of ahshesgone and my collaboration. ;v; I adore her lineart and her work in general to pieces and so I asked her more or less subtle if we could do a collab; here you see the result. ♥ Her lineart is fabulous and amazing, gosh I had so much fun to put the colors on it!! ♥ Thank you so freaking much Ash for doing this with me! ♥ It was a pleasure! ♥♥♥ 

The outlines belong to ahshesgone and if you want to see more of her art you can find it on her blog. ;v;  

Coloration is done by me.


I’m Crona’s #1 true lover
see? look at us, aren’t we cute together? it’s meant to be.
two pink haired non-binary anxious children holding hands yep

I drew the sketch for this when I was laptop-less had a fun time finishing it in SAI w/ my new cintiq it’s so gr8 I’m glad I bought it

please do not like or reblog if you are kin or anything related with Crona, thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum!   ^u^ /)