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According to several different police departments, people are so damn addicted to Facebook that they go completely off the rails without it. During one Facebook outage in 2014, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sent out an APT (All Points Tweet) reminding residents not to call them just because they couldn’t check in on their ex’s timeline.

Twitterers must have assumed Sergeant Brink was kidding, because just 20 minutes later he assured the Twitterverse that, yes, people really are that desperate when their social media goes down.

Just a year later, residents in the San Francisco Bay area were at it. Five different people rang up 911 to find out when Facebook would be back online, prompting dispatchers to beg everyone to please leave their lines open for actual emergencies.

This isn’t just a California thing, either; folks across the pond have had similar reactions. When Facebook went down a second time in 2015, the Kingston Police Department got the drop on their ansty citizens, telling them to go spend some time with their families instead of calling them over a problem they literally couldn’t solve if they tried.

6 Totally WTF Calls 911 Receives With Shocking Regularity

intangibel  asked:

What about Alec realising Magnus needs him. It's not an emergency or anything he just shouldn't have to do it alone. Alec taking himself off patrol duty, brushing off training with Jace and dodging Maryse and Aldertree bc he needs to be there for Magnus.

see okay, but this is actually what i love the most about alec right? because alec’s own desires vs. ‘doing his duty’ = duty wins nine times out of ten (and then the tenth time he fucking kisses the high warlock of brooklyn in front of everyone he’s ever met, this fucking trainwreck of a human being oh my god..)

BUT taking care of his loved ones vs. duty??? now it’s totally flipped, and being there for the people he cares about trumps duty every time. like he would fucking stare down victor, maryse, every single member of the Clave, WHOEVER and basically 'move i’m gay’ his way right out of the institute to get to magnus if he thought he was needed there more. in fact, after last ep, this is legit canon?? magnus sent him a (probably totally see-through) 911 text and alec was there in ten seconds flat okay

also on a more bittersweet note, magnus is really bad at taking care of himself? like they both are, but at least alec has his siblings looking out for him and we haven’t really seen anyone do the same for magnus?? so alec totally becomes that person and he knows when magnus needs him even if he doesn’t necessarily ask (or he sees through his flimsy/flirty excuses for why alec should come over to the real reason behind them) like

listen they are going to take such good care of each other and they both need and deserve it so much and i’m going to die basically


India’s Most Expensive Tea

Makaibari Tea Estate was established in 1859 in India’s eastern region of West Bengal. In September, buyers from the U.K., the U.S. and Japan bought a specialty Darjeeling tea, named Silver Tips Imperial, for $1,850 a kilo from the estate, becoming the most expensive Indian tea ever sold. 

Signs of a recovery in India’s $1.9 trillion economy may boost demand for the beverage, helping bolster local prices in the country that is the world’s largest consumer of tea after China, where demand totaled 911 million kilograms in 2013-2014, according to India’s state-run Tea Board

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