“K.K. Cruisin’ (Interstate 5 Remix)”
aivi & surasshu
originally composed by Kazumi Totaka
from the game Animal Crossing

aivisura liner notes:

- We love Totaka!

- We worked on this remix in between projects for a year.

- When we lived in separate countries, we played Animal Crossing: New Leaf together all the time, and went to K.K. Slider concerts on Saturdays. We requested “K.K. Cruisin’” every time.

- We started this remix in an attempt to answer the question, “Why is K.K. Cruisin’ so great?” After listening to it and studying it, we determined that, for us, the heart of the song was its groove. The same five chords repeat throughout the entire song (five extremely creative chords–Mr. Totaka is always a step ahead of us all), and it never changes in rhythm or energy level. We used that concept as the main inspiration for our arrangement, where instead of ramping up the energy for the chorus like we’d normally do, we pulled back and settled into a comfortable groove. Keeping “still” was a big exercise in confidence for both of us.

- We named our remix after the road trips we’d take together down I-5, between San Francisco and LA. Those trips felt like mini-vacations for us (though we still worked on the road and in our hotel room) and making this song has been a mini-vacation for us, too.

- YouTube version here