#EricGarner “The Synagogue of Satan is comprised of #Jews & Gentiles who are in rebellion against God, His Statutes, Laws & Commandments, His Will and His Way.

And it is these SO-CALLED Jews who are giving a bad name to the righteous Jews who are practicing the teachings that Moses and the Israelite prophets have given them, that they have received and are trying their best to show their gratitude to Almighty God for having made them to excel the nations.

Almighty God gave you the #Torah, PERFECT Guidance to make you a great people on this Earth—however, you gave yourself the #Talmud.

It is written in the Holy Qur’an that your rabbis and your doctors of law: They sat down and WROTE a book; and they are trying to make the Talmud the EQUAL of what God revealed, showing themselves that they, too, are like God, exclaiming: “He revealed a book, I’ll make one myself!”

Well, those of you who follow the Talmud: Your days are FAST COMING TO AN END. “Woe! then to those who write the Book with their hands then say, This is from God; so that they may take for it a small price. So woe! to them for what their hands write and woe! to them for what they earn.” (Surah 2:79) And those of you who love the Torah, and love what God has revealed: Not only will you continue to be successful, you will live to see The Hereafter, and be a part of that which God makes new.” #Farrakhan : The Time and What Must be Done pt 20

#MikeBrown #JusticeforMike

‘SNL’ Writer Chris Kelly On His Segue To Tragicomedy With ‘Other People’ – Sundance Studio

Saturday Night Live and Broad City writer Chris Kelly’s feature directorial debut Other People has been the talk of Park City since its premiere last Thursday, which was met with a standing ovation. And this was no fluke—the pic received yet another ovation the very next morning. Kelly visited Deadline Sundance space at the Samsung Studio to discuss the making of the Valencia, CA-shot, Sacramento-set tragicomedy, which features an outstanding ensemble blending exciting up-and-coming talent (Maude Apatow, Madisen Beaty, J.J. Totah) as well as notable thesps Bradley Whitford, Silicon Valley‘s Zach Woods, SNL alum Molly Shannon and Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Plemons. Other People follows David (Plemons) a struggling New York City writer, who in the wake of breaking up with his boyfriend, moves back to his home in Sacramento to tend to his dying mother (Shannon). For Kelly, Other People was a chance for him to break free from his comedic sensibilities and transition to drama. Sundance screenings are still left: Tomorrow at The Marc and Saturday at Peery’s Egyptian Theater.

Deadline’s Sundance production team includes Leica Camera USA, Rotolight, Ben Turok and Sydney Cahoon as camera operators, John Kreidler as DP and Sal Castellanos and Carson Culver as editors.

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Sundance’s ‘Other People’ Breakout JJ Totah Inks With WME

EXCLUSIVE: JJ Totah, the young star of the Sundance Film Festival dark comedy Other People, has been scooped up by WME post-festival. Totah, who was Glee‘s youngest castmember in that show’s final season, starred alongside Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon in SNL writer Chris Kelly’s Sundance pic, about a struggling comedy writer who moves from New York City to Sacramento to help his sick mother after a breakup with his boyfriend — forcing him to live with his conservative father and much-younger sisters for the first time in 10 years.

Totah was a series regular on ABC’s Back In The Game and had a recurring role on Disney Channel’s Jessie. He’s next up in the upcoming action/sci-fi pic Time Toys.

He continues to be repped by Trilogy Talent Management.

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