tot meme

Ok so it is kinda not on topic for my blog…. but it concerns dogs…. so I don’t think it matters.

 I was chatting with a friend  ( @dexplease ) and we were discussing the oscars and i got kinda sad that they don’t give Oscars to animals. But that is probably a good thing seeing as it could get very exploitative very quickly. But then I had a genius idea, you know how they have the puppy bowl during the super bowl, what if during the Oscars, they aired……THE PUPPY OSCARS.

But- And this is key: ALL THE ANIMALS GET OSCARS…. cause they’re all good dogs brent.

Picture it:

  • all the animals could get dressed up, little doggy tuxes, kitties in fancy hats, those gooses in dresses (you know the ones)
  • Oscar shaped kibble and doggy cookies
  • The musical numbers are dogs howling
  • The decorations get peed on.
  • People asking the doggos and kitties about their attire

Imagine the comedy:

“Who are you wearing”
*starts licking genitals*

Every category(hehe category) would be “best dog in ___ film”, or “best cat in ___ movie”, or “best alpaca in _____ movie” etc. If an animal was in a movie it gets nominated. If there is more than one animal in a film they get nominated separately… there could potentially be 2, 3, 4…. 17 animals nominated and then win for a single movie. All the animals get an oscar.

And like imagine if the Oscars are shitty that year, people could boycott and watch the Puppy Oscars instead…. Or just watch them anyway.

So yeah Puppy Oscars