The Chimera’s reptile head was originally described as kinda ‘lizardy-dragony’ so I tried to draw something a little more lizard, a little less dragon.

As if Alternate-Future-Tos was just trying to approximate 'dragon’ with the materials he had available. The Lizard-head spits motherfuckin’ darkness it’s a badass. The birdhead has LAZERBEAMS only doubles as a night-light and it a bit more cuddly.

I didn’t get to pick it’s skill set (GM did that!) so it keeps coming out and taking me by surprise with loads of ridiculous epic stuff XD FASTEST FLIER, TOS-RADAR, DARKNESS SPIT, LAZZZEEERRRS I’m still waiting to discover it vomits foamed milk or something egads.

The bird-head is definitely a can-opener I mean look at that macaw face. That’s a 10 foot macaw. It could bite you in half.

I’m excited because the old GURPS game I was in is starting up again this weekend.

I’ve missed my dumb eccentric mage and his big birdlizard monster pet.

I’ve missed the future-apparantly-crazy-evil version of himself that keeps fucking with the group and that the group just doesn’t trust his current, non-crazy self and behave towards him in a way that’s going to push him off and facilitate him becoming this mad recluse.

And that he now has a ‘Rain of Pancakes’ spell and if he chain casts it and blasts all his mana he can make 5000-odd pancakes fall down from the sky with syrup and icecream and you fuckin bet I’m going to take the earliest available opportunity to do so. On the entire group’s heads if at all possible.

Oh well lookit I finally got around to finishing the half-a-book and hair-mess on this goodness knows old sketch IT IS DONE I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED.


His crystal-holding arm seems off in positioning a little to me, but shall do that better next time \o/