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May I present to you all, Durarara Characters, named by my brother both based off of the pictures I used and also as named to piss me off.

BTS reaction to you perfecting the Silver Spoon choreography

Anon asked: BTS reaction where the guys see you ace the Silver Spoon/Baepsae choreography? thank youuu


He’d be really happy and proud. He knew that you admired his dancing but had never seen your own talent in action. Being the absolute sunshine he is, he’d insist that you restart the song and dance along with the utmost amount of energy, smiling the entire time.

“You’re so good, jagi! How come you’ve never told me!“

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

He would honestly feel a tiny bit bad about himself. We all know of his horrendous ‘inflatable tube man‘ or ‘avant-garde seaweed‘ dancing skills. But he wouldn’t feel too bad as he admires you at work. Maybe giving you a cheeky wink every so often.

“How am I supposed to compare to this? You know my name is Rap Monster not Dance Monster, right?“ im sorry, i had to

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Being the grump he is, he’d try to act like it wasn’t affecting him. He’d give you a few compliments before seating himself back on the couch. Inevitably, a few minutes later he would get up to start dancing with you, forcing you to take the solo.

“I’m not a dancer! You take the solo, jagi, I’m so bad”

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He of course would be super amazed. Since his own dancing skills were quite minimal, he’d be happy to see you doing well even though he might not be at your level yet. He’d insist that you keep dancing before tackling you to the couch, snuggling up to your tired body.

“You can have the dancing thing. I don’t need to be good at dancing, you already know you’re dating the princess of cooking, cuddling and good looks”

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He’d be really happy for you. After seeing you admire his dancing for years, he could finally see your talent. He would turn up the music, making you do the dance again so he could see your version in all of it’s glory, smiling as he saw the similarities between his and your dancing. Once you finished he’d make sure to congratulate you again with a big hug.

“You might not be as good as me, but that was pretty amazing“

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Jimin wouldn’t be too surprised, you two danced together all the time, the choreography wasn’t always this complex but he could see your potential. He’d smile and laugh along with you for a bit before changing his expression into one more full of lust.

“Maybe you’ll have to show me some more of those moves later“

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He’d be almost mesmerised by your body. Glazing his eyes over you with his face resting on the palm of his hand. He’d insist that you do the choreography over and over again while he watched. Giggling and smiling before joining in on the fun.

“How’d you get so good at this, jagi?!“

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"I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately."

alright so this got ridiculously out of hand ridiculously fast, but they make-out so it’s all good right? oh well who cares this was cute and fun

also i have no idea how old takeru is nor do i really care if kids are like this they are mere plot tools in my grip lol

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