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Tostitos is selling a bag of chips that’ll call you a discounted Uber on Super Bowl Sunday

  • Just in time for the Super Bowl Tostitos is partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Uber to encourage safety with its new “Party Safe” bag.
  • The bag features an alcohol sensor at the top, which, once you breathe into it, will turn red if alcohol is detected or green if alcohol is not.
  • Hopefully, if you’ve been drinking alcohol, you’ll already be aware that you’ve been drinking it — so the bag won’t necessarily give you any information you’re not privy to.
  • But it’s a unique reminder that if you’ve been drinking, you probably shouldn’t drive.
  • The Tostitos bag is also equipped with NFC technology which allows you to tap your phone to the bag to call an Uber ride. Read more

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