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could you do the batfam acting like a normal family like things they would do and say to each other pretty please 🙏

*there’s a scream from the kitchen and then all this running into the living room where most of the batfam is*

Tim: I am going to ask this once, and I am going to ask this nicely. Who took my tostinos?

Dick: *has a plate of half eaten tostinos and one on the way to his mouth* I don’t know who took them Timmy.

Tim: You are DEAD to me! *Tim starts towards Dick*


*Tim starts chasing Dick, Dick trying desperately to cling onto the tostinos and not have them fall*

*Duke in the ktichen baking cookies*

Steph: mmmmm something smells good *goes to lick the batter*

Duke: *swatting her hand away* No! Bad Steph!

Steph: *shooting Duke a puppy dog look* Pretty please?

Duke: *taking a lick of the batter for himself* Nope!

Steph: *fake offended* I feel so betrayed how will I ever be able to trust again?

Cass: *shouting* STEPH ARE YOU OKAY?


Cass: WHAT? *Cass walks into the room* What did you do to her?

Duke: Nothing, nothing, I just wouldn’t let her have any of cookie batter

Cass: Oh that’s fine *takes a taste of the cookie batter* it’s really good Duke

Duke: Thank you!

Steph: *offended that she isn’t allowed to taste it* heathens, all of you

*Damian, Tim, and Dick sitting in the living room*

Damian: Dick, can you tell Tim that his choice of show sucks

Tim: Dick, can you tell Damian that if he doesn’t like my choice, he can leave the room

Damian: Yeah, well can you please tell him that he doesn’t on the house and isn’t the only one who lives here?

Tim: Can you tell Damian that not everything is about him?

Damian: Just let Tim know I could easily knock him out


*Damian is clawing his way on top of Dick while Tim is try to get past Dick’s hand that is pushing him back*


*both of them calm down*

Dick: See? Was that hard?

Damian: *muttering* You just don’t want me to hurt Tim



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viktuuri totinos ad: viktor is the totinos guy and yuuri is kristen stewart

“Hey Victor, where are the Totinos?” Christophe asks from the couch.

There’s a man in the kitchen. Victor doesn’t know he got there, but he doesn’t question it. He stares, silent – there’s a box of Totinos on the counter to his left. With one hand, he reaches for it, and then pauses, second-guessing himself.

“Hello,” the man says, and his hair is as black as a raven’s wings, his eyes as brown as the depths of the earth. Then, the stranger glances at the box, steps closer to Victor and picks it up. He’s wearing a black outfit with silver crystals scattered up one side. “Totinos?”

“For… For my hungry guys,” Victor explains, quiet, sparing a glance at the couch where Christophe, Yurio, Georgi, Leo, Guang Hong, Michele, Seung-gil, Phichit, and more are sitting, watching Skate Canada.

“What are you hungry for?” the man asks, and his voice is sultry, enticing.

In an instant, he’s pressed against the kitchen counter. The stranger takes the box in hand again, removes a Totino and traces it down Victor’s cheek, a smooth line. Victor watches, entranced, and then meets the other man’s lips, hand slipping up his shirt.

“What’s going on? Are you making out with somebody back there?” Christophe calls, and laughter comes from the other side of the room.

The scene fades to black. Totinos.

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Will y'all be my taxidermist parents too??


But you all know we expect you to go to Taxidermy college and soon. You can’t sleep in the basement eating tostinos forever. We want our second honeymoon dammit. 

Item #: SCP-5000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5000 is not currently under Foundation Security, and if any information provided on the where abouts of SCP-5000 is found, Mobile Task Force Delta-5 will be dispatched to contain SCP-5000.

Description: SCP-5000 is three seperate beings: 2 Caucasian Adult Males (SCP-5000-1 and -2 respectively.) and one Dell Computer. (SCP-5000-3) SCP-5000-1 and SCP-5000-2 are capable of creating creatures worthy of SCP classification and the Foundations care with the Usage of SCP-5000-3. It is unknown how they do this, but the Foundation has been unable to track them down through traditional methods. Under their own description, as well as their creations, they are known as the “Monster Factory.”

SCP-5000’s existence was first documented in [REDACTED] when SCP-[REDACTED] was discovered attempting to live a normal life in [REDACTED], but was reported almost immedietely to the Authorities. The Foundation has documented all such creations since, and connected them together to all be creations of SCP-5000. A log of their uniquie creations of each “Monster” has been found, along with the “Monsters”

SCP-5000-1 and SCP-5000-2 call eachother brother, and it is assumed they are blood related. Their creations are never formed while both are in person. SCP-5000-2 communicates with SCP-5000-1 through its own computer, but this computer seems to hold no anomoulous properties. SCP-5000-1 designates itself as “Griffin Mcelroy” and SCP-5000-2 designates itself as “Justin Mcelroy”

The creatures that SCP-5000 has created are listed and require Level 2 Researcher Access.

- SCP-5415 (“Squirtle”) Euclid
- SCP-51215 (“G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D”) Euclid
- SCP-52915 (“Two Dads ^2”/ “Dark Vader”/ “Daytrader Vader”/ “Cousin Specialagent”) Safe / Neutralized
- SCP-6415 (“D-Bomb”) Keter
- SCP-62915 (“The Pebble”) Safe
- SCP-71315 (“Truck Shepard”) Euclid
- SCP-8715 (“Dino Lansbury”) Safe
- SCP-91115 (“Boy-Mayor”/ “Tostinos”) Safe
- SCP-101215 (“Toucan Dan”) Euclid
- SCP-102715 (“Chiquita Dave”) Thaumiel
- SCP-111215 (“The Final Pam”/ “Trash Hulk”) Keter / Safe
- SCP-11416 (“Borth Sompson”) Euclid
- SCP-12916 (“Randy Johnson” / “PanPan” ) Euclid
- SCP-21116 (“Rat Baby”/ “Succotash”) Euclid
- SCP-3716 (“#noid” / “Arbys Witch”) Euclid
- SCP-32916 (“Jorstin”) Safe
- SCP-41516 (“The Junker”) Euclid
- SCP-62416 (“Melissa”) Safe
- SCP-7816 (“Daz”) Safe
- SCP-72216 (“Trullbus”) Euclid
- SCP-8916 (“Ja'am”/ “Shreck”/ “Buzbo”) Neutralized / Euclid

Teru and Tome HCs

- theyre both gay as shit. teru is classified as chaotic mean gay and tome is chaotic futch
-they go cryptid/alien hunting together (tome: did u hear that?!? teru: yeah *look at each other* /bigfoot/)
-teru always tries to give tome makeup advice and shes like bruh last time i did make up was five years ago for my cousins wedding and i hated it. chill. she doesnt have the heart to say his makeup doesnt ever even match tho(eyeliner game tho? always be lookin fly)
-they talk shit on people SO MUCH and gossip like old people
-at first they didnt like each other bc tome thought teru was an asshole who was too full of himself (she was right lol) and teru thought she needed to chill and stop trying to use mob/ an esper to achieve her goals of extraterrestrial contact but they eventually bonded over the Gay Angst™
-they eventually influence each others fashion. teru wears more cryptid/alien inspired shit(still ugly) and tome wears some more ugly shit, though mainly bc teru takes her out shopping and when she doesnt do her laundry for a month she simply doesnt give a fuck and wears it anyway
-they are each others wingmen when it comes to mob& tsubomi
-i like to think tome and teru get kind of a sibling relationship going on which a) doesnt phase tome in the slightest since she prob does have some bros/sis and b) teru would be weirded out at first bc he had never connect with a human being like that before
-mutually, they would consider each other a fucking disaster but still be like i love u no hetero
-when teru and mob and tome and tsubomi finally get together after tsubomu and mob have had their bi awakenings, they go on double dates
-tome once called teru panicked at 3:30 in the morning because she had always thought it was Tostinos not Totinos
-they paint each others nails, tome for the irony and teru bc hes genuinely enjoys it
-terus always hongry bc he has an endless void for a stomach so tome carries around random snacks for him to eat. she got in the habit after his grumbling stomach possibly scared mothman away a few too many times
-tome has a habit of rubbing her hands together like a fly when shes excited and it kinda freaks teru out so he slaps her hands to get her to stop
-teru was an undisputed master of mario kart and the first time tome comes over to play she beats his fucking ass and HE FUCKING CRIES GETS A FEVER FROM THE SHOCK OF DEFEAT
-they refer to each other as mulder and scully (tome as mulder and teru as scully)
-teru: i just want to hold his hand….maybe kiss him a little bit……i want to make him happy tome: god your gay. anyway, i’d let tsubomi-chan raw m
-tome notices how teru really only gets soft and kind around mob and is just like…, this boy……
-they both read homestuck and enjoy it. they once went to a con together and tome cosplayed as rose while teru cosplayed as karkat. he didnt seal his fucking paint and got grey on tomes velvet squiddleknit dress

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Giovaneanzianooooo ho passato l'esame di areu, sono certificataaaaaaa 😊

Grandissima!! Qui in Trentino non esiste, ma so che in Lombardia esiste ed è tostino, quindi due volte brava.

Benvenuta nel mondo del soccorso, delle ambulanze e della CRI

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Pan, some friends of mine are planning an early 2000's themed party for next week (we're going to ride our Heelys to our bud's house to eat Tostinos and Dino Bites and watch movies like Big Fat Liar and play Crazy Taxi). Other than The Offspring, Smashmouth, and Taking Back Sunday, what would you suggest for our 2000's playlist?

An Early 2000s theme party is a thing?

  • Sum 41 - Too Deep
  • Simple Plan - Grow up
  • Undergrads - Click
  • Marcy Gray - I Try
  • Blink 182 - Rock Show
  • Blink 182 - What’s my Age Again
  • Blink 182 - First Date
  • OutKast - Hey Ya
  • Will Smiths Willenium Album
  • Anything on Disney’s Xtreme Skate Adventure’s soundtrack

Tostinos a legitimate company is posting aesthetic galaxy weed posts on the tumblr dot com and if that isn’t some fucking genius target demographic advertising I don’t know what is. it is 2016 and I have transcended