Yul: I’m shy, Olabuni (same thing as Oppa)….☞☜ 

Yoong: Just trust your Oppa!

This was when we were getting ready for “I don’t know love yet” special stage at KBS Gayo Festival ~♬

This time, my pretty dongsaeng Yoona was in charge of being a handsome boy~
I mean~ Have you ever seen a pretty student like this~ hehe
Isn’t this awkward…?! Honestly.. this pose… didn’t our roles switch..?!

We divided the teams into Oppa team and Unnie team and wore uniforms.. 9 of us stood there.. straight~
We looked so funny… We made everyone in the waiting room laugh.
And the 9 of us were busy laughing at each other on the stage~
That performance was funny and amusing whenever I watch it~ I am gonna watch it again ~

Source: Yuri’s Tossi Blog


$400 in Socks

This last weekend i found myself in one of those situations where you have all this laundry and instead of doing sed laundry you just buy more clean clothes. I spent like $400 on socks last month just to avoid doing laundry. I also went to the new milk bar popup in madison square park. I was pretty unhappy about it considering it was like 9 degrees that day. I mean I had to check out the 2 new warm drinks and this new cup design tho. Verdict: Cereal milk hot chocolate, dope. hot apple cider with salty-sweet miso butterscotch, dope. Cup design, fire. Overall had me feeling like the drunk shark on the left. #TurnedUpShark 

Milk Bar Pop Up

Tip: They have the usual milk bar sweets like cake truffles and cookies.

Tip: The hot chocolate is a white chocolate base with that cereal milk flavor we love.

Tip: The apple cider is super complex. The miso butterscotch vibes are real.

Pricing: warm drinks $4.

When to come here: when you just need that Milk Bar.

Where: Madison Square Park, 10am-8pm everday.

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on yuri's comment on instagram, what is tossi means? :)

TOSSI was an old Korean social networking site.

if you are curious about her old tossi entries, here are some of her translated entries:


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i have a crush on this rly cute girl who works at my local pizza shop. she works in the kitchen doing the pizza dough tossy bit? and when u order at the counter u can see into the kitchen and whenever i'm in she smiles and waves at me?? she's rly nice and badass and i've seen her lift bags of flour and she could probably lift me up and i'm SO WEAK when it comes to ladies stronger than me o///o

Ahahahaha I feel you so hard there, oh man strong badass ladies are perfection. Your girl sounds super cute and gets serious points for her muscles. Wishing you the best with her– I hope you get your fairytale ending with this tough, well-toned princess!

今週日曜デイタイムは渋谷FamilyにてThe Squad!

NORMANDIE GANG BANDのLiveやらせてもらいます!ゲストにともゆかもいるしこれまた楽しくなりそうです!入場料フリーだし是非遊びに来てください〜!!

「The Squad」vol.7 at 渋谷 club bar Family

@djtomoko n Ucca-Laugh


栽培 as Cybi

Jim Benjamin from HELL

It’s almost 6 am (5:49) and I’ve been WIDE AWAKE FOR FOUR HOURS which means I got about 4 hours of tossy turny sleep.

I was pretty manic yesterday, and super emotional, which is always a less than desirable combination - but I cleaned the fuck out of the kitchen… Like moved appliances and cleared out cupboards clean. My knee is bruised from scrubbing the floor, I need to take some iron! So that looks great, and the living room shouldn’t be hard to return to it’s last-manic episode state of clean (that was only like last week right?)

I feel like such a mess in my head, even though I know I’m alright, my brain is cycling rapidly and it’s super anxiety provoking. I keep thinking I’m falling behind in school, even though I’m done. I keep thinking I’m falling behind in loan payments, even though I’m not. I keep thinking about leaving Canada and my family, and it’s way harder than I thought now that it’s a solidifying thing. I want nothing more than to be with Travis, but I wish I could bring my family and my country with me. I cannot believe I’m going to leave Canada as they legalize recreational marijuana… Haha I know that’s just a small side note, but it isn’t to me. That is my anxiety medication, my sleeping medication, and my only recreational form of inebriation!

Anyway, this is a longer rant than I thought it would be. I’m currently hiding out upstairs and freezing so I don’t wake Travis up because he has to work all day today, as he does every day. I’m always so so so proud of how hard and effectively he works. He is an amazing professor, and his students are the luckiest. I selfishly hope it’s a 6:30 wake time for him, he always makes me feel so much saner than I feel when I’m alone and like this. On Saturday, his presence and kindness straight up interrupted and haulted a downward spiral, so I’m half convinced he’s magic.

Thanks for listening, folks. Hope your Thursday goes swimmingly.

Princeton – Flex ft. Iyanya x Tossy Young x Pearl

Princeton – Flex ft. Iyanya x Tossy Young x Pearl

External image

Princeton – Flex (Ft. Iyanya, Tossy Young and Pearl) (Prod. By Princeton Beatz)

Surely understood Nigerian music creator Princeton is out with a sparkling new tune titled Flex including Iyanya, Tossy Young and Pearl.

Immaculate show-stopper tune was conveyed by Princeton Beatz hims


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