MysMes Characters Show Us The Proper Way To Eat Pizza
  • Jumin: With a fork and knife, of course. Most likely accompanied with red wine and a garden salad tossed in the finest balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Jaehee: Gluten free, vegan pizza that costs half of her salary. In the end, she relishes her meal, desiring to remain fit and alert in case she needs to take down a man with one fell sweep.
  • Zen: An un-ironic heart shaped pizza with an after dinner smoke and some beer. Maybe a bag of prawn chips is thrown in on the side.
  • Yoosung: Extra cheesy deep dish with his bare hands. A glass of milk and some ice cream afterward, which he will later realize is a horrible idea because he's now in the bathroom of his home spewing his guts out from both ends.
  • 707: *uses telepathy to consume one entire pizza* "I like to live dangerously"