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"Why me?" Marinette questioned as she looked up at a very smug looking Chat Noir.

“Why me?” Marinette questioned as she looked up at a very smug looking Chat Noir.

“Because you’re friends with Ladybug, aren’t you?” he answered from his perch on her balcony. When she continued staring, his smile fell, and he dropped to the rooftop. “She asked me to protect you when-”

“I remember.” She frowned, staring down at the envelope in his hand. “But, why can’t you just give it to Ladybug yourself?”

He looked down. “Well, I’m… It’s…” He held it out to her. “Can you just please give it to her?”

“But you see her all the time.” Then, she noticed the soft blush across his cheeks and the way he fidgeted in place, and she realized exactly why he was asking for her help. “You’re nervous, aren’t you?” When he didn’t answer, she gently took the envelope from him. “Okay, I’ll um… I’ll give it to her. But, you can’t just stop by here like this. What if my parents see you?”

He nodded. “I won’t. I promise. And…thanks, Marinette.”

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Sand Worm

Shai-Hulud Mojaviensis is a large creature native to the Mojave Desert and closely related to the Mongolian Death Worm and Arrakeen Sand Worm

Specimens up to 400 meters long have been observed in the deep desert. They feed upon bacteria and other creatures in the sand and soft soil of the mojave as they move under it creating giant tunnels that collapse behind them. They work just as earth worms do but on a much larger scale. 

Their body is segmented and they are attracted to vibration. If you are brave enough you can climb the worm with aid of hooks and then open one of the segments. The Sand Worm will roll so that the open segment does not get sand inside of it and then you can toss down lines to your friends and ride upon it’s back until it tires. 

They’re so massive that the movement of them in the sand often causes static electricity to build up and discharge. It’s not uncommon to have static lightning flashes in front of them as they travel in the desert. While uncommon now days since the 1960′s they have been making a come back in recent years. They are thought to have a link with the Sand Trout but it is unproven. They are also most often found around Spice and Spice blows but it is unknown if they are linked to it. 


Dean awoke, mussed hair, cotton mouth, and one extra pillow, and one less YN in the motel’s bed. He grunted, ran the heels of his hands into his eyes and scanned the room. He was shocked to see YN nuzzled against his brother’s chest, Sam’s arms holding her close.

Memories of the night before flashed before his hungover eyes.

Busty blonde.

Slap to the face.

Three tumblers of…

“Bourbon,” he cave man grunted, again.

He always claimed dibs on YN in hopes Sam would react, follow through on his feelings for you, get jealous even. But, then again, this was Sammy he was thinking about. Mr. Calm, Cool, Collected. Mr. I’ll Love and Live From the Shadows.

He tossed the extra pillow line a missile at the two sleeping love birds as he recalled his words of them taking it outside to his beloved Baby.

“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!”

“Ugh, you’re insufferable, Dean,” YN mumbled half asleep, pulling Sam’s body closer for warmth.

“Not to mention adorable,” Dean grinned knowingly.

“Not adorable,” Sam yawned, “YNN’s right, insufferable, how can you be so,” he fluttered a hand in his brother’s direction, “awake after all that bourbon?”

“Because I got you two to finally hook up, duh.”

You and Sam both looked at one another and side eyed Dean,

“Uhh, about that, offer still good on Baby?” Sam asked.

A pillow to the face was the answer.

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EDIT: It has been confirmed to me by the discord chat that Fruit Stripe is 100% human.  Now I just look dumb.  She still stole her coffee, though.  Here’s the dumb theory in all its dumbness.

Well, that was really cute, but we’re not done yet, because I have something weighing on my mind!  We have the wonderful coincidence of someone walking into Pearl’s life who looks exactly like her dead love.

Now, it could very well just be a cute episode about a coincidence, and I’ll happily toss this line of thought out the window if this turns out to be innocent and without any Plot RepercussionsTM, but I think we should seriously consider the possibility that this is a Rose Quartz.

She looks like Rose–and I don’t just mean “kind of”, I mean she has the exact same build, body size, facial structure, and hair color, and as I pointed out earlier in the episode her hair looks like a wild Quartz’ hair.  Steven calls it out explicitly in the episode–she looks just like his mom.

She also walks into Pearl’s life the moment she decides to start letting go and moving forward–which doesn’t feel like a coincidence, storytelling-wise.  If this is a Rose Quartz, she’s one the girls didn’t know about–or that they didn’t know survived the Diamonds’ corruption superweapon, anyways.  That seems like a point against her, but she’d be far from the first extant uncorrupted gem the girls weren’t aware of–Lapis actually saw the weapon go off before she ever came into Pearl’s care, in particular.  It’s possible that she’d been poofed or was shielded somehow; I’d have to think on it, but “unable to experience outside stimulus” seems your best bet for surviving a stimulus-based weapon.

Then–let’s look at the episode.  Right before we meet our mystery woman, Amethyst says: “This is a human thing, not a gem war.  Before you rock out, you’re gonna wanna blend in.”  If this is a Gem, she’s certainly decided to blend in–aside from being shaped like a Rose Quartz, she’s modified her coloration to look human, and adopted human modes of dress.

Next, it’s entirely in the context, but Bubblicious steals her coffee.  When Pearl forces the issue and walks up to her, she turns around and walks out of the shop without paying for it.  Like she owns the place, indeed; it’s a habit she shares with Amethyst and Garnet, who habitually take things without asking or paying.  On the other hand, she might also just have been spooked by running into a VERY famous gem–one who was, presumably, on the other side of the war–and decided to get the hell out of dodge.  Still, she stole her coffee, which seems like an odd thing to focus on, but it jumped out at me.

Up next, Steven freaks out a little bit about how much she looks like his mother.  As I said before, she shares Rose’s build, height, body shape, and freaking face, so I won’t belabor this point further except to point out that Amethyst agrees and Pearl dodges the assertion–but claims specifically that instead of thinking about the past–which Juicy Fruit obviously reminds her of–she’s going to focus on the future.

Next comes Pearl’s rant about how she can’t exactly be up front with the world about who she is–a flimsy parallel, sure, but a parallel to a Gem who’s spent millennia in hiding, after all.

Finally, we have the actual conversation between Pearl and Bazooka Jane, in which several things happen in rapid succession–”I know how that is” about “conscious manifestations of light” could be either her being goofy or copping to it; “it didn’t go over very well” could just be Pearl misunderstanding the gesture of giving someone your number, or it could be her expressing annoyance, because, let’s be real, if she’s a Gem it’s very likely she was a Homeworld soldier; the biggest hole in the theory is that Pearl’s the only one who’s heard her speak, and there are very few people who would recognize a Rose Quartz’ voice faster than her, though at that point she might simply have written that off as being another quirk of fate.  Of course, the other half of that is…

…Pearl is the only person who’s heard Bubble Yum speak, including us.

Not a word.  Not a sound.  She didn’t make a single noise in the entire episode.  It very easily could just be that they wanted to keep her mysterious for the sake of the self-contained episode, but that conveniently dovetails with the fact that if we’d heard Susan Egan’s voice the jig would have been up immediately.  Her silence speaks volumes, to me.

Of course, the problem with all this is that it’s all very flimsy.  Hubba Bubba over here needs to stay silent for various potential reasons, including the ostensible story that’s being told; it’s the right choice even if she never shows up in any capacity ever again.  Everything I’ve cited is circumstantial and somewhat flimsy at best.  To be honest, I have a hard time getting behind this theory, except for the fact that it’d be incredibly cool and have so much dramatic potential.  I’ll be rooting for it, but I won’t be arguing it, I don’t think.

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How do Muu, Kouen, and Sinbad react when they find out their crush has entered a gladiatorial competition?

I had a few requests similar to this one, so to try to make everyone happy, I’m adding one extra caveat to the scenario: the Big Three only find out once their crush is IN the gladiatorial ring.


  • Sinbad is hit with a wave of nostalgia for his days in the gladiatorial ring and smiles to himself. He has the perfect conversation starter now, instead of simply tossing out pick-up lines like he might usually.

Ren Kouen

  • For a split second, surprise paints Kouen’s face. He leans forward in his seat, very intrigued to watch the fight about to unfold as his pounding heart hinted that just maybe, this could be a match made in heaven.

Muu Alexius

  • Every muscle in Muu’s body tenses. He clenches the metal plates of his armored skirt until his knuckles turn white. He was worried, to say the least as he watched the fight with baited breath.
Obliviate Pt. 2 (Michael)


|| in which love is the strongest kind of magic.|| 

Obliviate is a spell that can be used to erase memories from an individual’s mind. 


You woke up a new person. 

The sun was shining through the castle windows and you heard the laughter of students as they ran towards the lake,  their very souls craving some relaxation  time before the precious seconds of the weekend rolled by and were lost to another  week of lessons and exams. 

Before the  breeze from the open window could freeze your blood cold, you tossed the Gryffindor blanket aside and ran to your closet, slipping on a fresh pair of black robes and wrapping a warm, knitted red and gold scarf around your neck. You already knew today would be  an interesting day. You could just feel it in your bones. 

Feeling happier than you normally did, you pranced across your dormitory, tossing each textbook within your line of sight into your schoolbag and sliding in some extra bottles of ink and quills. Although most students were spending their time dipping their feet in the lake or trading Chocolate Frog cards for fun, you desperately needed to get some studying done, and you simply wouldn’t put two whole days of the weekend to waste. 

Double-checking you had all your materials, you slung your  schoolbag onto your shoulders and let your feet carry you to the Great Hall for breakfast. 

Swifting in and out of students didn’t seem to be of difficulty that morning since most were sprawled out outside on the grass or lounging around in their common rooms sleeping. 

You hummed a happy tune, each small step bringing you closer and closer to the smell of frying bacon and 5-minute instant toast. 

 Aimless walking and you finally found yourself facing a tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy, a foolish wizard who had attempted to train trolls for the ballet. 

You chuckled to yourself, leaning against the railing of a flight of stairs, staring at the odd scene. 

“I always knew he had a troll fetish.”  You remembered someone saying, a distinct male hand pointing up at the tapestry. 

You almost burst out into laughter at the memory, but what troubled you instantly was you could hardly remember who had said that, his name and face completely erased from your mind. 

Frowning, you shook yourself out of your stupor and became  much more aware of  the environment around you. What were you doing here? 

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MY OWN (probably a little wrong) UNDERTALE TIMELINE

Trying to sort out what happens when in Undertale, mostly for my own future reference. After that Grillby doodle someone mentioned that the Skelebros only came to Snowdin relatively recently, so I felt like I needed to compile all the little details to keep track of them. There’s so much in the game it’s really easy to miss stuff.

And especially anything relating to Gaster gets super weird and wibbly, and continues to be a mess. I’m not even trying to think about things in terms of human years or how much time might have passed, just the order things go in. I’ll edit things in and out as I replay the game and find corrections.

EDIT: Added some Muffet and MTT stuff 12/3/15.

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“Omg, hug me.”

Pre-story : “Elliot, you’re going to get your ass in jail.” “No, I won’t.” “Yeah, you will.” “No, I won’t.” “Elliot, ohmygod, hug me. You’ll totally get slammed by the popo.” “What-?” “What?”

Word count: 636
Rating: PG
A/N: Idea from this post that I made and hey, decided to try it out and just have EVERYONE have a hug. In an Elliot way, cause I get uneasy when doing an actual Rami Malek fanfic. Sue me. 

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Chidori didn’t reject Tenga..

but she’s also still suffering, but hey maybe a silver lining here. If Tenga doesn’t do what he did to Nico and he finally steps up and tells Chidori her feelings were valid , she is important , she’s done nothing wrong and just hug her. She needs an actual hug not some cold hug that was given cause she asked, but a hug that is sincere and full of “ I’m here for you, even if you don’t like me how I like you it will all be okay.” 

Tenga I believe in you. 

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"I had a vision, deal with it" becomes a running gag in the entire Jedi temple, and Mace doesn't find out until, a couple months later, someone tosses that line at him

“Jinn, why in the name of the FORCE have your last three mission reports been written in Truncated Gungan?” Mace asks, pinching the bridge of his nose to stave off a migraine. 

“I had a vision. Deal with it,” Qui-Gon replies blithely, then jumps out the nearest window. 


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hope this is okay :)

“You’re the perfect distraction.”

Day in and day out Anthony returns home from his rehearsals to find Jasmine feverishly memorizing lines, going back and forth with herself in hopes that it helps. She’s got a part in a TV show she had worked hard to get, not wanting to have anything happen that would make her look bad after numerous auditions that proved she was more than ready for the role.

“Jasmine, you need to take a break. I don’t know if you’re even learning anything new at this point you’ve been staring at the words so long,” Anthony sighs, walking over to wrap his arms around her waist from behind.  He kisses along her jaw, Jasmine sighing as she continues to try to read the lines, mumbling them under her breath as Anthony continues to press his lips all over her bare skin, his grip only getting tighter.

Jasmine lasts all of three minutes before she tosses the book of her lines onto the sofa in front of her, turning around so she’s facing Anthony, her arms wrapping around his neck. Anthony only smiles as he leans down to peck her lips quickly, Jasmine pulling away and looking back up at him.

“Oh, sorry, was I distracting you?” Anthony smirks, Jasmine rolling her eyes as she pushes at his chest playfully, shaking her head. She leans up to kiss him again, an unexpected gesture from Anthony’s perspective, but one he’s accepting either way.

“You’re the perfect distraction,” She whispers, pulling away so she can walk to the kitchen, Anthony following.

“Does that mean that you’ll let me distract you for a few hours and get your nose out of the lines that you already know perfectly?” He questions, pulling out two plates for them to eat off of. He notices Jasmine side-eyeing him and laughs, pressing a kiss to her cheek as he walks by.

“I don’t know them perfectly, but I’m willing to let you distract me for a few hours while I take a break,” She gives in, Anthony smiling as he hands her her dinner, letting Jasmine kiss him again quickly.

Anthony knows she’s going to kill it in her role and will know all of her lines, but he’s taking every advantage that he can when it comes to distracting her so that they can spend some time together. While this period in their lives is hectic and filled with a million distractions, the nights where the two of them end up falling asleep on the couch cuddled together are the nights that Anthony finds himself loving the most.

He knows Jasmine feels the same way.


Listen to me, whatever you want, if it’s life or form or consciousness or voice, you don’t have to steal it. You can find it without hurting anyone.

Haikyuu!!Racers AU: where Akaashi is a Motocycle racer and Bokuto is either a Drift or World Rally racer.

He frequently tries to pick Akaashi up with lines like “that motorbike looks spent, want to ride me instead?” to which Akaashi usually answers with a blank stare and a tiny involuntary blush because holy hell, is this guy for real?

Also, the first time they´d met, Bokuto tossed the line at him as soon as he took off his helmet, Akaashi almost fell on his ass because of his forwardness. 

I blame the UK top 20 videogames coz number 18 and 17 were racing games also sorry it´s so shabby I feel incredibly tired today