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Dear person writing the blog, I know you said that you have started reading TOSOT, but have you finished it yet because I believe that in the ending Future Jimmy and Aurora should have kissed, thoughts?

((OOC: I did say I would finish reading it, didn’t I? Yeah….I haven’t been able to make any more progress since that one post. I’ll try to get back on that, since it has been an interesting read so far. When I finish, I get back to you with my review.))

Oh my gosh

I just finished reading the other side of tomorrow which is, I think, like the most important story in the jimmy neutron fandom. I have never in my life read such a great fanfic. It made me want the wonderful acaciathorn to get that turned into a spinoff movie. All the people who grew up with the show would love it because they would be old enough to appreciate it. If that ever happened I would die…. But hold of a couple years so I can play future Libby ;)

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Jim, do you know anything about TOSOT?.

Jimmy: Tears Of Sorrow On Tuesday? Three Orcas Swimming On Through? Terrifying Oreos Start Obliterating Town?

((OOC: I started to read “The Other Side of Tomorrow” last night, after seeing this question. I had heard about it before, but I didn’t really know what it was. What I have read so far is certainly intriguing. I think I’ll continue reading it.))