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Another Meme I Won’t Finish - [7/20] Movies

↳ Hakuouki Movie 1: Kyoto Ranbu (2013)

“You’ve brought your ignorance to the den of the wolves of Mibu. This is a place to become a warrior and a warrior becomes a protector. And when we say someone’s under our protection, we mean it.”

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Walkthroughs - Hijikata Toshizou

**Note: Items bolded and italicized are choices that increase your romance level.**

(No choices to be made)

Find a way to escape.
Ran for it.
Stay put.
I could see that. / Wow, I had no idea.
Ask Hijikata if I can help around the compound. / Quietly return to my room.
Accompany Hijikata as his page.
Explain the situation.

Remain in the compound.
Why me?
Yamazaki, you should go.
Stay with Hijikata.
Sorry for not remembering.
…want to come.
To Mount Ten’nou.
Stop Nagakura.
…Keep running.
I stepped out of line… / Want to watch over everyone while you’re gone…

Return to my room.
Remain in the common room.
It’ll be okay.
Reached for my sword.
Refrain from drawing sword.
Yes, please.
It’s not any of my business.
The Demons.
I’ll help with the research.
The notice board.

The soldiers.
Someone high-ranking.
Yes / No
Go find the others.
You don’t even know anything.
Try to attack.
What would you like to eat?

Still wanted to help.
Help with Itou.
I want to help.
Trust Hijikata.
Return immediately.

I should leave…
Get revenge.

(No choices to be made)


At this point you have collected  all of the CGs for this route! Congrats :D

For the Bad Endings, go to the  title menu and make the following selections:

  1. Record of Service
  2. Chapter 5: Story Toshizo Hijikata
  3. Romance LOW

Bad Ending 1:
I have to leave.
Run for it.

Bad Ending 2:
I should leave…
Run for it.