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Osomatsusan × Nicocafe (2017)

Nicocafe Ikebukuro (until March 12)
B1F, 2F, Ikebukuro P’PARCO, 1-50-35, Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Nicocafe in Nagoya (March 18-28)
Toshimaya Building 1F, 1-3-7, Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi


Ikebukuro, Tokyo by Worapol Thipmaneemongkol


富士塚 2

中井御霊神社  中井富士   新宿区中井2-29-16
Nakai Goryo Shrine   2-29-16, Nakai, Toshima-ku

Fujizuka disappeared, But there are remnants on the pedestals of two guardian dogs.

Amazon Japan 著者ページ新井ワタル/e/B0168GDX1M/
Amazon USA Author Page


Sakura,Toshima 2-chome,Kita-ku(桜吹雪,豊島2丁目,北区) by Ou Kinhaku
Via Flickr:
Leica M7+ELMARIT-M 28mm f2.8 ASPH,Kodak E100VS

East Village Burgers, Tokyo

You gotta love a restaurant that tells you exactly what they’re selling on the side of their building…

Welcome to East Village Burgers in Tokyo!

East Village is a small restaurant in Ikebukuro specializing in nothing but burgers. How small, you ask? Well, this is the counter where only one person can stand and order at a time, with a tiny kitchen behind it…

You then climb the narrow staircase you can kind of see above on the right, and ascend into a cramped “cozy” dining area with only seven seats.

But while the shop may be small, the burgers are anything but!

East Village is famous for not only the size of their beef patties, but also how they treat their meat. Much like the ranchers in Kobe massage their prized cows, the chef at East Village puts his ground beef into plastic bags and massages it to keep it tender. This massaged beef is then turned into large 8 oz. patties…

The other thing that East Village does oh so swell is their thick-cut, house-smoked bacon. You can’t really see it here under the layers of melted cheese, but their perfect pork belly adds so much flavor to this cheeseburger.

One thing to remember about eating burgers anywhere in Tokyo, they’ll almost always cook their burgers well done. No pink on the inside unless you ask for it. I requested a medium rare burger here and the chef cooked it perfectly.

A tender, juicy burger on a fluffy, toasted bun with the toppings of your choice…

My bacon cheeseburger burger came accompanied by bowl of fries, hash browns and potato puffs, all good but nothing that blew me away…

This burger combo set me back 1400 yen, or about $12 at the current exchange rate, and was well worth it!

With the attention they give their beef and their bacon, East Village easily enters my list of Tokyo’s Top Five Burger Joints!


1-13-1Higashi Ikebukuro 

Toshima-ku, Tokyo





128/366 : 3/29 JR Ikebukuro Station by Hidehiko Sakashita
Via Flickr:
This is the third station of “JR Yamanote Line for my 366 project.” 山手線全駅(29駅)撮影の3駅目は池袋駅です。かなり遠景ではありますが、分かる人には分かるでしょう。もっとペースを上げないと29駅が難しく思えてきました。 May 7, 2016 #3/29: JR Ikebukuro Station Camera: Sony A7II Lens: Voigtlander Nokton classic 40mm F1.4 Adapter: Voigtlander VM-E close focus adapter #366project2016 #山手線全駅撮影

An Open Exhibition of Original Pandora Hearts Artwork and Autograph Session at Tokyo and Osaka Animate!

 (Elliot’s side of the notification.)

Animate has decided on a Pandora Hearts’ open exhibition of original images!!

Continuing on the coattails of the Commemorative Fanbook and 2nd Artbook of Jun Mochizuki works, this month we deliver the news of an open exhibition of original images!! And, it [is being announced] just before the deadline of the highly praised popularity poll that is currently open to voting! This is a notice to all you fans out there!!

Oz, Alice, Gil, Break, Sharon—, traces the paths that the characters of Pandora Hearts have taken. A display of a large number of precious, genuine original pictures! This will be a special exhibition of original images where you can get a close up view of Jun Mochizuki-sensei “world” of drawing at an autograph [session], and you can share your thoughts and feelings with each other. Also, at the venue [Animate] we will be selling limited goods and replications of original artwork. Currently, Jun Mochizuki-sensei and her editorial department is working together on the contents of the exhibition, in order to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves. The entrance fee is free of charge. To all the fans out there, we look forward to seeing you!!

An open exhibition in two major cities – Tokyo and Osaka!


Dates: 2014/11/15 (Sat.) ~ 11/30 (Sun)

Location: 8th Floor of the Ikebukuro Animate (Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Ikebukuro 1- 20 -7)


Dates: 2015!! A notice with more detail will be shortly.

Location: 2nd Floor of the Osaka’s Nihonbashi’s Animate Store (Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nihonbashinishi 1 (ichi) Choume 1-3 Animate Building 1・2 F)

There is going to be many new goods with drawings made specifically for them by Jun Mochizuki-sensei!

Reproductions of original artwork, mug cups, a rubber strap collection, tote bags, head of the household chick manju*, and more – there will be 15 all new goods in the goods lineup. There will also be limited commodities at Tokyo and Osaka, respectively. The goods are currently under diligent production. We are looking forward to their completion!

In the next issue we will introduce the goods and commodities lineup!

(In the green speech bubble):

Here are one of the new goods, illustrations that were drawn specifically for the rubber strap collection!


*This is referring, I believe, to the either the little chick that likes to rest on top of Glen’s (Oswald’s) head or perhaps both the chick and Oswald sleeping with the chick on top of his head. Some image similar to that is going to be on a manju, or a steamed yeast bun with filling.

-Leo’s side of the announcement is just about the Commemorative Fanbook. There’s no new information on that side of the page that we don’t already know, so I am going to forgo translating it.

Nagasaki 1-Chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan 25/03/2014

by Masahide IIDA (@iida_photo)
Nikon D7000 / Nikon PC-E NIKKOR 24mm f/3.5D ED

anonymous asked:

do you have any idea where is cafe :re located? looks like sasaki can just stopped by at the cafe from work to he's house, but i think he said to arima that *chateau* is far so urm, when he mentioned chateau i was like wait wasn't that mean castle or something and ishida really drew their house freaking mansion hahah XD

There was a post about where the :re cafe is based on IRL. The cafe it’s based on is located in Toshima-ku which is the 16th Ward in TG terms. Of course, I have no assurance at all that we can base the cafe’s location IRL with TG ahaha.

Here’s a small map for reference of where things are.

I always assumed that the Chateau is in the 1st Ward. Though it also seems that Haise is capable of driving himself around. There’s also the use of taxis and trains since it’s easy as heck to go around Tokyo.

Arima didn’t really say it was ‘far’ but instead he’ll 'visit’. Haise is aware that Arima is a busy man so he said that he didn’t really have to go all the way to the Chateau and he can just bring books to him directly instead.