Just a short powerpoint on some of the reasons why you should try watching torchwood.

I used to think the biggest mistake the BBC made with Torchwood was to assume most of their viewers would automatically identify with Gwen

And I thought why? Why would they? In order to know about Torchwood, one usually needs to know about Doctor Who AND care enough / like it enough to research beyond it, and/or be dedicated/mature enough to even understand, let alone enjoy most things on the show.

People like that usually are the quiet ones, the thoughtful ones. The nerds, the shy ones, the outsiders. Of course I can’t speak for everyone here, but I do believe that’s the root of most of the problems - Torchwood was/is directed at people like Tosh and Ianto, mostly.

People who have been bullied and/or outshone by people like Gwen almost all their lives.

Seriously. You cannot tell me what Gwen did to Ianto didn’t border on bullying from time to time, at least in the books - and in almost every comparison drawn between her and him (or Tosh), in any type of media, she came out on top. And you know why? Because she was louder / prettier / ‘stronger’ (ha!) / simply put more desirable than basically anyone else. (And a blind man could see that those comparisons didn’t just happen occasionally, or were tiny - they were glaringly obvious and present almost all of the time.)

But then I reconsidered. Maybe, just maybe, I’m looking at this from the entirely wrong angle. Because although Gwen’s hyper-desirable-ness (like, srsly?? was there even a single guy on the show who hadn’t fancied and/or kissed and/or shagged her?? pls point him out to me if you find him, and before you ask, NO, Ianto’s not the answer - even he full-on snogged her once, whilest she lay in a coma (!!), to say goodbye in case she died before he returned. ‘say goodbye’. ah yeah RIGHT.) makes me angrier than literally anything else in the entire world of fiction that I can anyhow think of r/n, maybe, just maybe!, I - we all! - might have misunderstood the whole thing from the beginning.

I mean, the whole point of Torchwood is that it shows humanity without its make-up on, right? Shows all of the ugly truths. So what if one of those truths is that brash bold confident (careless?) people like Gwen simply get farthest in life, whether we like it or not? That some people just get it all, whilest others suffer and die (mostly) alone?

Then Torchwood did an A+ job of showing that.