‘We’ll all go,’ Jack called after him. ‘Get the SUV.’ He turned to Ianto. ‘Stay here, keep an eye on Tosh, let me know the moment anything happens. Got it?’
‘Yeah – like if she finds a cure, I’m the first to know.’
‘Actually, she’d be the first to know, technically. And I’d be second. That would make you third, at best.’
‘OK, if she finds a cure, I want to be the third to know. Happy?’
‘Anything else?’
‘Get onto the traffic police, clear a route to Bob Strong’s house.’

Something In The Water by Trevor Baxendale (Torchwood Novels #4)

They’re all potentially dying, and Ianto takes the time to be (adorably) pedantic… and Jack takes the time to indulge him! Seriously they’re meant for each other. 


LGBTQ+ Meme || (2/5) TV Shows With at Least One LGBTQ Main: Torchwood
You’ve got a choice. If you think that the darkness is too much, then go for it. But if there is a chance, just some hope. It could be having a cigarette, or that first sip of hot tea on a cold morning, or it could be your mates. If there’s even a tiny glimmer of light; then don’t you think that’s worth taking a chance?