Kato Kiyomasa lifting a tree trunk / Toshihide

加藤清正險を冒して焼山城を襲ふ図 右田年英 年代不詳(明治)

※参照:国立国会図書館デジタル化資料 - 真書太閤記 : 今古実録. 10「加藤清正焼山城を乗取事」



Toshihide (1863 - 1925)
Fujiwara no Yasumasa Playing the Flute by Moonlight
Series; Toshihide Zuihitsu

Beautiful scene of the nobleman Fujiwara no Yasumasa playing the flute as he stroll along the moor on a moonlit night. His brother, the outlaw Kidomaru, has snuck up behind him, intent on stealing his fine brocade robes, but instead, the music enchants him, stopping him in his tracks. Here, Yasumasa looks out of the corners of his eyes, aware that someone is behind him, yet he keeps on playing. Kidomaru stares at his intended victim with an intense expression, his sword in his hand.

Toshihide (1863 - 1925)  
Momijigari (Maple Viewing)
Series  Eighteen Honorable Men and Deeds, 1899

 A scene from a legend about Taira no Koremochi. He was wandering in the hills outside Kyoto hunting deer when he met up with a group of beautiful women, including a young princess. Koremochi joined them in a picnic, and ate and drank with the group. As he was dozing off, he was visited by a messenger from the god of war who told him to be alert, draw his sword and slay one of the beauties as she was a demon disguised as a beautiful woman.