“The Toshiba T3200. The Spacesaver. Another wonder from Toshiba.”

  • Processor: Intel 80286 - 12 MHz
  • Memory: 1024 KB
  • Diskette Drive: One built-in 3.5" 720 KB diskette drive
  • Hard Disk: A fast built-in 3.5" 40 MB (formatted capacity) hard disk
  • Display: High resolution EGA compatible gas plasma with variable contrast and variable brightness. Can display up to 4 gray scales. Display can also support CGA, Hercules, and 640 by 400 resolution
  • Keyboard: Sculptured 85 key with separate numeric keypad.
  • Expansion slots: One full size 16/8 bit slot and one half size 8 bit slot. 
  • Operating System: MS-DOS 3.2
  • Weight: 8.5 kg

My Toshiba Libretto 70CT finally got a few key upgrades.  It’s still got a few things that need tweaking, but it’s getting there.  Here’s what I did:

  • Updated the BIOS to version V6.40 from 1999!
  • Imaged the old hard drive onto a CF card, and swapped in a CF -> IDE adapter.  It runs silent and incredibly fast now.
  • Bought an old 16-bit PCMCIA CF card socket so I don’t have to use the external floppy drive to copy files back and forth. 
  • Bought a port expansion, providing me with serial, parallel, and VGA sockets (sadly no PS/2 mouse port).  A serial test with Hyperterminal to Vega (running 95C) was successful.
  • Installed 95Plus!
  • Tested Doom.

If I can find hardware specific drivers for the 70CT, I want try installing 95B from scratch.  It would let me take full advantage of all 8GB of CF card, in glorious FAT32.  Right now I’m limited to 1.5GB in FAT16, and all attempts at resizing to just under the 4GB limit render the drive unable to boot. 

Oh, and Critical Mass, one of my favorite old games, is apparently too taxing for this hardware to handle.  Bogus, man.