Arrow's Felicity Smoak Will Finally Get A Backstory...But Not The One We Thought

#Arrow’s Felicity Smoak Will Finally Get A Backstory…But Not The One We Thought

If you’re a major spoiler-phobe, you might want to look the other way because this is some exciting, but spoileriffic, news about Arrow season three. After two full seasons with almost no personal history, everyone’s favorite hacker will finally get her own origin story. The fifth episode of season three, entitled “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” will give us,…

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This Is The Only Thing I'll Post About 50 Shades Of Grey

This Is The Only Thing I’ll Post About 50 Shades Of Grey

Let me get this off my chest: there are few things in life I regret more than reading the 50 Shades Of Greytrilogy. Yes, I read the entire trilogy. Yes, it was one of the most harrowing experiences of my life and no, I will never, ever get those precious hours back. I must live with my mistakes and forge ahead. I assume this is also what Jamie Dornan will say in about two weeks, if…

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