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I hope they dont mess up writing 13 but i have a feeling they are going to

It’s impossible to know for sure. But Chris Chibnall is a good writer, who has written some great episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood in the past, and the whole of Broadchurch, and his episodes have had some really spectacular female characters:

  • the captain from 42
  • Kate from Power of Three
  • Nasreen and Alaya from The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood
  • Nefertiti and Amy in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
  • Gwen and Tosh and those fab vintage lesbians in Torchwood
  • Ellie and Beth in Broadchurch

The great thing about these women is that they’re all great, strong characters, but they’re also very different. 

Also, he set out to cast a female Thirteen. It was his intention from the beginning. I think that’s definitely promising, and he’s been a fan of the show for decades. 

I’m hopeful about how things will go down. I had my doubts, but Thirteen’s casting had abated a lot of them for the moment. 


My Christmas present to myself!

MadelineTosh “Tosh Vintange” in Flashdance. Designed and knit by me. Knit from the bottom up, with twisted rib cuffs and collar. The panel of twisted rib up the sides eliminated the need for waist shaping almost entirely. I still did a little bit, for comfort’s sake. The half sleeves cover up my tats, so I can wear this around my grandfather. And, if I’m honest, I didn’t have quite enough yarn to do ¾ sleeves, which are my preferred length. I like these, though, they’re warm, but they don’t get in my way. i’m always shoving long sleeves up, so I tend to not knit anything longer than a ¾ or bracelet length for myself.

No pattern, just a little maths! :D (proud!)