tosh vintage


My Christmas present to myself!

MadelineTosh “Tosh Vintange” in Flashdance. Designed and knit by me. Knit from the bottom up, with twisted rib cuffs and collar. The panel of twisted rib up the sides eliminated the need for waist shaping almost entirely. I still did a little bit, for comfort’s sake. The half sleeves cover up my tats, so I can wear this around my grandfather. And, if I’m honest, I didn’t have quite enough yarn to do ¾ sleeves, which are my preferred length. I like these, though, they’re warm, but they don’t get in my way. i’m always shoving long sleeves up, so I tend to not knit anything longer than a ¾ or bracelet length for myself.

No pattern, just a little maths! :D (proud!)