黒及漫画」by 黒川うめ

※ Translated with the artist’s permission.

Translation: tosakaa
Pairing: Kuroo/Oikawa
Note: Requested by Anonymous. Set in a universe where Kuroo and Oikawa attend the same university and are in their third year. The text is a lot smaller than usual so you might want to right-click and open the image in a new tab if the text is too small to read!
Warning (!):  Alcohol, implied nsfw.

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Taka's 1000-Count Follow Forever \(^o^)/

“Mendokusee” (Too bothersome).

Was what discouraged me from being an active user despite stalking the site for 2 years. But thanks to a certain someone who offered to help me design my blog, I became sucked by this inescapable realm called Tumblr.

So last July, I finally decided to become active, and the rest was history.  (@´_`@)

So to the 1006 people who chose to follow me, arigatougozaimasu! Itsumo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! 

And thus, here’s my follow forever! Those in bold are special people to me for a lot of reasons. ^^




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The ones with stars are people I really respect and look up to either for their strong personality, sassiness,  godly art, or critical mind.

To the ones with hearts, you’ve been with me through ups and downs, and I couldn’t thank you enough. I love you guys.

To my ZnT comrades, lmao, you know who you are. I hope we continue to be comrades despite the end of the series.

To the two people who’ve been teaching me Japanese, thank you for being patient with me. XD

Ah–and the one who got the (◡‿◡✿) is the one who pushed to Tumblr hell. I hate you. (lol. of course I love you. *glomps* Kudos for your hard work in hq scans. ^^)

(goes to say that all of these people are cool. do try checking their blogs!)

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【HQ!!】後輩の仲が良すぎて見ていられないんだが。【影日】」by suisai

※ Translated with the artist’s permission.

Title: The kouhais get along so well you can’t even watch
Translation: tosakaa
Pairing: Kageyama/Hinata
Note: Requested by Anonymous

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【ヒロ清】先生とヒロにゃん」by ナッツ

※ Translated with the artist’s permission.

Title: Sensei and Hironyan
Translation: tosakaa
Pairing: Hiroshi/Seishuu
Note: i’ve finally gotten everything sorted out so i’m back!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و this is meant to be a quick translation (so basically just me indulging in hirosei bc i’ve been dying to translate something for these two since i started watching weeks ago (o゚▽゚)o) before i get back to doing the requests that have been piling up while i was gone!

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馬鹿と眼鏡とある日の自由時間【御沢】」by 一丸

※ Translated with the artist’s permission.

Title: An idiot, glasses, and their free time
Translation: tosakaa
Pairing: Miyuki/Sawamura
Note: Requested by Anonymous
Warning (!):  Minor spoilers for after the third years leave.

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kjunginger  asked:

Any chance you could translate this doujin on Pixiv? member_illust. php?mode=medium&illust_id=44137892 (If even just some pages since it's pretty long?) ;u;

Anonymous said:

Hello! Is it possible if you could translate more Miyusawa? Especially this one: illust_id=44137892 Just more Miyusawa! Pleaseeee! T___T And thank you so much for your other translations!

ロンリーオンリー【御沢】 by ゆた

hello there (。・・)ノ

unfortunately, the artist of the illust you requested doesn’t allow their work to be reposted and so i’ve provided a translation under the cut instead.

also, sorry this took a while! there were quite a few pages and it was pretty long (´•  •`;) also i’m sorry that some of the translations seems kind of all over the place?? there were quite a few parts i wasn’t too sure about so i’m really sorry about that!!

Warning (!):  Dub-con/non-con and mildly nsfw (but nothing explicit).

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anonymous asked:

Could you translate page 7 of this log ID=43860658 where i think Kuro, Oikawa and Tsukishima is arguing?

【腐】ツイピクまとめ by あしたの素

hello there! (o´ ▽ `o)ノ゙

the artist has stated on their profile:

It is strictly prohibited to reproduce my fan art under any circumstances. Please do understand that even if you ask for permission, it won’t be allowed. Thank you.

so i have done a translation of page 7 under the cut instead.

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