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As I promised I uploaded the subbed version of the Tales of Symphonia United World opening. Be aware of spoilers and so on.

ホ・ン・ト・ウ・ソ/ho n to u so/Truth and lie
Lyrics: Me,misono
Singing: Me,misono



「優しさ」という名の言動(ウソ)も 「聞きたくはなかった」気持ち(ホント)も


“ウソツキ”にさせてしまった僕が 嘘(それ)を真実(ホント)にしてあげる


jiyuu de ite? shiawase de atte! futari, sowa ni inakatta toshitemo
sukin shite ? shinji rareru kara !
“kimi no taimingu de boku o , omoidashi te kureru” kurai de ii

“yasashisa” to iu na no uso mo “kiki taku wa natta” honto mo
dotchi ni shite mo tagai o kizutsuke, mamotte kureru mono

“soreja tsukare chau desho? itsuwatte made, shitte hoshiku wa nai” to iu kedo…
futari ni totte “futari” ga “taisetsu” de ari tsuzukemasu you ni
muri shite demo kimi no “hitsuyou” ni naru nara, boku ga hon ni mo naru
uso o motto, umaku tsuke tetara…
jibun no koto made damaseru kai
“usotsuki” ni sasete shimatta boku ga sore o honto ni shiteageru


You want freedom? Be happy! Even if you are not together.
You love it? Because it’s possible to believe! You make me remember about the good time.

“kindness” is also called falsehood and I don’t want to hear the truth we protect, even if we injure each other.

I said “Don’t you agree the situation gets tired? I don’t want you to cheat”
For continuing as “us” we need two people, bur your “necessity” will be impossible, if you become a “thing”.
If you can tell better lies, you will fool your own heart.
I, the “liar”, will turn the lie into reality.

■ OVA世界統合編第2巻!!感想絵!(アニメ塗り頑張った・・・)





Tales of Symphonia: The Animation - United World 3 - English Subbed (Temporary Release)

You guys must be wondering why this one’s suddenly out when we haven’t even released a single one of the earlier volumes/episodes /SHOT

Now I haven’t exactly been in the loop for the United World subbing team because I’ve been mainly busy with Med school (I only worked on until the Tethe'alla Arc), but apparently we’ll be releasing episode 3 for now temporarily. This is an SD XviD hardsub encode version of United World episode 3, using a raw we practically just got online. 

Meaning, we’ll be re-releasing this episode in the future, and release all the others that are missing, once we get the proper DVD rip raw for United World 3. There’s also a slight error in the font used for the Artes, but we’ll be sure to address that in the re-release. In the meantime, we hope this will help everyone in understanding the last episode of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation!

Click here for the DLs.

look at these caps

isn’t it neat?

wouldn’t you think that my feels have been beat?

wouldn’t you think that I’m the fan,

a fan who lost everything?

look at their stories

despite their plotholes

how many questions can Namco withold?

Lookin’ at these pictures you’d think

(Sure) She’s degenerating.

It’s got fight scenes and flashbacks a plenty

I’ve just about melted to the floor

You want tomodachi’s?

I’ve got plenty

But who cares?

No big deal

I want moooooooore….

United World [Closed]

Darkness.. That was all the king felt as he floated in seemingly nothingness. One moment he was fighting Judal, about to be killed, and the next he witnessed a flash of golden light coming in between him and the magi, shielding him from the blow. Was he dead..? No, he didn’t think so.. but he wasn’t in Sindria anymore. He could have swore he heard a booming voice right before his vision faded, but he couldn’t make out the words than were spoken.. Like they had been spoken in another language.

Just as he was wondering how to get out of the current situation, he felt something pulling on him, tugging him towards a foreign entity, his vision beginning to fail him once again. He was being tugged towards a light in the distance, and his consciousness was beginning to fade.

He woke up with a groan, body sore, and cuts and bruises all over his body. He had reverted from Baal, probably due to his magoi running out, but that isn’t what bothered him the most. He glanced around him, and through his hazy vision, he met with an unfamiliar terrain. He was in a beautiful plain, surrounded by nothing by clear skies and flowers, not to mention a road that led somewhere. As he followed the road onward into the horizon, he couldn’t help but stare in awe at what he saw. A beautiful city, shining in the daylight. It shone more than Sindria ever had, and many of the countries he had visited. Not to mention, it’s size. He had never seen such a large city before in all of his travels, especially one like this.

Begrudgingly, he stood up, making his way towards the city, even with his injuries.. It soon became apparent that they were worse than he had originally thought. He was grateful to be alive, but he was beginning to think he was outside of the frying pan and into the fire. Not like he had much choice, he’d die alone in those plains if he didn’t move, but damn did it hurt.


Tales of Symphonia : United World 03 - Bonus Episode
Many thanks for BlasterIIDX for sharing this bonus episode
You rock!