The Empath is one of my favorite TOS episodes. After Kirk volunteers (in the scene above) to be tortured in the place of Spock and Bones, the Vians tell him, “We’ve already observed the intensity of your passions, engaged your capacity to love others.” Later in the episode, Spock volunteers to be tortured in place of Bones, and Bones knocks him out with a hypo to prevent it. The crux of the episode hinges on the Triumvirate’s ability to sacrifice for one another, to love each other more than they fear pain and suffering. It’s a goddamn beautiful episode. 

In summary, it’s this comic in Star Trek form:

TOS Fic: Winter Blues Writing Challenge

This is my contribution to @outside-the-government‘s Write Away the Winter Blues fic challenge. 

My Prompt: “I cannot be held accountable for the things I said under the influence of those painkillers.” 

TOS ‘verse, Spock POV. Takes place sometime near the end of season two. Knowledge of 2.04 - Mirror, Mirror, and 2.18 - The Immunity Syndrome recommended but not required.

No real warnings - this is pretty mild, for me. Just some major science fudging.

Sometimes, you really surprise yourself. 

Notes at the bottom, as always. 

“This is all your fault,” Leonard hisses. He glares up at Spock from his spot on the stone floor. “If you hadn’t gone sneaking around the back –“

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Five Weeks until Spiced Peaches XLVIII Deadline

We have exactly five weeks until the deadline for submissions to the newest issue of Spiced Peaches - the S/Mc e-zine. Our deadline is midnight Eastern Time on March 31, 2017. We’re in dire need of submissions of all stripes - stories, poetry, artwork - and if there are any Spones fans who want to contribute to a good cause, I’m calling on you for submissions.

Since we recently had a themed issue, this issue will have no theme. Anything and everything related to S/Mc - canon, MU, AU, prequel, post-Undiscovered Country, etc.  is welcome and encouraged.

We take TOS and AOS interpretations.

To submit a work, please send an email to me at PlatoHomer2 @ (remove the spaces).

To answer some questions we’ve received before:
1) Generally, unless requested, we are looking for previously unposted works.
2) There is NO minimum or maximum word count for stories or poetry - any an all lengths are welcome. Please help me make this issue wonderful.
3) We always love having works from people who have never been part of a past issue, so please feel free to submit something and join us.

Please check out our Submission Guidelines for more in-depth rules and submission information.

And by all means, send us asks or respond to us privately or publicly if you have questions.