Remember these dudes who appeared on Star Trek from time to time? The ones that liked to argue for no reason, who started a fight with the Vulcan Ambassador Sarek? 

Do they look familiar to you? That strange wispy blond hair, that pink completion, those scary, soulless eyes, those frowning ugly lips. Is their appearance ringing some terrible bell, deep in your soul? I don’t know about you, but I happen to know someone who looks just like that.

Does this seem like a coincidence to you? Maybe it is. But when the President Elect is revealed to be an alien, don’t come crying to me. I warned you. 

Next time you see Trump yelling about something, think to yourself, is he really human? Or is he a shaved Tellarite, masquerading as an ugly white politician? 

Stay aware, America. Stay vigilant.  

  • them: why do you have so many gay ships?
  • me: because the female characters are so poorly and/or problematically written, because there sometimes aren't any female characters at all, and because while female emotional fluency is seen as an expected norm, society has taught me to romanticize male emotional fluency as exceptional and special and rare. now pls leave me alone so that I can live in my imaginary world where men actually talk about feelings

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I was knitting and bored tonight and was looking at some TOS eps… and…I realized something.

You guys know how TAG John sometimes pronounces things… weird? Like “are-er” “ide-er” etc?

WELL… We know Thomas is like… a HUUUUUGE TOS fan. Like, he had a Virgil costume HUGE TOS fan. Well, I realized something…

Exhibit A:

Could… Thomas actually not be failing at his accent/pronunciation, but rather is doing it on PURPOSE?

This occurred to me tonight and my mind felt blown. |Da I can’t recall if two and two have been put together or not… I could be brain dumb tonight. If true… oh my god, these adorable DORKS that make our show. Good gosh. XD

NAME: Dr. Morty Rickers

FC: Robert David Hall

WHO?: A medical examiner who often fills in for Regan in Washington county (where AC is) when she’s unable to work. He normally works as a medical examiner over in Hancock county.  

  • Has been a medical examiner for 35+ years. He’s highly competent, other than the fact he gets beard hairs all over the place.
  • He has six grandchildren and talks about them all the time. This, combined with his habit of making dad jokes and constantly whistling during autopsies, either endears him to people or is cause for annoyance.
  • He’s always trying to get close to the people who work at the AC morgue or with the PD, asking them if they want to get a beer after work or watch the Pats game. He wants friends, but unfortunately, friends don’t always want him.
  • Knows absolutely nothing about the supernatural. Regan’s autopsy reports are always pretty obfuscatory when supernatural elements are involved… but his are even more so.
  • Regan dislikes him, perhaps a bit unfairly, just because she always resents needing a fill-in. She also suspects he looks down on her because of her age.