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The Homes We Can't Live In Chapter 5: Bang Bang, I'm Calling Your Name  방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Relationships: HopeKook, JinMin, NamTaeGi 

Rating: NC-17 

Genre: Space Romp 

Warning: explicit sexual content

By the time Jin’s shift was finally over, he’d nearly forgotten what awaited him back at the ship. His head was fuzzy from the strange amount of paperwork and shipments requiring inspection came flooding in. None of it was contraband, of course, but it was still a hassle to go through everything and find the right forms for each.

His muscles felt tense and his head was starting to ache, but the moment he stepped in the ship, he remembered again. The smell of Jimin’s perfume and bath bombs permeated the air, and the TV in the living area still hummed quietly of some show Jimin had been watching.

He toed quietly through the room, flicking off the screen before making his way to the bedroom, the sight causing him to pause a moment and catch his breath. Jimin was curled into a ball, cuddling Jin’s pillow. One of the largest of the pink sweaters Jin had purchased for him swallowed his frame and made him look like a soft marshmallow with a tuft of blonde hair spread over the linens. His cheeks were puffy and smooshed up against the pillow. Jimin moaned in his sleep and Jin snapped out of his thoughts.

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