tos enterprise crew


The enterprise crew are the best thing to happen to me- and to the draw the squad memes! Yes, that’s right I’m back with a new fandom, new techniques, and new art! Hoping to keep this blog more up to date now- thank you to anyone still sticking with me and welcome to any newcomers!

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in the spirit of april fools day, here are some enterprise pranks: 

  • put one (1) tribble in every room where jim is sure to find it. every time jim finds one, increase the amount of Hidden Tribbles. watch him slowly lose his fucking mind 
  • get everyone to make up words and phrases around spock. not complete gibberish, realistic enough that it could be a real word. prank ends when he breaks something 
  • program the turbo-lift to function as a sanitation chamber. when the crewman reaches their destination they will be slightly damp and frazzled, but very clean 
  • plastic spiders that everyone pretends arent there
  • scotty and chekov pretend that they are scottish/russian instead of russian/scottish (respectively) and insist that they always have been. enlist several people to back up their claims, see how long they can keep it going
  • give bones subliminal messages for several days implying he’s in a simulation. when he brings it up to someone, stage a matrix-esque showdown
  • replace every tool in medbay with those screaming rubber ducks
  • sulu follows uhura around the enterprise with a confetti gun, and shoots it at her when she enters a room at sporadic and random occasions. she’s on edge for days
  • see who can make spock say “illogical” as many times as possible in one conversation. to everyone’s surprise, scotty holds the record. it eats bones alive

feel free to add more

Me too, Scotty. Me too.

hey remember that one time enterprise-d found scotty and he immediately assumed that jim brought her out again just to find him?

remember how spock prime’s first words were ‘james t. kirk. how did you find me?’

remember how uhura and sulu and the whole crew knew that jim would come?

remember how in any life, in any time, the crew knows their captain would tear apart the universe to find them?