tos bones


In case some of you haven’t seen this yet, this is Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley reading a short story at a con. 

About 2 minutes into this clip, Bones refers to when the Enterprise went down and places his hand over his heart sentimentally. Spock follows suit, but then Bones skips over to him and moves his hand down to his side – which is where the Vulcan heart should be

Apparently De commented “I’m his doctor, I should know” or something to that effect, although it’s drowned out by the audience’s laughter in this video.

Happy birthday, De!


We are the Mirrorverse

TBH? the events of the TOS movies are 1000x better when you remember that Kirk dragged Bones’ ass out of retirement. I feel like 85% of the time his inner monologue is “you know what i dont even give a fuck any more”
star trek IV: we’re gonna go back in time to pick up some fucking whales? why the fuck not. while we’re at it lemme potentially change the timeline of all recorded history by helping a lady. i’m here on borrowed time.
star trek VI: instead of worrying when jim is getting his ass kicked on rura penthe i’m just gonna cheer him on. this is all great, just how I wanted to spend my golden years. boy do i love me some assassination attempts. having a good time. what the fuc

  • Bones: Who thought that this was a good idea?!?!
  • Spock: Doctor I assure you I had taken every possible scenario and risk into consideration when planning our current course of action.
  • Bones: Yeah, but did you take him into account?
  • Kirk: Hey guys, check out this weird flower, it keeps trying to cuddle my neck. I think it likes me.
  • Spock: .... I have no excuse.