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His hand’s shaking, probably from exhaustion. Or, simple, fear. Moment ago they were almost sucked into space, and then crushed landing on a foreign planet. He was trying so hard to keep them both alive. I would say the whole sentence would be ‘ I can’t believe we’re still breathing.’

Kirk and Spock rec list

A quick/dirty rec list of Star Trek fic featuring my favorite versions of Kirk and Spock. This is not intended as a complete rec list, but rather a  *taste* meant to recruit more fans to the fandom. :)  All are Kirk/Spock or gen with minor background S/U.



the last new print i’m doing for Octocon, i wanted it to feel kind of like the xerox’d art in old pre-internet fanzines?? if you’ve never seen any of those they are sO neat, definitely worth looking up some. i just love fandom history, and honestly, what better way to appreciate fandom history than with the original slash pairing (except maybe Holmes/Watson)

anonymous asked:

hey i'm really sick right now and i can't sleep (it's 3 AM here) got any sick spones head canons ?? (beear on anon)

Well, I certainly hope you’re over your illness by now because it has been so long since you sent this in, my darling. I hope this makes you smile regardless.


Spock was embarrassed. He hated to admit it, even to himself, but he was. He had been reckless and foolish and it had come back to bite him. 

The sick bay had finally beaten a nasty virus that had hit an away team. It had taken the better part of two days for Doctor McCoy and his team to stabalise the patients, find the cure, and help the sick back to health. Leonard had glanced over at Spock with a relieved smile as he saw the last person from sick bay.

Then, foolishly, recklessly, Spock had investigated the container. He was tired from the two days of research and had been somewhat distracted from the sparkle in Leonard’s eye. He had forgotten to replace his face mask and hadn’t thought about it in the slightest. 

Three hours later he found himself in his quarters, racked with coughing and unpleasantly itchy. Fortunately, the illness was only transferable through saliva and as he was almost too careful about what and who he even touched he was certain he would not have passed it onto anyone on the ship. Regardless, he was sick and needed to tell someone. Who, he could not decide. M’Benga would be subtle, but he would be confused and Spock could not handle the shame of it now. He also would almost certainly tell Leonard. Chapel would not tell Leonard, however she would dote. Leonard would take care of him and tell no one, however… Leonard would then know just how smitten Spock was. 

There was a knock at his door. Spock quickly pushed the box of tissues aside and straightened his shirt, ruffled from his scratching. “Enter,” he called.

The door opened and McCoy stood there, looking unimpressed into the low lit room. He crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. “Like I thought, you idiot.” He walked across the room, his eyes roaming intelligently across Spock’s body. “Dumber than a box of rocks rolling up hill, what were you thinking?” He said loudly. 

Spock didn’t respond, instead he was focusing on not letting himself cough, despite desperately wanting to. 

McCoy sat down, sighing loudly, across from him. He leant forwards and glared at Spock, resting his elbows on his knees. “What were you thinking, darlin’?”

Spock coughed, he couldn’t help it anymore. The moment he curled forwards, spluttering painfully, Leonard’s eyes flashed with worry and Spock felt himself being sat back, the glass of water he’d collected earlier instantly being pressed into his hands.

Spock drank, avoiding eye contact. Leonard patted Spock’s knee softly. “You’re alright, dear,” he muttered. 

Once Spock had regained control of himself he sat up properly and sighed. Leonard still looked worried, although he was clearly trying to steel himself back to a disapproving professional manner.

“I apologise, I have no reason to give for my behaviour,” Spock said uncomfortably. 

“Alright, love, I brought the fix for you. I haven’t made it Vulcan-friendly, but I daresay you deserve a bit of punishment,” Leonard said softly, still stroking Spock’s knee. 

Spock breathed out a brief huff of amusement and nodded. Leonard pulled his sleeve up and injected him quickly. Spock felt the drug go to his head, making him quite whoozy. He had witnessed this reaction in the patients earlier, but was still surprised by the strength of the dizziness. When his sight and hearing returned shortly later, Leonard was holding him up, muttering kind, forgiving words. 

“Feelin’ better?” Leonard asked. 

“I am certainly feeling more nauseous,” Spock muttered. “Thank you, Leonard,” he added quietly.

“Well,” Leonard said smugly, “I can’t imagine what that gratitude cost you. But you’re very welcome. Now, let’s get you in the shower and then to bed. You’re an utter fool.”

Spock let himself be ferried through the shower process and quickly to bed. He let Leonard undress him, putting up only a token resistance and instead enjoyed the moment. Leonard only took a brief encouragement before he agreed to sleep with Spock. Spock found it inexplicably comforting.