Prompt: “Could we have a Chekov x reader where the bridge crew or just one of the main people catches them in an awkward situation and Chekov is all embarrassed but the reader thinks it’s funny?” - Anon

Word Count: 736

Author’s Note: Welp, live and learn. I realized that I was spelling, and pronouncing a certain Russian phrase completely wrong. Life imitating art? Anyway, for the purposes of this piece, I’m assuming that Sulu’s daughter is still named Demora in the AOS timeline. Also, I’m really bad at awkward situations, apparently, so we get whatever the hell happened here. Enjoy!

Cyrillic Key:  Боже мой - Bozhe moy - Oh my God.

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I need Chekov and Jaylah doing the forehead touch

I need Chekov cooking and wearing a “Kiss the chef” apron (in Russian, of course) and Jaylah coming up behind him and hugging him and kissing his cheek

I need Chekov and Jaylah wearing PJs and curled up in bed with popcorn watching a movie

I need Chekov hunched over some piece of tech doing his genius thing while Jaylah kicks butt protecting him

I need Chekov teaching Jaylah all about Earth (“Ze Federation was inwented in Russia you know”), and Jaylah teaching Chekov all about Snohdenna (“It is just like a Russian winter on my planet. You would like it.”)

I just need Cheylah