In Which Jim Tells Bones How Much He Really Loves Flowers

anonymous asked:

whats the roddenberry vault???

Hello, anon!

The Roddenberry Vault is basically the result of Rod Roddenberry, Gene’s son, the Okudas, and a couple of other trek people, compiling all the “missing”/deleted/blooper footage from the entirety of the original series and packaging it into a boxset. It took over 7 years to compile and create because of the methods they used.

They integrated it into a series of documentaries, and also have a special feature for the ones that didn’t make it in to the documentaries/featurettes that are about an hour long-ish each. Included are 12 episodes that relate to some of the missing footage. One of those scenes happens to include Jim’s nephew. Another is a part from The Cage.

Anyway, I hope that answers your question! I really can’t wait to see this because it’s great to see new things from TOS after all this time.

A new friend

Jane sat in the forest, taking a deep breath. Finally some peace and quiet. Until she felt something small on her foot. She looked down, and saw a tiny white rabbit.
“Hello there little guy…” She picked the bunny up, which was reletivley easy due to it’s size. The bunny licked the girl on the nose, sniffing her face.
“Hey, that tickles! What’s a cute bunny like you doing in some place like the forest.” The bunny licked her nose again and nodded.
“Are you lost? Tell you what, why don’t you stay with me for a while, I’ve been quite lonley lately anyway.
The bunny licked her nose three times, he seemed to like the girl.
"You need a name. Hmm, how about… Petey?” It shook its head.
“No? Jacky? Gustav? Micheal?”
All three suggestions were responded by shooks.
“Diggs?” The bunny licked her nose, in happiness, Diggsit would be then.
Jane let her new friend down and the small rabbit, now bearing the name Diggs stood next to her.
Jane left the forest happily, as did her new compainon.