Chill out!

 Bryce watch with a amused gaze, the rising  panic in his friend  amusing him. 
“Four!” Craig cried out  clutching his head “Four in one night! 

Craig was a man who wanted a normal life, really! He just wanted to chill at his house , play with his dog. 
Not be turned into a more angry, hostile and stinky hell hound.   Bryce hummed as he wiped the bloody knife with a handkerchief  “It can’t be -that- bad.”  Bryce said, attempting to brighten the mood. 
“I provoked the mafia.” 
“Craig, you have such bad luck, it amazes me.” 

Craig groaned, crashing into the bed of his best friend, curling up at lavender scented sheets.  “L-Like, I know Tyler is the godfather- kinda shocked me, ya’know? Didn’t expect it..He’s nice to me..But would he really..Try to get rid of me?” Craig asked, hope tainting his words. 
“Kill you? Oh yeah. He hates everyone, Craig. “  
Craig groaned.
“But..” Bryce drawled out, his finger tapping on his chin. “You can..Get on his good side. He doesn’t know you are a oversize dog , so it might go in your favor.”

Craig blinked, now thinking it over it. Yeah! That could wor-
“Or you can put use of your oversize thighs and seduce him.”
Craig managed to choke on air, his wide eyes staring at Bryce. “W-What?!”
“You heard me. Tyler might have a black heart, but everyone has a soft spot for someone they make love to, like- Look at Delirious and Investigator Vanoss. “ 
“W-Wow, really?” 
“Damn. - But, no! I don- just no!” Craig shook his head, blood rushing to his face. 
Bryce whistled. 
“Well, I guess it’s your problem to deal with.”