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So we know the McCoy will defend Spock (willingly but don't let anyone else know) but does Spock ever defend McCoy?

I mean, yes, in tos he protects Bones from a physical attack all the time, when the Romans threw them in a ring, in The Empath (Spock tried and failed to protect Bones) there’s a tonne of those examples. 

Imma delve into a headcanon of mine, if we’re talking defending Bones’ honour or having a go at someone who disrespected him, I like to think that Spock does so, but subtly. I think Spock refers to Bones by various titles and talks him up, but once he’s actually talking about Bones blatantly he’s nasty. Like, “Our Chief Surgeon is extremely skilled, you may be assured you are in good hands.” “The Captains’s close friend has extensively researched this area, I will confer with him before I respond.” “One of the crewmen on board was raised on a farm, he has taught me a great deal in relation to animal care, thank you.” “Doctor McCoy is regularly mistaken, you can safely disregard his comment.”

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So this meme has been going around and then @bouncingbones tagged me the other day, so I’m going to do it. Y’all will probably learn a lot about me, just saying.

I chose Leonard McCoy (TOS/AOS, used De’s pic coz he looks stunning in it), Spock (TOS/AOS), and Monica Reyes (X Files).

Here are some reasons why:

Honestly, if it was just a one character pick meme, Monica would DEFINITELY be my top choice (you’ll read later why) but here you go.

I feel like in a lot of ways, if I was male, I’d be Leonard McCoy. Not totally but pretty close. We like helping people. He is a doctor (I considered nursing for awhile just like my mom but decided not to) and I want to go into counseling. He’s a scientist (I do like my facts and the scientific method) but also believes in his gut and a possible…something else out there bigger (not necessarily religious but just the possibility of it). He does no harm but takes no shit and I have a similar policy. Even when scared out of my mind, I will sometimes stand in the line of fire and and hold my ground or protect someone. Also, Bones heavily feels even though he doesn’t let it wholly show when it comes to his personal matters, but he’ll let everything else out though. (This is a similar trait to Trip Tucker, but that’s another thing all together.) He’s an observer and very astute when it comes to those things and he thinks on his feet and comes up with connections to things you necessarily wouldn’t think of right away but could if you had the chance. He enjoys simple pleasures in life like a mint julep or good food. Also, we’re southerners. :D I could go on a bit but I won’t.

Everyone knows that Spock has this dichotomy going on with his human half versus Vulcan half, which manifests into this whole Logic vs Emotions thing going on. What’s even more is that we know canonly speaking, Vulcans have intense emotions so much that it could control their lives until Surak decided to implement logic so Vulcans wouldn’t kill themselves. And Spock has a way of being objective (like me) and also be able to distance/sort and process his emotions without it getting to him though when it did it was a lot and overwhelming (very similar to me too). And then he likes learning. A lot. What else? I think that’s enough for now.

Monica Reyes
Is pretty much me. End of period, sentence. If someone translated me and put them on screen as a character, it is her. It was the surreal-ist feeling ever. If I ever had gone into the FBI (I considered being a laywer and law enforcement once) that would be me. Her thought patterns. Her speech. Her beliefs. We have similar looks (POC that’s got long, black hair) and her actions are pretty much all the ones I would take. Minus Season 10 because wtf was that?? She shows up for 1 ep and you do THAT?? I had to understand her mind set in order to understand what the writer’s were doing, I mean… Other than that and her mastery of Spanish is WAY better and more fluent than mine, she is exactly me. It’s like deja vu haha.

So long explanations but there you go. I’m tagging whoever wants to do this because I just want to learn about you all!