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TOS Uhura: The first time you saw T'Pring was p gay wasn't it?

The first time I saw T’Pring was uneventful, actually. Well… it was uneventful in comparison to the usual madness of the Enterprise. 

She did strike me as being quite beautiful, which I said to Mister Spock, and I assume that’s the “gay” instance you’re referring to. 

I do find fault with describing it as such though. Not only because compliments, in my opinion, should be shared openly without intent being assumed, but because as a linguist I’m fond of using the correct word in all situations. 

“Queer” might be the word you’re looking for, though there are many different meanings that could be extrapolated from that. “Lesbian” is more specific but it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as well. 

I’m going to assume you’re more interested in if I’ve seen T’Pring since then, and, unfortunately, I have not. 

As lovely as she is, from what I heard from Spock, Kirk, and Dr. McCoy, she’s very much in a committed relationship, and very much only interested in other Vulcans. 

Beyond that, I doubt I would enjoy the company of someone who so readily threw another living creature into harm’s way just to get what they wanted, and though she is gorgeous, I bear a grudge against her for causing my captain harm and causing poor Mister Spock such duress. 

(He won’t like me saying he felt anything, but you’ll keep that between us, won’t you? After all… you should have seen him when he thought he’d lost Kirk… poor darling.)

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TOS Bones: Not to bring everything way down but I've been depressed for 10+ years and i'm hitting another major depression patch instead of the normal Dysthymia (yay for double depression). As my favourite member of the Enterprise crew and a doctor - is depression curable in the future? Any words of strength you can share for when times get rough? (I know to go see a doctor if it gets bad dont worry I'm not asking for legit medical advice)

Listen, kid…

I wish I could tell you that I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about. That in the “future” depression is as outdated as… the Black Plague would be to you. I wish I could say that we have magic happy pills that cure everything, but…

We don’t.

Mind you, treatment’s improved immensely. The medications we have are exponentially more successful, people are more educated on the warning signs, and rates of suicide and self harm are down across the board. 

But the human mind… humanity in general is hard to understand. I’m not a psychiatrist either. This isn’t my field of expertise, and I’m glad you said you know to go see one if you need to. 

So here’s the only advice I can offer (and I know how annoying this is gonna sound, but it’s true)

It gets better.

Humanity moves on. It heals. We ignore every sane thought in our heads and we launch ourselves into space in tubes of metal just to conquer the cosmos. We meet beings like Mr. Spock, though not all of ‘em are as bad as he is, and we explore strange new worlds just to say we are here. We are here and we want to learn.

Terran… Earth gets better. We learn how to fix our mistakes, stop polluting, clean things up, save animals and plants and people.

Darlin’… I wish I could tell you the answer to all this. I really do. But humanity’s still figuring things out, and I guess I am too. Strange to think that someone as old as myself is still figurin’ life out, huh? But that’s life. Just when you think you know all the answers, more questions come along.

Words of strength, though, I can offer;

Inside you is the potential to make yourself better. And that is what it means to be human.

Spock once said “change is the essential process of all existence” and I think he was right (though if you tell him that, I’ll deny it). Things change, sweetheart and you can make them. 

And if all else fails… look to the stars, and dream of tomorrow.