frankly, one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen


In Continuation of #572

It wasn’t Natasha or Bruce that heard Tony play the piano first. After Tony found Thor awake in the common room one night and Thor told him about his mother’s death, he offered to play him somthing to maybe help him go to sleep; shyly explainning that his mother used to do that for him whenever he couldn’t sleep or relax. 

So I felt like I need to make a post

Hey guys so this seems to be a pretty widespread issue since I’ve opened up my redbubble and that issue is people buying my shirts and shit because they want my attention for some god forsake reason or another so I figured I’d make a semi-formal post about it

Buying my shit isn’t gonna make me want to be your friend anymore than I already would have I’m grateful for everyone who does buy it but I’m not going to be friends with someone just because they have a shirt with a fuckin doodle I made on it I value character a lot in my friends
Secondly for me personally it’s a little insulting to do that imo because it means otherwise you wouldn’t have bought my shirt which id actually prefer that you do instead of pretending you like it

Bottom line is if it’s not something youre genuinely interested something if I wasn’t attached to it you would still wear/own it just don’t buy it
You wont hurt my feelings I’m a big boy now I can handle it id prefer fewer people buying my art who actually enjoy it rather than large amounts of people buying it who don’t really even care about it

Anyway,,,,,, I’m gonna take a nap