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Ah ok, so it's a little complexish so i hope you dont mind. So Shiros a writer, and he starts off his writing career by writing a fantasy novel. So as he continues writing the two main protoganist, which are pidge and allura, start becoming actual human beings in the real world. They start becoming friends and clinging on to Shiro because they have memories of him. I really hppe this isnt too much. And thank you so so so much in advance

Sorry requests have been slow to be answered. I went to SDCC so I was focused on cosplay and stuff for that. (Speaking of which if anyone wants to see those pics just let me know. I went as our fave Pidgeon). I hope you like this and you are so so welcome! <3

At first he would have chalked it all up to writer’s delusions. Shiro was alone, seculded into a cabin to help fuel his writing. Or mostly to meet deadlines his cranky publisher was mad weren’t being met.

It was called cabin fever. That’s what google said anyway. Delusions, hearing things, it wasn’t so uncommon. Lots of people got this way, he tried to remind himself. But was it normal to be able to touch them? To reach out and feel another person every time he opened his manuscript.

Allura would always come first. Writer her was much less complicated. They were similiar, a product of his feelings from a strict Japanese upbringing. She was an elven princess, set to rule all the land when she became of age. It was classic. She was classic. But deep down there was a darkness to her. A festering fear of the future.

Pidge always seemed a lot more nervous coming out of the book. Usually it was a set up for a cruel prank where she appeared under his table and grabbed his legs. She was light, joy, laughter. A perfect ounter part to Allura. Balance. That was something Shiro had always really enjoyed. In a world that tried so hard to throw him off his rocker, these girls held strong.

It was hard to get them to leave now though. To go back inside the book. Every moment he wished they were with him. Reading curled up by the fireplace with Pidge’s head in his lap, or teaching Allura about the wildlife outside the cabins walls.

But just how real were they? Was it all just a dreamed up figment of a lonely man. They felt so real. They acted so real. Pidge cried to him, bemoaned the loss of her parents. But he had done that to her hadn’t he? And Allura, always so strung out from societal preassure. Their plights were his fault. And they loved him regardless.

Sunday nights were when he wrote the most. So Sunday nights he often got to see them. Perhaps it would be best to scrap the whole thing. Let the girls live on wherever they were with a sense of free will. No longer tormented by his ideas.

Shiro stared at the computer for a long while. Whatever his decision would be, it would be hard to turn away.

A YouTube AU for Arbor

- she has a beauty channel!
- Does lots of makeup videos but also stuff about clothes and what sorts of things look good together
- The channel is part of her own company, Altea Designs
- She has some of her models guest star a lot, so she can show different ways to use makeup on different face shapes and skin tones
- She also has her models come on with her fashion tips vids
- Her company & videos are well known for diversity; she has models that represent a vast array of race, body type, health, gender, age, and orientation
- Shiro will sometimes guest star and do one of those “boyfriend does your makeup” videos except he’s atually Really Good at it because he likes to watch allura’s videos and he has learned from them

Shiro & Matt:
- they co-run a channel
- It’s one of those vlog channels where the videos are kind of random topic-wise, but they always end up geeking out no matter the subject
- Shiro and matt are long distance, and whenever they visit each other they make sure to make a bunch of videos together
- Those end up being the longest ones because they geek out even MORE when they’re together and they keep causing each other to digress into different subjects until their discussion on recycled water somehow becomes excited rambling about aliens
- They are also really animated in their videos together because being near each other makes them happy
- The running gag of the channel is that they trade off turns posting and making videos, so at the end of each video Shiro will give matt his next topic and vice versa. Sometimes he will choose himself or take a question from their fanbase, whichever one he feels like
- Allura likes to guest star in shiros videos, and she’ll happily join in on the subject if she knows things about it, but if she doesn’t she’ll just listen to Shiro talk and ask him questions to keep him going. A very common video topic fans always request for matt to give to Shiro is one about his relationship with Allura, and matt has given that as a topic at least ten times (because he loves seeing his boyfriend full of love. that and he always gets mentioned and gushed about too)
- They aren’t exactly sure how they got fans, seeing as they’re pretty random in content, but they love their fan base very much and go to conventions a lot to meet fans

Lance, Hunk, Keith, and Pidge:
- they have a channel that’s kind of like a talk show in a way (like gmm)
- Pidge is the camera gal, and the other three are the talkers
- Lance likes to do weird challenges the fans come up with. The episodes where he has the most say are the food challenges (like guessing what kind of meat something is, or testing their spice tolerance) and the wacky game episodes (so far his all time favorite was the fast food themed mini olympics, and he is the reigning champ)
- Keith likes the more fact-based episodes, where they really just talk about a subject and make the learning really entertaining. Think of those videos that like, show you the stuff certain foods like pineapples and cashews grow on. However in this category of episodes his favorites are talking about urban legends, ghosts, cryptids, and aliens, and he ends up talking a lot more than usual in these episodes.
- Hunks favorite videos are the ones where they test certain things. They’ve done stuff like seeing how ice baths effect your ability to answer trivia questions, or if there’s really that much of a difference between brand name products and generic products. However he is always very talkative on other episodes, and has never been one to refuse to do something in a challenge, not matter how outlandish it may seem
- Pidge is the channel cryptid. She’s constantly referred to by the others, and her voice is in an episode once in a blue moon, but the fans Never See Her And Never Will
- The fanbase they have is super supportive and loving, and there’s running jokes about who’s the best host. The fandom will often color code their blogs and such with the primary color that’s assigned to their “favorite” host. There are many, many blogs with yellow themes in their fanbase
- There used to be some gross fans in the beginning that shipped lance and Keith together. However they all found out this was happening and made a video specifically focused on irl shipping and how toxic it is, and they asked everyone to either stop shipping them or to unsubscribe, because they wouldn’t tolerate it and were made very uncomfortable by it
- This is a fictional world so the fans actually respected that
- Eventually, after a few years of having the channel together and growing ever closer, the three announced they had all started dating. They made sure to clarify that them dating didn’t mean people could still make ship content of them, and the fans were very happy that they found love with each other and never, not once, make klunk fanfiction because all the fans love them dearly and would never ever purposely make them uncomfortable like that

- Coran doesn’t actually have a channel, but he’s basically everyone’s surrogate uncle (or in Alluras case, step father)
- He’s made guest appearances on everyone’s channels, and he’s the biggest fan of each channel
- His appearances aren’t rare, but they’re also not common, but the fans of all the channels absolutely adore him
- He has a small fanbase of his own that call themselves the Coranics, and while this confuses coran greatly it also makes him very happy

That’s all I have for right now, but I’m actually really liking this au so I might write more for you later

aaaaaa i love this and u??? 11/10 best youtube au i’ve ever seen!!!!

A man wanted to know if his French partner would be able to return to the UK/Scotland after Brexit.
This is how Linda Holt, a Tory, responded.

I feel this says a lot about her and the Tory party, especially in relation to anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

@ayeforscotland any thoughts?

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Kidge: Something involving the vents

I assumed you meant like her crawling around in the vents! First time doing Kidge. Lots of first times with these requests and I’m LOVING it!!

“This was a terrible idea.”

Pidge couldn’t help but agree with Keith. This was a terrible idea. And it was her terrible idea no less. And now they were trapped in the Castle of Lions’ vents together. She had never called herself claustrophobic before, but today that was likely going to change.

“I’m sure we can figure a way out of here. Somehow…” Even to her own ears she didn’t sound too hopeful, “Eventually someone will figure out were in here right?”

An hour later, if her timer was to be believed, they were still trapped together. It certainly was a predicament being shoved this close to her crush. It was hard not to notice the natural woodsy smell he always carried with him. Or how his eyes slightly reflected the dark like a cat’s.

“So…how’s the galra thing going?”

Keith gave a disgruntled groan. If the team could stop asking about the “galra thing” that would be wonderful.

“I’m not going to turn purple and sprout a tail if that’s what you’re asking. I’m still me Pidge.”

Maybe it was the heat of two bodies in a tiny space. Maybe it was nearly a year of pent up feelings. But something inside her snapped.

“I know Keith. And I’d like you no matter what.”

“Yeah I like you too Pidge. We’re friends. The Paladins are like my family.”

Great. Family-zoned by Keith Kogane. That’s exactly what she needed while trapped inside of a vent with minimal oxygen. Plus she was sweating.

A lot.

“No Keith I-Quiznack my everything is cramping,” she squirmed trying to get more comfortable as she spoke, but only ended up moving closer to her half alien friend, “I mean like…if we were back on Earth…I’d probably kiss you.”

He was silent, but she watched his eyes grow wide. The weight of her words hung in the air, stifling what little breathing room they had. And then Keith did what Keith did best, closed his mind and listened to his impulses.

“Why are you waiting until Earth to do that?”

Nevermind. The vents has been the Best. Idea. Ever.

A Hunter Hunted

AN: Thank you thank you @josie-arts for letting me write this based on your art!! It just made me laugh so much I couldn’t stop myself! I hope you like it!

When the realization hits him, Lance stops breathing. Or maybe he’s breathing for the first time. It feels like wading in the water when all of a sudden a giant wave crushes you. Only it’s not water. If it was water he would know how to locate the sun and swim to the surface. It’s feelings. He’s having genuine, honest feelings.

What is he supposed to do with them?

Is there a return policy?

Whatever Pidge was saying, it sounded a lot like blah blah blah science. Pretend you’re listening! But he can’t. The only thing he can focus on is the way her amber eyes lite up when she got excited, and the flailing of her hands as she tried to explain some intricate computer techno babble.

Has she always smelt this sweet? Like peanut butter and chocolate?

And that stupid mullet with eyes is just staring at him with a smirk. Like he can read Lance’s mind. It’s that same cocky expression he had whenever he would out rank him on flight simulators back at the Garrison.

Pidge got a call from Coran to come help out in the Teleduv room. She wished the boys a farewell and ran off. And boy did Lance watch her go. His eye were glued to the bounce of her hair until the door shuts behind her.

“And so the hunter becomes the hunted.”

Lance groaned, pulling his shirt over his head to hide the blush he knows is tainted his flawless completion. “You…you just shut up mullet man. Go google your Mothman cryptic junk or whatever it is you do in your free time.”

“Normally I’d be offended, but I’ll let it slide. What’re you gonna do?”

He flopped onto the ground,“I don’t know! I haven’t had a crush since like…what kindergarten? And offering to share your glitter glue and crayons doesn’t exactly work in your teens. Also I bet the Altean version of a crayola probably eats you and uses your insides as pigment!” Okay so maybe he’s panicking, but with reason! “Keith, what do you do when you like someone? If you’ve ever actually liked someone.”

“Blow up some stuff in the middle of a desert, steal them from the garrison and then somehow get launched into space and pilot a giant red alien robot lion under their command.”

Lance snorts, “That’s oddly specific, buddy.”

Keith smiles and nudges him gently with his foot, “All part of a ten step plan. At the end of it, I die without ever having admitted my feelings.”

“Really helpful. Thanks.”
It had been one week, three days, seven hours, and thirty six minutes since Lance was on the floor of Hunk’s room bemoaning his new found feelings for the green paladin. One week, three days, seven hours, and thirty six minutes of watching him get shot down with every failed flirting attempt in the book.

“Are you from Tennessee?”

“Lance I was born in New Mexico you know that.”

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“No but you’re stupid questions are hurting my head.”

At this point it was getting painful to watch. And lately, Pidge had gone as far as making sharp left turns to avoid him. If they so much as made eye contact she was sprinting down the nearest hallway in sight. Hunk was a patient man, or at least he liked to think so, but this was starting to be too much for him.

“Hey are you and lance okay? I think he’s worried you’re mad at him.”

They were working together on a Galra sentinel they captured. Seeing if there’s any way to rewire him into giving them vital information without being a giant rat. It’s risky move, but sometimes slow and steady doesn’t win wars.

“Yeah I’m kind of avoiding him,” she said it so nonchalantly, not looking up from her computer, “I think I might be allergic to his shampoo or something.”

Hunk raised an eyebrow, “What makes you say that?”

“I don’t know, whenever I’m near him I get all red and feverish and my stomach gets kind of fuzzy and weird and my brain kinda short circuits and I get kind of jittery and-”

He cut her off before she can embarrass either of them more, “Pidge. Come on.”


Watching the realization dawn on her was almost as painful as everything before. Her eyes got wide, her cheeks flushing darkly. She sat on the ground, staring up at the high ceilings of the castle.

“Oh my God I like him.”

It took another thirteen hours to calm her down after that. Getting these two together was going to be a lot harder than he thought. At least Hunk had Pidge’s diary on his side.

(Ending note: I take requests! If you have anything you want written, any pair I’m more than happy to write it! Hope this was good!)

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Prompt: rainstorm and cats :)

Rainstorm isn’t a name I knew was used for Plance but now I am OBSESSED. (That and sea salt might be my two favorites I’ve seen). Thanks for the request! I’m seriously LOVING doing these for you all! This is heavily based on my headcanon that Pidge and Lance are ultimate fur parents who make tiny houses for their animals. Hope you like it!

When Lance came home with a box of kittens, Pidge nearly ripped his hair out. Her girlfriend was some sort of Disney Princess. Last week he’d “rescued” a bird from the Petco, a month ago they had fostered a rabbit. On top of the two dogs they already owned: her apartment was starting to feel like a zoo.

“Come on Katie they don’t have anywhere else to go! They were just sitting in a box on the side of the road like…like Oliver and company!” He pleaded, setting the kittens down.

There were two baby Russian blues left in the box, curled up around each other for warmth. Pidge tried her best to freeze her heart. They did not need any more pets in this house. But gosh dang if the way they mewed wasn’t winning her heart a little bit.

Lance picked up the bigger of the two, holding him inside his oversized jacket. His blue eyes lit up as he nuzzled the creature.

“This is my son. I will name him Blue.”

Pidge snorted and rolled her eyes, dropping on her knees to gently stroke the other one’s fur. “Fine I’m naming the other one Green.”

“YOU NAMED IT WE GET TO KEEP THEM! That’s the rules sorry I don’t make them I heard Hunk made the rulebook I guess you’ll have to just take it up with him. Too bad guess we have to make a trip to the store tomorrow.”

She groaned, rubbing her temples. The cat hair apocalypse was in her future. Cat fur in every nook and cranny. On her computer. In her computer. It was a nightmare waiting to happen.

The little blue ball of fluff licked her hand gently. She was done for.

“I can’t believe were parents again,” Lance sniffled, rocking the tiny fur ball as their pit bull Princess curled up by his feet, “Shh children Daddy loves you all.”

Pidge thought for a moment, petting Princess’ head while cradling the new kitten in her arms. “Does this mean we can finally use the Harry Potter cabinet under the stairs as a house for our animals?”

“God I love the way you think.”

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Saw you're taking requests so here is mine! Shidge bringing home their twin boys, Hikaru and Samuel!

Sorry it took so long to get this to you honey <3 I hope it was worth the wait! Also I am taking requests.

Twelve hours. That’s how long it had been since they walked through the doors of their house carrying their two new baby boys: Hikaru and Samuel. It had therefore been twelve hours since there had been a waking moment within the Shirogane household.

His mother Yuki had come over immediately, toting a bag of what she claimed to be necessities for the babies. She claimed the bottle of whiskey was for him, but a few blurry nights in his childhood had him questioning that. After that the Holt herd had come.

Allura in tow because her and Matt had just come back from their honeymoon. Colleen cooed and coddled. Allura stood back, still a bit leery of children after the Coran incident. Matt offered his sister a hug before claiming the kids looked nothing like Shiro so Katie must have slept with the milkman.

After the tired couple had finally managed to shoo their visitors out and the twins were safely in bed, Katie laid her head on her husband’s shoulder. The calm was welcome.

“Did you start the coffee pot?” She asked with a yawn, tracing the grooves of the prosthetic.

“Yeah baby I did,” Shiro kissed his wife’s head before standing.

He walked towards the kitchen, mixing the coffee order he knew by heart. When he returned to the living room, Pidge was spread out on the couch, shirtless, and staring at the monitor like it might come alive.

“Go back to sleep you little shit or mommy’s gonna come in there and fight you.”

Shiro laughed, handing her the cup, “Twelve….sixteen hours in and we’re already threatening the kids. What are you going to do when they become teenagers?”

“Throw up and make you teach them baseball or some sort of sport. Baseball’s the throwing one right? Or is that soccer? Honestly, I’m so tired my brain hurts,” she groaned, rubbing the sleep from her tired brown eyes.

“Then how about, you take a nap. I’m sure the second one of them is unhappy they’ll let us know,” he set the coffee aside, pulling her into his lap and offering a gentle kiss to her temple, “You just take a deep breath and a nap.”

Pidge doesn’t know how long they were asleep for, but the shrill sound of a babies cry was certainly enough to wake both of them up. The interrupted nap was definitely worth it seeing her husband flailing off the couch with a surprised, “Quiznack!”
Cherry Pies and Lullabies - Toryb - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 4/?
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This is what Samuel Holt did. He was sector seven’s Head Pairing Advisor; it was his job to find the perfect breeding matches. Ever since the Galra virus had wiped out nearly three fourths of the population a half-century ago, it was all the human race could do to survive. Zarkon Enterprises had come up with a solution for the astronomical disaster they were facing: kill everyone infected, breed survivors, the immune, and the earth could be rebuilt. The world had been too afraid to say no, and thus became his kingdom.

Aka: A 1950’s dystopian AU where Pidge and Lance are paired, and Keith and Shiro are not.

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Shalluratt: time for Shiro's girlfriend to meet his boyfriend!

Hey look my writing is alive. Sorry it’s been hectic lately but I’m gonna try and get the rest of my requests done tonight! here we go: (I’m still taking requests send them my way!)

“Tell me one more time why I let you put me in a sweater vest?” Matt groans, pulling at the fabric around his torso. It felt…awkwardly itchy. Not as itchy as the alpaca fur he had put on because of a dare from Katie, but definitely not cotton comfortable.

Shiro laughed, kissing his boyfriend’s head, “Because it looks good on you and we’re going somewhere nice for dinner.”

Matt grumbled a complaint but took the taller man’s hand regardless. There was a nervous bubble in his chest, making focus difficult. Tonight he was going to met Allura, the girl from London that Shiro had fallen head over heals with on a business trip. Honestly, Shiro should have been more nervous about tonight than Matt was, but this was the curse of being a Holt. Panic first and ask questions while panicking that no one can answer.

The little ding of the cell phone on the nightstand made him jump. Right. Just a phone Matt. You’ve seen one of those before.

“She’s here!” Shiro lit up, “You two are going to get along great.”

He sighed, “I sure hope so. I just don’t want to embarrass you. She’s an English diplomat, you’re a retired Army veteran, and I’m some college guy who once ate so many Cheetos you had to take me to the hospital.”

“Technically I was in the Air Force.”

“And now I’m such a bad boyfriend that I can’t even remember what you’ve done with your life!” Matt threw himself onto the bed with a grunt, “I’m staying home and dying here.”

There was the sound of a gentle knock at their front door, followed by a creak as it opened. Shiro gives a surprised noise before smiling, “We’re in here!”

The goddess who walks through the door nearly gives Matt a heart attack. He sits up quickly, trying to straighten up his…everything honestly.

“Hey-hi there! I’m Matthew. Matt really is what they call me. Matthew Holt. You must be gorgeous. Allura. Gorgeous Allura. Is what Shiro calls you. Naturally.”

His boyfriend deserved the sharp elbow that went into his side after erupting into a fit of chuckles.

Allura took a step forward and kissed his cheeks, “It is a pleasure to meet you, Matthew. I am sure we will be great friends.”

Matt smiled, slowly relaxing, “Yeah. I’m sure we will too.”

Maybe tonight wouldn’t be half as disastrous as he thought it would.