tory and gabriella

Odds, Chances & Probabilities

Summary: After almost an entire year of loves-me and loves-me-not between Archie and almost every eligible girl in the town, he settles for Betty. It’s time to confess to their friends and they’re preparing for the worst but, little do they know - Veronica and Jughead already have something of their own.

Rating: T

Genre: General, Canon Divergence, Fluff, Romance

Pairing: Jughead x Veronica, Archie x Betty

Timeline: Post season one

Word count: 1,618

“Oh, God, Archie - we need to tell them.”

Think about your best friend falling on love with you, right after you’ve fallen out of love with him. Think about you going on-and-off with a very nice boy, who just isn’t your best friend. Think about your best friend going on-and-off with a very nice girl, who is your other best friend.

Then think about falling in love with your best friend all over again and think about him falling in love with you at the same time.

Just think about it. What are the odds?

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