tory and abed


Check out these character illos I did recently for a project proposal, for my planned comic Hallowed Ground – previously known as Saving Halloween. Sally is our disillusioned protagonist, with the other characters being her best friend, boyfriend, and boyfriend’s little sister, respectively.

This is a story I’ve had knocking around in my head for almost a decade, and I’m excited to start work on the project in earnest!


It’s no biblioteca rap, but did I ever mention how much I love Toto?


Community season 3, episode 13: Digital Exploration of Interior Design 

Wow. So awesome. Even though the Bromance crumbling is depressing, this episode was very clever and amazing. Though, if I had to pick a side, I would side with Troy because Abed is being sort of selfish. I think this will end with Abed feeling bad. Also, II really liked all the Britta and Subway stuff. I was rooting for them! What a tragic end. And Annie finally trying to get Jeff to be less self-centered and make up his mind about her was good too. But anyway, while John Goodman is going through some stuff, I will wait patiently for the second part to this story!