As we step out from behind the wall…the Misti Volcano appears. This is the kind of landscape you find in a volcanic arc - cities right up against looming cones. Betting there’s some ash component to the blocks in the wall we see at the beginning - look at the open holes and the angular clasts, looks a lot like a rock erupted explosively by a volcano to me.

Capital high school, Kaduna. My old man went here along with many other people in the country.

The North once had various schools in the past that was known for quality education. People clamoured to get spots there.
Stark contrast to today’s times. Hopefully one day the North is able to stop all the issues going on and get back on track.

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Why Choose Guam For Your Next Vacation

Why Choose Guam For Your Next Vacation

Hafa Adai! Hafa Adai means hello in Guam. Guam is where America’s Day Begins. Among the U.S. Territories, Guam is where the sun shines first. They have around 160,000 population. 37% Chamorra and 26% Filipinos. When you visit Guam, it feels like American and Asian combined together.


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Why Guam?

  • If you are from the Philippines, Guam is only 3 ½ hours away by plane. Perfect place to visit…

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Tourism #1

Some little tourist brochures I’ve collected. Circa 1970’s. The Williamsburg one is really cool, it’s this postcard mail-out that contains a whole brochure for the historic Williamsburg estate in the form of a folded up postcard. Sheraton-Park Hotel & Motor Inn brochure; Empire State Building information brochure.

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