A basic-ass commission done for friend EldritchCyanide, who isn’t me jesus christ y’all come on. This is their D&D character Cecil, and I just realised I don’t have enough to go on to make an in-joke reference here. Janr or something @tygently I guess.

And this is my own addition to the group, arcane mathematician Paisley Twinflower, the Manifold Gardener. Named as such because the campaign is 3-toruses. Magical fuckin’ 3-toruses everywhere.

everyone else tagging niall: #niall

autumn tagging niall: #this was the wor st day of my lie   #ro the best   #i’m not really sure at the moment i just know i want to throw the covers over my body and go into hibernation   #for the next 144 yerars so i don’t have to see niall ina suit ever agian   #i love when he wears ties and suits and looks all put together   #because he’s usually so casual and boyish and simple   #and just likes wearing shorts and t-shirts and snapbacks   #and nice jumpers   #and then every once in a wiel we’ll get him in a tie…. or a nice really expensive suit   #and he’ll look so fucking good with his hair all put together   #he look sso manly so handsome so sexy i can’t begin to describe it   #i wanna rub my hands over hsi shoudlers when they’re covered in expensive fabri cna djus t   #feel how broad he is   #becuase he looks so broad   #espcaolyl a tthis angle   #i lve his profile and the point of his nose and the way his jawline just juts out   #i want to bite his jawline i want to bite it until there are red marks everywhere   #i honestly wnat to make him cry   #actually i hope he makes me cry to o i really want him to make me cyr   #undressng him after a fancy event would be so heartbreaking what is this………   #please by my boyfriend   #he would be such a fun boyfriend   #taking you to fancy events   #and then at the end of the night you could slip your finger inbetween the knot of his tie   #push the jacket off his shoudlers   #and pull his cock out of his torusers   #honestly   #love muffin  


Enjoy this fun video of “things in nature that produce toruses (ring-shapes). It’s really cool. Neat video of dolphins playing with them, bubble rings from whales, and smoke rings from Mount Etna.