torturing myself is a daily routine

anonymous asked:

i apparently like to torture myself because i keep watching videos of other people reacting to the WKM finale and crying all over again

same, i feel like it’s become a part of my daily routine tbh 

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Unsurprisingly, it appears I’m the only one with a social life. You’re seriously lame if you can manage to find so much time to spend online, and God know’s how some of you do it. 

Whilst you were no doubt subject to the torture of GayBerry’s countless video uploads, I decided to make much more productive use of my free time, managing to spend some much needed time with my doting boyfriend, the Quarterback of the McKinley Titans, Finn Hudson, complete any and all homework due, dedicate myself to a rigorous after school exercise routine, all before my scheduled nightly prayer. Sometimes, it truly astounds me how I manage to do so much and still find the time to rock my Cheerios uniform on the daily. 

At this point, I suppose I should reconsider whether a welcome or introductory post is even necessary – and unlike RuPaul I like to keep my introductions more or less concise; my popularity is only reinforced by the fact I’ve noticed a few familiar (and not so familiar) faces before I’ve even had the opportunity to create a post. If you’re following me, there’s no doubt you’re already well acquainted with my reign as Queen Bee and one half of McKinley’s Power Couple. Quinn Fabray should respectively ring a bell.

Congratulations on having good taste.

Though really, my sudden appearance into the ‘blogosphere’ shouldn’t come as much of a surprise; as the most popular girl in school and Captain of the Cheerios, a personal blog is the perfect opportunity to showcase my talents, charming personality and indefinite rise upon the social ladder to those of sponsors. And let this be a warning to the unwise; take advantage of the anonymous feature and you’ll regret it.