torturing my friends

So, a few thoughts came together in my brain and sort of clicked into a heartbreaking realization.

The thoughts:

  • Chris is Josh’s best friend.
  • Josh used to talk to Sam after he lost his sisters, and said she was one of the only ones who understood him; she thought they had a bond. Sam also, having been the twins’ best friend, would be one of the last living non-familial links to his sisters.
  • Chris and Sam had nothing to do with the prank on Hannah, Chris being passed out and Sam having actively tried to stop it.
  • These things probably mean Chris and Sam were the people Josh cared about most.
  • Dr. Hill says "Why did you hurt them? It’s yourself that you despise.“ and says various things that make it crystal clear that Josh blames himself for his sisters’ deaths (’couldn’t lift a finger to help them’, etc etc).
  • Josh specifically tortures Chris and Sam (and Ashley, but she seems more of a tool with which to torture Chris than an active target of the psychological torture), the two who were least involved in the prank, and then claims it’s revenge.

The heartbreaking realization:

  • It’s not revenge on them, like he claims: it’s revenge on himself. He’s hurting the two people who mean the most to him, the two people who it would hurt him the most to see hurt or upset. His ‘punishment’ of his friends is just a self-punishment, inflicted by watching the people he loves most suffer and knowing he is the cause. He’s trying to fool himself most of all when he says that it’s their punishment and they deserve it.
Soulmate AU Prompt

Where your soulmate’s last words to you is tattooed onto your wrist.

What if Person A works as a paramedic, in ambulance making sure people get to the hostipal alive.

One day, person B is in the ambulance dying, their heartbeat failing, and they say “Please tell my spouse I love them, Please…I know I won’t make it” to Person A.
(Or some sort of love declaration to this spouse).
To have Person A promise they will, and then their heart fails, /they die/.
Hence Person A having to tell Person B’s spouse that they loved them dearly.
Person A having to pretend Person B wasn’t their soulmate.

Do what you want with this prompt!
Adjust it to your liking.

(I’m sorry not sorry for torturing my best friend with this Idea).

Trusted Companion

Summary: Dean fulfills a special request for the reader. 
Word Count: 760
Warnings: None. 
A/N:  This can be read as a stand-alone drabble, but I did intend for it to be a third part for Cuddle Buddy and Guy Friend

@spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean 

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Yes, Sir

*image is not mine, I found it in google)

Pairings: Dom!John x reader

Warnings: SMUT, SO MUCH SMUT, Dom/Sub dynamic, spanking (with a belt), language, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it guys), hair pulling, slight Daddy!Kink (really slight the words Daddy Winchester is said like 3 times), Praise!Kink, discipline and punishment, John is a Dom as mother fucker (I think that should always be a warning)

Word count: 3,341 (sorry, not sorry. This thing got away from me)

A/N: This all started with me torturing my friend @winchesterswoonathon on Skype and it kind of snowballed. This is my first ever John fic, it is also my first ever Dom/Sub fic, I hope you enjoy it. Special shout out to @mysupernaturalfics and @nichelle-my-belle for reading over it while I was writing it and keeping me from driving myself crazy. Thank you to @winchesterswoonathon for being my beta for this filthy smut.

Tags are at the bottom

John comes up behind you, you smell him before you feel his touch on your skin, his musk mixing so well with the smell of the leather jacket usually draping his broad shoulders. He wraps  his strong arms around your waist, his hands barely sliding under your tank top as he leans down and brushes your hair away from your ear before he whispers, “Have you been a good girl today, Princess?”

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The Signs as Crowley Quotes
  • Aries: "I do what I want, when I want."
  • Taurus: "That's my line!"
  • Gemini: "We have a little something called integrity!"
  • Cancer: "I just want to be loved!"
  • Leo: "Love it when you get all tough."
  • Virgo: "I'm in the business of making dreams come true."
  • Libra: "Maybe you should try Plan D, for 'dumbass'."
  • Scorpio: "Let's go take a howl at that moon."
  • Sagittarius: "I torture all my friends, it's how I show love."
  • Capricorn: "I was an attractive child, I could juggle."
  • Aquarius: "This is, by far, the dumbest idea you've ever had!"
  • Pisces: "Feelings!"

anonymous asked:

If you had to save either Stan or Ford, who would you save? You cannot sacrifice yourself to save them both. You have to save one and you have to live.

@sisi-loves-you I know that’s you. You can’t just go around asking which one I’d save and then say I can’t sacrifice myself to save both. Nah. I ain’t playing yo games. Imma take them both and run so fast and so far. And I know you said I can’t, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Watch me. I protect both my sons. Trying to make me choose. Nah. Fight me.

(still love you though, bro :p)

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Dude, the way you're reacting to people freaking out about what you did in your tomtord comic, is the way that I feel right now while I'm torturing my friend with eddsworld roleplay angst. Seriously, while I'm typing out all of this angst stuff, I can hear my friend as little shoulder angel screaming "NO DON'T!!" While my little shoulder devil, I creative writing teacher, is saying "Don't listen to them, listen to me. I'll lead you down the path that ROCKS!"

omg yesss! Torturing those poor, innocent souls >:3c

idk if anyone is in the mood for more sad Celebrimbor headcanons but another one of mine is that there’s this whispered myth in Second Age Middle-earth that the Fëanorians were cursed not to die at the hands of the enemy. that the reason they survived the battles of the First Age is because they were doomed to die at the hands of other Elves, that the reason Morgoth chained Maedhros to Thangorodrim is because he couldn’t kill him. (and Fëanor himself? well, they say, died after the Balrogs had retreated, surrounded by his children, and they were already kinslayers even back then…)

and Celebrimbor doesn’t believe it, exactly, but it’s a terrifying thought and so he can’t exactly get it out of his head, and when Sauron is torturing him it’s his greatest fear, and when Sauron kills him he is - or, would be, were he not dead - tremendously relieved to be the first Fëanorian ever to die at the hands of the actual enemy.

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knk remind ;)

KNK- Remain

Ah I love this album so much every song on here makes me so happy
(I didn’t include U because it’s the title track and you know how much I love U already hehe)

1. Stay
2. Beauty
3. Tonight