Photographs serial killer Dennis Rader took of himself, re-enacting his sexual fantasies and past murders. Rader would relentlessly stalk women, before entering their homes, binding them, torturing them and killing them - earning him the nickname by the press of ‘BTK’, Bind, Torture, Kill. During these re-enactments he would wear undergarments taken from his female victims, reinforcing the fantasy.
Argentina indigenous chieftain leads fight to reclaim ancestral land
Félix Díaz is attempting to change that narrative, by making visible the displaced indigenous minority and reaffirming their rights – and their claims to lost territory. Photograph: Alamy
By Uki Goñi

Félix Díaz stands before a line of colourful plastic tents on one of the broad strips of land running down the centre of the Avenida 9 de Julio – one of the busiest thoroughfares in the Argentinian capital.

“We have many gods,” he says. “The god of nature, the god of water, the god of air, but we no longer have the land we shared with them. They’ve taken our gods and now they’re taking what little is left of our land.”

Díaz, the chieftain of the Qom indigenous tribe, is leading the fight for the return of his people’s ancestral lands in the distant northern province of Formosa. Together with representatives of the Pilagá, Wichi and Nivaclé indigenous communities, the Qom activists have for the past five months camped out in central Buenos Aires to demand the return of their traditional territories. 

But his words are drowned out by the thunderous din of traffic – and his message has been actively ignored by government officials.

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On this day in music history: July 6, 1984 - “Victory”, the fourteenth studio album by The Jacksons is released. Produced by Michael Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Randy Jackson, Tito Jackson, David Paich, and Steve Porcaro, it is recorded at Soundcastle Studios, Can-Am Recorders, Hog Manor Studios, Sunset Sound, Bill Schnee Studios, The Village Recorder, Hollywood Sound, Ocean Way Recorders, Westlake Audio in Los Angeles, CA and A&R Studios in New York City from November 11, 1983 - May 7, 1984. Following The Jacksons reunion on the “Motown 25” television special in the Spring of 1983, the group will decide to record their first studio album since “Triumph” three years before. The album will be the only one to feature all six Jackson brothers, and is the last to feature Michael as lead vocalist. Though it is billed as a “Jacksons” album, behind the scenes tension between the brothers will make it less than a full fledged group effort. It will consist largely of solo tracks by each member, except for Jermaine, who will duet with Michael on one track, and Michael providing background vocals on three others. The album’s release is timed to coincide with the start of the group’s “Victory Tour” of the US which begins with a three night stand at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO. It will spin off three singles including “State Of Shock” (featuring Mick Jagger) (#3 Pop, #4 R&B), “Torture” (#17 Pop, #12 R&B) and “Body” (#47 Pop, #39 R&B). The album cover artwork features a painting of the group by artist Michael Whelan that will be issued with two variations. Some copies of the gatefold sleeve will show a dove perched on Randy Jackson’s shoulder. Most pressings will have the bird airbrushed out of the image, making the rarer variant a sought after collector’s item among fans. “Victory” will peak at number four on the Billboard Top 200, number two on the R&B album chart, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

You Are My Sunshine. Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Title: You Are My Sunshine.

Characters: Reader x Bucky Barnes. No pronouns used for Reader. Genderfluid.

Prompt: Buckyxreader one shot based on the song “You are My Sunshine” by The Civil Wars only with like a happy ending since its kind of an angsty song.

I think this counts as a happy ending…right? My idea of a happy ending is pretty fucked though. Also, I never actually mention any names but it is Bucky.

Triggers: Mentions of torture and possible experimentation.

I hope you guys enjoy!

You curled up into the farthest corner of the cell, refusing to let the tears fall. Hydra. They were the people who took you. Something to do with your blood being “just right” like it was some fucked up Goldilocks and the Three Bears scenario. Hours upon hours of needles being pushed into your skin, punches to your head when you struggled. Your wrists burned from the straps that had held you into the chair.

The door creaked open but you refused to move. Someone was coming in, heavy footsteps followed by the slam of the cell door. They were stuck in there with you, but you didn’t both looking up from your arms. It wasn’t until cool metal touched your skin that you shot up, pressing yourself into the wall. You looked at the man that had been knelling on the ground. He slowly stood.

“It’s okay,” He said, his voice rough from exhaustion. He watched you as you fearfully pushed away from him, as if hoping you could melt into the wall. He sighed and moved to the opposite corner, sitting down. Slowly, you slid back down and curled back up. He watched you curled up, your bruised legs pressing against you. He gulped and relaxed, leaning against the wall. He had no idea why they’d bothered. He was sent in to try to get you to work more cooperatively with them but seeing you like this, he knew it would be a long while. However, he was surprised when he saw the tears in your eyes that refused to fall. “It helps to lay on the ground,” He suggested. “Ground is cold.”

You nodded, the only acknowledgement you gave that you were listening to him. He sighed, leaning back. After a long while, they called him back out and you were left alone. The next day, he returned, seeing you lying on your back in the cell. He made some sound of approval, noting that you had listened to his suggestion. He sat in his corner, watching you stare at the ceiling. “Did you sleep?” He asked, to which you shook your head. “You need rest. You’ll end up killing yourself if you don’t.” You just shrugged, not really caring. He sighed, seeing that he wasn’t getting to you. He studied you, seeing that more bruises had formed on your legs and now on your arms. Somehow, seeing something like you, something once so bright and full of life, like this made his throat tight. Before he could say anything, his time was up and they’d had him leave the cell.

Days passed before he came back in. He had gone on a mission but in his right hand he’d had something. “Hey,” He said, seeing you lying on the ground with your back to the ground. He sat in his corner and played with the object. “I…uh…I got you something.” You were confused but refused to look at him. “I’m not going to you.” You shrugged in response to which he just sighed and got up. “Geez.” He sat next to you and held the object out for you. It was a small snow globe, like the ones you would get at a tourist spot. Sure enough, inside of it was a rabbit with a sign that you couldn’t read. “I got it in Russia. I don’t know if you like this so…it’s okay if you don’t like it.” He set it down in front of you, watching you study it. His time was up and you were left alone with a bunny in a plastic sphere.

Another day had passed when he finally came back in. This time, he saw you next to the corner he’d sit in, curled up and a space for him to sit next to you. He took a deep breath and sat beside you, the space just enough to leave a few inches apart. He watched you and saw that you held the small snow globe in your hand, your thumb unconsciously stroking it. He smiled, seeing you start to open up.

In the weeks that came, he tried to get you to speak but you never did. The only time he heard your voice was when he passed by the lab and heard you cry out in pain, begging to die. He felt his body reacting, wanting nothing more than to take you from this place. Every time he came into your cell, you would stay curled into a ball until he sat beside you. You’d lean and rest your head on his shoulder. He smiled softly each time and wrapped his arm around you. Once, you’d curiously studied the mechanical arm he had and traced it with your hands. He watched your fascination and felt his heart warming. He decided he needed to help you. He needed to help you escape.

You were sound asleep when you heard the alarms going off in the middle of the night. You jolted to sit up, surprised when the door to your cell opened. He stood at the doorway, holding out a hand. “C'mon!” He said quickly, looking around.

You took hold of his hand and the snow globe. Together you ran for the exit, you legs only carrying you so fast before he scooped you up into his arms. Guards were running by, going towards the source of the attack.

“We don’t have much time,” He said lowly to you as he got you outside. You held onto him tightly, afraid as the sun beamed down on you both. He hurried you to what looked like an old junker truck and placed you in the passenger seat before climbing into the driver’s side. Gun fire echoed and ricocheted off the metal. “Keep your head down,” He shouted over the gunfire.

You ducked, afraid of what was happening. You heard him returning gunfire and felt the truck moving and jerking around. Finally there was silence. A warm hand rested on your shoulder and you looked up at him to see him giving you a gentle smile. You sighed and looked around, surprised by the amount of forest around the road. He watched your fascination from the corner of his eye, enjoying the sight of your wide eyed wonder. It wasn’t until the sun had set that the truck ran out of gas. Rather than allowing you to walk, he picked you up, carrying you easily with his robotic arm. You leaned against him, relaxing against him.

“Hey,” He said, waking you gently. You opened your eyes to see that there was a group of people in front of you wearing suits. You blinked and looked up at him. “I can’t go any further.” He set you down, turning you to face them. “They work for a group called S.H.I.E.L.D. They’ll keep you safe. I promise.” You looked up at him, confused as to what he was doing. “Maybe I’ll see you again.” He turned, ready to walk back when you hugged him. He sighed and looked down at you. “You have to go with them. You’ll be safer with–”

“What about you?” You asked, speaking for the first time to him. He blinked, staring at you. “They’ll hurt you.” Your voice was weak and weary from lack of use and exhaustion. He sighed and hugged you. “Please don’t go.”

“Trust me,” He said. “I’ll find you.” He cupped your face with his hand, stroking your cheek. “Don’t worry about me.” He watched you look at him for a long moment before you got on your tiptoes. He met your lips softly, making sure not to hurt you. He let the kiss last a few moments before pulling away. “You need to go. They’ll be looking for you.”

You nodded and began to walk away, tears rolling down your face. He sighed and turned, walking down the road. He only vaguely heard the helicopter take you away before he glanced up, seeing you looking down at him as you were taken to safety. He smiled and waved, watching you wave back. He would be sincere in his promise. 

It wasn’t until he got back to the truck and saw your snow globe in the seat that he allowed a few tears to fall. However, he smiled and tucked the globe into his pocket, knowing you’d hold him to the promise.

10 Favourite Characters

I was tagged by hookedoncaptswan who enjoys torturing me.

  1.  Lois Lane (Smallville, but really she’s perfect in every universe)
  2. Clark Kent (SUPERMAN IS THE BOMB OKAY?! To paraphrase Henry Cavill, “What’s not cool about being nice”)
  3. Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy, come back to me bb I miss you)
  4. Haley James Scott (One Tree Hill, my angel with an incredible voice)
  5. Belle (Beauty and the Beast, I always identified with her as a child)
  6. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games, my beautiful boy with the bread)
  7. Steve Rogers (MCU, have you SEEN Chris Evans? Also it helps that I see Steve Rogers as Marvel’s version of Superman)
  8. Iris West (The Flash, gorgeous,stunning, brilliant amazing bad ass angel)
  9. Jesse Swanson (Pitch Perfect, Skylar Astin is my golden voiced dream guy)
  10. Joan Watson (Elementary, Lucy Liu is a BAMF)

I reserve the right to change my mind about this list at any time.

I tag: secretveil, vanhomme, joshuaschest, richardjohnsplett, tvandme and any else who’d like to do this

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“Why I’m doing this to you? There is no why… I just like it.” (good gosh you are just asking for Dark Hange to appear)

“Wh- Hanji, please, just let me go, I won’t say a word to anyone, just please!” Jean hated it, but it felt like begging was his only way out. He struggled against the ropes binding his arms behind him and to the wall.