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    “Not the only way, Quinn. Your options in life are rarely so cut and dry, but your dedication is~” A wheeze as acrid smoke filtered out of her scarred lungs. “~admirable. Have you any idea what that much pressure can do to a mortal spine?”

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Congress Says C.I.A. Hacked The Computers of Senators Reviewing Their Torture Tactics

August 2nd, 2014

A U.S. Senate committee report will conclude that the CIA’s use of harsh interrogation after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks yielded no critical intelligence on terrorist plots that could not have been obtained through non-coercive methods, U.S. officials familiar with the document said.

Foreshadowing the impending release of a report expected to suggest that the “enhanced” techniques were unnecessary and also to accuse some CIA officers of misleading Congress about the effectiveness of the program, President Barack Obama said on Friday that the CIA “tortured some folks.” He had supposedly banned the practices soon after taking office in 2009.

Obama also defended CIA director John Brennan who has faced congressional calls for his resignation after a revelation that the agency spied on the Senate committee investigating its interrogation techniques.


TITLES TO KNOW TUESDAY: Holy Trinity Fanfic Edition (w.o. 10/29 - 11/11)

Whoops, it’s Wednesday #sorrynotsorry

Hello random internet browser! How nice of you to stumble into my lair of randomness and rainbow sprinkling gays. Oh yes, there’s plenty of both here and hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay. If you don’t, feel free to leave your complaint cards outside the cave entrance where they can blow away to find someone who might care to read them because unless you write it in some sort of lesbian romp situation, we here at dontlovemelikexo aren’t interested! Now that you know the rules, here is all the fic from the past two weeks that made me feel things. I hate feeling things, really, but it might be worth it for these magical pieces of prose. Robots forever! Past editions located here.

Disclaimer: The main ship I read is Hartbig but I also read Swace/Mace and other fantastically festive and far-fetched ships on occasion. (Oh, and total wohoo! for Grester/Swarto but I don’t read the fanfic) SHIP ALL THE SHIPS. These lists are always in random order. 

1. Open When: You’ve Left Me After Visiting: by fic-big (Hartbig)

It’s back! I have loved this Open When series for so long and there is finally an update to this magical set (and if you haven’t read her Note to Self you are seriously missing out - I mean, there is a lap dance, what more can you ask for!?). This story finds Hannah in the awkward position of being torn between two people she loves, Grace and well, her wife. Now now, before you judge, just think about how we all make bad choices sometimes and in this case, you want to cheer for the Hartbig side of things to work out but you also want to remember than there are other factors involved that don’t make it so easy. How do you choose between people you love, especially when the person you’ve left at home has no idea they are even in the competition? Grace isn’t making it easy on Hannah either, all sly smiles and laying on the flirt and then asking her to stay. Love’s a dangerous game and even though we’d all like it to be different, there’s always a winner and a loser. Stay tuned for part 2 to find out how this one goes!

Great lines: I’m the one that stood in behind her, next to Mamrie, as she pledged her love and life to this girl. I’m the one who started laying on the flirt thick the second they had their first fight, I’m the one who kissed her in hotel rooms while Mamrie was finishing up in the bathroom and behind stages at conventions when no one was around and it was too dark and loud to notice. Something had to give eventually.

2. Eyes on the Horizon: by onemilliongoldstars (Hartbig pirate AU)

This fic has made an appearance in these updates before but I feel like more of you need convincing that this is one of the greatest stories in the fandom. Trust me, I thought, umm ok pirates, sure Ray, great idea….BUT NO SERIOUSLY, IT IS! This story has such depth of character  - Grace seems to be nothing but a harsh and cut-throat pirate who is constantly being pushed up against the softness and sweetness of Hannah, but Hannah sees through the facade and gets to know the layers beneath the gritty exterior and Grace trusts her with some of the ghosts of her past but they can’t seem to find a way to coexist quite yet. They are always evolving, trying to each be themselves without hating the parts they don’t like in the other and really, it’s a strange and swashbuckling tale of treasure and chosen family and what it means to belong in the world. It’s perfection, truly. Let it sweep you away!

Great lines: No, I know that isn’t true. You’re not this bloodthirsty pirate, I’ve seen you be something more than that. The real Grace isn’t like this… she’s smart and kind.“ Her words catch in her throat and she lets out a soft, bitter laugh before continuing. "And stupid and headstrong and blinded by her fears. But she’s… you’re brave too Grace. You’re brave and caring and strong. And I know this isn’t you. I know you won’t kill an innocent little girl.”

3. Charades: by inhumanshield (Hartbig)

If you’re looking for an adorable piece of fluff, this is it! You know how sometimes you’re reading a fanfic and you just think, um ok, *insert character name here* would never say that. Great news! That doesn’t happen in this fic! And see in this world,  Grace Helbig has a crush, and a big one at that. It’s been tangling through her brain like a kitten with a ball of yarn on speed or something and she hasn’t quite been able to break free and admit it out loud yet. She’s going to tell her. Really she is. If only she could manage to get the words out without having some sort of nervous fit beforehand. This story will leave you with a smile on your face and heart googly eyes for sure.

Great lines: 
“So… Yeah. You know… how like… we did that thing and then… well - her hands were in front of her, straight fingers joining around her thumbs - and then we didn’t make anything of it, because friends do that, sometimes, and that’s fine really.” Her voice was cracking slightly. She raised her eyebrows looking at her own hands that were now floating one around the other in a circular movement. She quickly wrapped her thumbs inside her fists. Hannah was frowning, looking like she just saw a parade of naked male dancers. That shocked.

4. A Vial of Venom : by bottledoxygen (Hartbig)

This story really has to be read because it’s very old world AU but also, feels very not AU, if that makes any sense. Sometimes ambitions in life take use down paths we never expect and the people we meet along the way, somehow they can seem to know us better than we could ever really know ourselves. This is a story about the way life changes people and how circumstances are sometimes just the way things are, even when you wish things could be different.

Great lines: Besides,” Grace stared at a half-moon above, clean fingernails sinking like knives into easy, fibre-soft bark, as if the dirt getting onto her skin were petty revenge, “I don’t wear the ribbons, silly. I use them to bind my own books, to keep them shut. The gods know I’ve dog-eared too many pages and used every whore of a word or phrase in every paragraph to exhaustion to satisfy my own thirst for understanding. They refuse to be quieted now, though, since they seem to have held in their downpours of unreasonable passion and reasonable calm for so long; the rain just comes in the crinkled pages and the worn corners.”

5. Chasing the Sunset: by hartbig-in-onesies (Hartbig)

This is a bit of an abstract piece but when you think about the magical pink lemonade and the orange marmalade of sunsets and how they paint these colors in the light across people’s faces, and make everything seem different in just a single moment before the sun dips below the horizon. It’s like candlelight in a lot of ways, the light is the same as it always is but somehow, when you look across at someone you care about, they seem different too. Softer. All glowing angles and light in their eyes and rambling tones of secrets and coziness. There’s a reason people call that time of day "magic hour” and this little fic captures it brilliantly.

Great lines: The sky manages to be both really dark and really light at the same time. That’s perhaps the magic of a sunset. Hannah has always found it curious that the sky remains a single shade of clear blue throughout the day, when there is so much activity going on down here, and then just as people begin to settle down for the night, the sunset kicks in and an entire new realm of colours spill and merge across the skies.

Additional thoughts: 

Jay hartorotica has a Swarto multi-chapter All Too Well (19 chapters in all!) that’s two chapters in, but started out with a chapter in Aspen that made me absolutely SWOON because 1. adventures in the snow are always adorable and 2. it’s based on TAYLOR SWIFT’S SONG “ALL TOO WELL” and I don’t know if I can handle that kind of thing being brought to fruition in fanfiction form. Prepare the tissues and the scarves and the dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light because this one might just kill us all with feels!

Mrs. Wonder Kitten of @yotoobfiction is still torturing us all with London town and Love and Evasive Action AND I SWEAR TO G-D THERE HAS STILL BEEN NO MOUTH TOUCHING BETWEEN THE HARTBIG. STILL!!!! This is just a sanity check in with all of you. Are you ok? Do you need some tea and a nice blankie or something because this is some delicious torture?

And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed your time here at the gallery of fiction and sometimes fucking. Please refrain from touching any of the authors in inappropriate places, unless they have agreed to such arrangements beforehand, and in that case, do let us watch. Or not. That’s ok too. No one is a perv here, really. We all just really enjoy naked gyrating and sexy innuendo. Nothing to see here, move along! Eyes up here buddy.

Any recs for next week or have a favorite author you don’t think I’m reading? Send my way!

Remember when we started out with relative peace and a budget surplus going into Bush 43′s presidency and then went into unprecedented deficits, the deadliest attack ever on American soil, and two wars? Remember how the economy completely shat itself? Remember how the incidents Obama’s blamed for when he says, “We tortured some folks,” happened under Bush and were defended on Fox News daily? Remember how protesters during Bush’s years were frequently corralled into (often fenced-off) “Free Speech Zones” and not allowed to leave until the police decided to let them go (I fuckin do because I missed class stuck in one), one of the few government actions that can be described without hyperbole as Orwellian? I legit don’t think people really remember how bad it got.

The government stands accused of seeking to conceal Britain’s role in extraordinary rendition, ahead of the release of a declassified intelligence report that exposes the use of torture at US secret prisons around the world.

The Senate report on the CIA’s interrogation programme, due to be released in days, will confirm that the US tortured terrorist suspects after 9/11. In advance of the release, Barack Obama admitted on Friday: “We tortured some folks. We did some things that were contrary to our values.”

Now, in a letter to the human rights group Reprieve, former foreign secretary William Hague has confirmed that the UK government has held discussions with the US about what it intends to reveal in the report which, according to al-Jazeera, acknowledges that the British territory of Diego Garcia was used for extraordinary rendition.

Gore show movies with practical effects, for Halloween!

with Halloween coming up, I just felt like making a post to recommend some gore show movies! With that I mean, horror movies that are strictly about grossing you out. Full on body horror and gore and blood.
And all done with practical effects, no CGI!