torture her please

Seriously, though.  Can we start a petition that Carol's hands never again be covered in a child's blood?

Just saying. 

for lena’s birthday allen and lavi decide to get her flowers because they are complete and utter dorks, and kanda just goes along with it, not without some protest of course, so they wait in her room to surprise her. however, by the time she gets there, the flowers are scattered all over her floor and a pissed off kanda is in the corner with his katana out while both allen and lavi are trying to shove a rather colourful flower crown on his head. all lena can do is shake her head at her dumb/cute boyfriends, and the grin stays on her face, because they may be having fun now, but they are going to have to clean up their mess later, and she knows they won’t like that.


stand brave, life-liver: a vanessa ives fanmix, starting with her defeat of lucifer and moving on into season 3. [listen here]

01. you will not take my heart alive - joanna newsom (you will not take my heart alive, you will not take my heart)
02. graceless - the national (i figured out how to be faithless, but it would be a shame to waste this)
03. bachelorette - bjork (if you forget my name, you will go astray, like a killer whale trapped in a bay)
04. white foxes - susanne sundfør (i have wept and i have stumbled, i’ve fought and i’ve craved for the gravy of your soul)
05. hope in the air - laura marling (there’s hope in the air, there’s hope in the water, but no hope for me, your last serving daughter)
06. sancta terra - epica (it’s a force that will live on within you, dark as day is light)
07. hiding - florence + the machine (i think you hide, and you don’t have to tell me why)
08. time, as a symptom - joanna newsom (stand brave, life-liver, bleeding out your days in the river of time. stand brave: time moves both ways.)

@Gimple, with all due respect, stop torturing Carol.

As someone who loves this character woman, I can say that what I want more than anything is for her to be happy. I’m not asking for some big happily ever after, because although that would be great, and she no doubt deserves it - I know it doesn’t happen for anyone on this show. But, nevertheless, one minescule sliver of happiness for Carol is not a grand request. You’ve given this to many other characters in the past, so I ask you why, Scott Gimple, that the only instance where Carol had some semblence of peace, was months ago, at the prison. And since then, she’s gone through hell. Why have you given other characters moments of levity, while Carol must always, ceaselessly remain the pillar of strength for her family. The one who is constantly saving everyone, and doing things that will benefit everyone but herself.

In short, why does the most selfless character on the show - the one who carries all the burdens, takes on all the hardships, has endured every type of hell that’s been thrown at her - never get to catch a break?

It’s great that she is the pillar of strength for her family, but why does she always have to be this? Why does she always have to be strong for everyone else? Why can’t someone be strong for her, for a change?

You claim to love Carol, so prove it. Rather than making it so she is the one who has to suffer the most, rather than having her always serve as the group’s weapon (and by the way, never recieve so much as a simple ‘thank you’) - let her have a break.

Let her grieve her losses. Let her feel it. Let her find closure. Let her find a way to move forward. Let her have peace. Let her have a moment of happiness. Because out of everyone, Carol has earned this, and deserves this the most.

And for one fucking second, stop making her suffer.

Yours truly,

a very displeased Carol stan

what i want to see in season 3 of the 100

  • bellarke
  • more of raven reyes
  • john murphy’s backstory
  • clarke’s smile
  • more of raven reyes
  • jasper and monty being bros again
  • minty??? please??
  • lots of bellamy/octavia hugs
  • did i mention i want to see more of RAVEN REYES????????? also can you not torture her???? for once??? please???? because if her leg gets worse and i know it fucking will i wiLL CUT A BITCH