torture drawings

OK, so I was doing @morshmalliver ’s b-day present and I realized the image was gone (like, shit, first the contracture now this) and as you can see the universe wants to kill me, so I was sketching again and I just couldn’t do it right and somehow it ended up in sad shit.

They’re off to Iokath! Probably should have remembered to gas up the Gravestone. I’ve got a feeling Theron’s arms are going to be tired.

@mjaydesw introduced me to this free program called Krita, which to my delight I found was available for Mac and was amazingly simple to pick up and very intuitively laid out for drawing/sketching. So, inspired by this thread (and then reminded/inspired by this piece of amazingness) I dusted off my ancient Wacom and proceeded to draw the most ridiculous thing known to man.

And by draw I mean liberally traced screencaps because I can’t freehand worth a darn. And then painted it. And then cobbled together a background, because at this point, why not.

Let them become a happy family!


Say what you want about Scarecrow’s New52 origin story, but you can’t deny that this scene was absolutely heart wrenching. This little girl befriends Scarecrow, despite all of the experiments he had done on her up to that point… and he doesn’t know how to cope with that kind of compassion.

All comics posted are scanned by myself at 300dpi or higher

I was thinking about initials earlier and Harry Potter came to mind, but then I thought of Draco and how his initials are DM

and now all I can think about is a Drarry situation where a Harry who is is up to date on memes runs up to Draco after a long day at work and slides down on his knees like a rockstar until he collides with Draco and just seductively whispers in to his ear “sliding into DMs like”

and omfg I can’t bye

*sobs quietly* 

do you ever look at artwork showing people cuddling or something and the only thing you can think about is how awkward the pose is
b o i
dat legs gonna be dead in five minutes if you keep it at that angle



Sorry again that these are so late ;-; (tumblr killed the quality so please click for better quality)