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Another humans are weird Post

If we really are the only  one of the few  races that has so much internal war and do shady things then what would they think of modern medicine? 

Like, we’ve mentioned some Aliens might regenerate so what might they think of death, they wouldn’t necessarily pursue medicine. 

Humans have a self awareness and enough narcissism that we adore learning our history, our evolution, we’re scientists and doctors are arguably the most respected professionals on Earth. If a building has a red cross on it we don’t bomb it, even if we’re at war. 

So what if our medicine is like, so advanced that other aliens are genuinely suprised that this tiny planet that’s so young and has so little technological advances has medicine that is years away from what they have? 

Think about it, most of our advancements in medicine is because of our own wars, or because a doctor has tortured and experimented on them or just by accident and instead of denying it because of the means, we’ve just gone “oh well, let’s research it humanely from now on, maybe?” 

And like, that post about food, and bacteria. Like, our antibiotics is basically mold? I can imagine alien doctors being like “Woah! This is a sterile place, Human Doctor Sarah. Your contaminated experiments should go in the clean room” And Human Dr Sarah just being like ??? “it’s penicillin” 

A few other things Medi-Aliens might freak out about:

  • “You learnt human anatomy by using corpse?” 
  • “You used to have open theatre surgery?” 
  • “So how did you guys invent vaccines?” (And pause for the “he did what to children!?” 
  • “Wait,  why is the weaponised sleeping agent ‘Chloroform’ in the medicine section?” 
  • “What does ‘donate my body to science’ mean”?

Simm!Master beat his wife. Kept Martha’s family as slaves. Tortured the Doctor. Killed Jack again and again for kicks. Had 10% of the population killed because he liked the word ‘decimate’. Ruled Earth for a year as a brutal dictator responsible for the deaths of millions more. Eat people. And was a blatant misogynist who thought it was demeaning to be killed by women. 

And people think Moffat made him look bad? 

anonymous asked:

In situations where the torturer is doing what they're doing outside of any kind of state organization, and the person being tortured was accidentally injured in a way that could kill them untreated, do you think it's possible for torturers to gain access to doctors or medically trained people to treat them confidentially? Have there ever been cases of doctors or former doctors doing this? I'm not sure if you would be able to answer this, but thank you for anything you can tell me.

Well what torturers did in the past (the 40s-50s) was drive up to hospitals during opening hours and dump critically ill victims on the doorstep. These torturers were part of a modern army and were trying to avoid the attention of army doctors.

One of the doctors at the hospital I’m thinking of then spent months cataloguing injuries, including round wounds on the victim’s shins caused by a leg screw.  He built the beginnings of a pretty solid torture case. It didn’t reach court because the victims were afraid and unwilling to testify.

You can find the full story in I Cobain’s Cruel Britannia.

I’m unaware of any doctors who were not already part of a group that tortured colluding with torturers.

The way the medical profession interacts with torture is actually a subject I find really interesting. And generally it seems to come in three categories:

1)      Whistleblowers- Doctors who gathered evidence for and drew attention to torture. They’re generally at risk of reprisal attacks and risk their lives by speaking out to protect victims.

2)      Collaborators- Doctors who work closely with torturers. Generally this will be in context of a prison or army doctor who will ignore accusations of abuse and evidence of torture.

3)      Asylum applications- Doctors are now generally involved in the legal process of asylum whenever someone claims they were tortured. What this means is talking to a victim, getting information on their story and physically examining them. The doctor I’ve spoken to who did this stressed that they were not looking for evidence of torture, but for anything that contradicted the victim’s statement.

Personally I have a lot of respect for whistleblowers and a great deal of pity for doctor’s involved in asylum applications. The legal process and assumptions that govern asylum applications seem to assume torture is scarring, which in the modern day is not the case. The legal process also ignores the fact that we know torture has severe effects on memory and victims generally don’t accurately remember everything that happened to them.

Some doctors also conduct research into torture. This is mostly geared towards finding better ways to treat victims but sometimes methods for detecting clean, non-scarring, tortures are also a research focus. Doctors in Turkey changed local torture practices when they developed ways to detect falaka using MRIs. 

To my knowledge the only doctors who have respected the ‘confidentiality’ of torturers are doctors who were already implicated should any torture charges be brought.

Doctors outside the torturer’s group generally seem more inclined to take detailed notes and then go to a) lawyers or b) the press.

If you need a victim to get medical treatment in a story without the torturers being caught then your best bet is probably following what torturers do- drive up to a hospital in an unmarked van and leave the critically ill victim on the doorstep.

I hope that answers your question :)


non verbal Autistic Bucky is so important to me, giving the finger to anyone who asks him when he;s going to ‘get better’ and talk again

non verbal Bucky frustratingly trying to communicate that he’s uncomfortable, or angry or just anything and not being able to get it across

Clint coming round and noticing this, asks why they haven’t even tried teaching him American sign language? (there’s sort of a collective 'oh’ from the rest, they;d been so focused on 'helping’ him speak, that they’d never considered it)

Clint sometimes teaches him signs but is too busy to fully commit so they get Bucky an outside teacher, someone who’s Deaf themselves at Clint’s request

non verbal Bucky signing about what happened to him, finally being able to share the experiences and confront them

non verbal Bucky screaming and screaming and being asked if he can do that why can;t he talk? 'Its not the same’ he signs, they sigh and shake their heads, he signs angrily about it to Sam, Steve and Nat later

Steve, Sam and Nat all learning American sign language as well so they can communicate with him and Clint better, Nat picks it up quickest since she’s so used to different languages

non verbal Bucky sometimes not being able to sign because he’s too exhausted, his therapist tells him he’s being 'difficult’, Bucky gets rid of him, learning that he’s allowed his own choices and he doesn;t have to stand for being treated badly

non verbal, Autistic Bucky!

anonymous prompt: jim being terrified of doctors and bones doesn't realise it's genuine fear so he makes the hypos as painful as pos and just passes of his shaking for adrenaline or something but in reality he's barely holding it together because bones is just making him more terrifedof doctors and hospital bc he always got told hypos shouldnt hurt and so he thinks bones is doing it bc he hates him and whnever he has a physical, he locks himself in his rooms bc hes terrified and he gets flashbacks to after tarsus

Contrary to popular belief, Jim was not the one to latch onto Bones the minute he sat down in the shuttle to California. He wasn’t the one who decided they would be each other’s best friends and do everything together and turn themselves into halves of a whole. Sure, he’d entertained the notion for all of ten minutes, mind racing as he imagined all they could be together and all they could do, until McCoy - already christened ‘Bones’ - asked him what track he was going for and told Jim he was already a doctor and just needed the xeno-shit to go into space.

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I have a whouffaldi season 10 theory!

Someone please validate me.

OK, so in Empress of Mars, the Doctor acknowledges he’s worked with Ice Warriors before, but not that he encountered one with Clara while he was 11.

Fine, fair enough. He’s forgotten, no blatant Clara mention.

But what if this is all leading up to her return?

This, the first time the Doctor faces a foe he’s faced with Clara before, the TARDIS peaces out for no reason. Is it because the TARDIS knows the Ice Warriors could weaken his neural block? She’s got to get him out of there!

She didn’t know there were Ice Warriors on Mars, though. Not till the Doctor did. And he’s no longer on the TARDIS.

So what does she do?

She goes to get MISSY, the one who introduced the Doctor and Clara, the one who can’t NOT know what separated her pairing. The only one who can go get him and bring him back to the TARDIS.

And what’s the first thing Missy asks the Doctor on seeing him again?

“Are you OK?”

This could be showing how empathic Missy is becoming, but it could also be Missy trying to assess if the neural block is compromised.

Maybe that’s the whole reason Missy is staying with the Doctor in the first place. She’s in the vault under the guise of getting better so she can study the effects of the block on him. Maybe she is actually becoming good, but it’s a side effect, not a goal for her.

Because it is a particular kind of torture for the Doctor, isn’t it? To have holes in his life he can’t fill. And Mistress, the Master, would get off on that, knowing she has the power to end his suffering BUT SHE WON’T.

If this is true, it would be made more powerful by the Doctor agonizing over what he’s lost, but I can see why the writers didn’t do that. Having the Doctor moan over a past companion would be unfair to Bill (cough cough I’m looking at you “I’ll-overshadow-every-other-companion” Rose).

But it would be such a cool twist if this whole season was secretly winding up to giving the Doctor his memory back, and Clara returning to see him regenerate.

Darker and Edgier

I can see why some find Moffat era “darker and edgier” than RTD’s, but I think its “darkness” is all form. RTD era looks campy, but when it comes to substance, it’s actually the darker and edgier one.

  • RTD had the Doctor having to destroy Gallifrey twice.
    Moffat had him un-destroy it.
  • RTD Rassilon was a fearsome genocidal demigod.
    Moffat Rassilon is a grumpy grandpa.
  • RTD Master was a deranged sadistic torturer and mass murderer. Oh, and he ate people before it was cool.
    Missy is just deviously quirky. 
  • RTD had a one-off companion commit suicide because of the Doctor, in The Waters of Mars.
  • RTD had the Doctor himself getting nearly suicidal, It took Donna to stop him, or he would have died permanently, in The Runaway Bride.
  • RTD had a bunch of everyday humans, apparently nice people, gang up on the Doctor and nearly succeede in permanently killing him, in Midnight. And it was way scarier than any Moffat’s “monster under the bed”. 
  • RTD Doctor was a tortured soul. Moffat Doctor is kind of a dick, who does question himself too, but always ends up forgiving himself and/or wiping his own memory.
  • In RTD era, death mattered. And things had consequences.
    In Moffat era death is a flu, there are no permanent consequences to almost anything, the Doctor is basically omnipotent, and nearly everybody lives forever.

So, if you want something that looks dark and gritty, but is actually a fairytale, Moffat era is your thing. If you want something that looks silly and campy, until it punches you in the guts, try RTD era.

Werewolf Meetings - Scott McCall

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

word count: 2165
warnings: none

The sand was soft in between your toes, you dug them in further and closed your eyes, smiling softly as the warmth of the sunlight spread over the skin exposed by your bikini.  A small sigh left your lips as you found yourself in a calm, peaceful state.

“Breathe… breathe…” A kind voice lulled you from your once panicked head.  You opened your eyes to see Scott in front of you.  He smiled his goofy and crooked smile he usually bore.  “Wonderful, you’ve shifted back” You sighed in relief and slumped forward on your knees.

 “Thank god” Scott chuckled and stood up from the ground, and held his hands out to you to help you up.

 “You’ve really improved y/n” He said as he pulled you up.  You grinned and pushed back the slightly wet strands of hair behind your hair.

 “Really? You think so?” You asked him, and he nodded, smiling again.

 “I do, when you first started I worried for my life but now I think you’re totally safe” It felt weird to blush, seeing as it wasn’t a typical compliment but you took it anyways.

 “Thanks..” You said, zipping up your jacket and stuffing your hands into your pockets.

 “You need a ride home? I wouldn’t mind getting ice cream on the way?” You smiled but shook your head.

 “I’m good, I’d rather walk and get some fresh air” You said, and began to head towards the door of the McCall house.  Scott followed behind you.

 “Alright well uh.. Text men when you’re home so I know you didn’t get murdered” You laughed quietly and nodded again.

 “Okay I will, see you later” You said, opening the door and stepping outside.  He waved as you walked off.

 When he went back inside and had closed and locked the door, Stiles came bounding down the steps.

 “Dude dude dude, did you do it? Did you tell her?” Scott sighed and shook his head.  Stiles groaned, frustratedly pulling at his own hair.  “Scott!”

 “I’m sorry! I try!”

 “Do you though?”

 “I’ve been trying since we were freshmen” Scott breathed, flopping down on the couch.

 You and Scott have been friends since before you were both bit by Peter, and both became werewolves.  Though Scott was attacked sophomore year, Peter had given you venom to save your life  few months ago after the Dread Doctors had tortured you.  But you’d had a much harder time adapting to your new… blood lust.  So Scott’s been helping you out, trying to find your anchor, anything that would keep you grounded.  Usually you met four nights a week, and every full moon of course.  So far you hadn’t found an anchor, but he has seen improvement.  You always thanked him whenever you could, he’s done far more for you than anyone else ever has.

 But what can he say, he’s in love with you.

 Stiles sunk into the sofa next to his alpha friend, both of them in a comfortable silence for a few moments.  Too swarmed with their own thoughts to begin conversation.  Which would likely be Stiles telling Scott that he needs to just grow a pair and tell you how he feels.

 “What’d she think about this time?” He asked, but Scott shrugged.

 “I forgot to ask, I was too busy trying to get the confidence to ask her out for friggin’ ice cream” Scott muttered.  Stiles rolled his eyes and clapped a hand on Scott’s back.

 “I love you buddy” He started.  “But sometimes you’re quite the disappointment”

 The next day you were sitting patiently on the floor in Scott’s bedroom, legs crossed and your hands tapping together in your lap.  Scott had gone downstairs, claiming he needed to get something before beginning your night of training.  But it felt like you’d been sitting here a while.

 Oh well, all the more time to focus on suppressing some recent but serious feelings you’ve been harboring.

 Just then Scott burst into the room, holding a large basket in his hands.  Your eyes instantly widened as he awkwardly shut the door behind him and set the basket in front of you.  Your mouth opened but no words came out.

 “Is there uh… like chains and stuff in there?” You asked awkwardly and nervously.  Scott laughed and shook his head, sitting across from you on the other side of the basket.

 “No no no, here I’ll show you what’s in it” You scooted closer as he opened up the basket.  He pulled out a Tupperware container which appeared to hold various types of fruits, then two pre wrapped sandwiches, and two bottles of water.  You watched as he kept pulling out more treats from the basket.

 “Um, Scott?” You finally spoke when he moved the now empty basket away from the both of you.  He looked up, a timid smile on his mouth.  “Is this… like a picnic?”

“Yeah, but inside cause it’s cold and dark outside” You nodded as he handed you a wrapped sandwich and a paper plate.  “I thought it’d be fun, we haven’t gotten to do anything fun in a while” You took the items from his hands, and began unwrapping the sandwich.

 “Yeah, yeah you’re right” You said, setting the food on the plate and beginning to pick out other things to eat.  “So, McCall, tell me something that has nothing to do with the supernatural world”

 “Hm…” Scott thought for a moment.  Should he tell you now? Should he wait? What would he say, straight forward or lead up to it? Drop the bomb or give you a countdown? Was it really going to ruin things or maybe just a little if you didn’t return his feelings?

 “Scott?” You leaned forward slightly to catch his attention again.  “You’ve been sitting in silence for a while. Would rather I start conversation?” You chuckled a little as he blinked, still trying to slow down his own thoughts.

 “Yeah.. yeah sure” Scott internally cursed himself, but stuffed his mouth with a  larger bite of sandwich than he needed.

 “Alright well… oh hey! Did Kira or Mal tell you that they’re going out Friday night?” Scott smiled at that.

 “Really? That’s great we’ve been waiting for forever for one of them to make a move” You both chuckled and nodded at that.

 “Yeah, I was talking to Mal about it and she told me that Kira was actually her anchor, how great is that?” You smiled brightly before taking a drink from your water.

 “Hey..” Scott started slowly.


 “What if you tried that? Tried using like.. A crush or someone you like a lot to anchor you?” Your brows raised as you began drinking your water again.  A way to avoid speaking.

 “Yeah.. yeah next time I’ll have to try that next time” You said, dismissing the idea for the moment.  Scott nodded, turning his gaze downward as he thought about something else to talk about.

 “Oh hey, what’d you think of yesterday?” You smiled gently at the thought.

 “I was…on a beach, and it was just me there.  I think it was sunrise, and the sand was… the sand was warm in my toes… “ Scott began to grin as he saw your complete change in expression.  You had gone from tense and nervous to calm and relaxed.  You even had a smile on your lips.  “It was nice” You finished, shaking your head slightly and looking down in embarrassment.  You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear gently.

 “It sounds amazing, y/n” Scott reassured, smelling the anxiety beginning to radiate off of you.  You blushed furiously, only being able to make eye contact for a short while.

 The rest of your picnic dinner went much like this, short little conversations and soft laughter.  Both of you with pink cheeks and an irreversible smile.  When you’d finished Scott stood, and held his hands down to you, helping you up as he always did.

 “Come on, let’s go on a walk” You shrugged and nodded, following him down the stairs.  He hadn’t tried to release your hand so you didn’t pull away.  You wondered if it just slipped his mind, but when you both put on your shoes with only one available hand you realized he was being deliberate.  This only made you smile and blush more.

 When you left the house, Scott began to noticeably and obnoxiously swing your joined hands in between you.  You raised an eyebrow at him, making him grin his crooked grin that made his eyes crinkle.  You just stared at him for  moment, unsure of what exactly to say to him.  Really you just wanted to see this smile for a little while longer.

 “You good?” He asked, and you pulled a tight smile, shaking your head.

 “Yeah I’m fine”

 “You were staring at me like I’d just told you I was getting married off to Greenburg” You burst into a small fit of giggles that made Scott’s heart stop.  You heard the skip in his heart beating and quickly looked up.

 “You okay?” You asked instantly.  Scott chuckled.

 “I guess you’ve learned every time you hear a change in heartbeats something’s wrong”

 “Yeah well I learned from the best” Scott looked at you with pursed lips.

 “The best huh?” He asked, a smile beginning to form.

 “Why of course mr ‘true alpha’ who else would be?” Scott shrugged.  You faked a gasp, and turned to him, giving him wide eyes.  “Perhaps Peter”

 “Peter Hale?” Scott snorted.

 “I mean, the goal is for betas right? Well what are we?”

 “Sure but he was a psycho, he still is a psycho” You shook your head, continuing your act.

 “He’d even evolved into this… this monster werewolf.  It was pretty cool” Scott looked down, and you laughed, nudging his arm with your elbow.  “Hey” You said, before wrapping both of your arms around his.  “I think you’re pretty neat, Scott McCall” You told him quietly.  You hadn’t realized that you’d both slowed down until you came to a complete stop.

 “I think you’re pretty neat too y/n” He said.  “l/n” He added after, remembering you’d used his full name.  You laughed airily and pushed your hair behind your ear as you always do.  He turned slightly, facing you a little better.  “y/n”


 “You’re my anchor” You froze for a moment, but a grin quickly grew the more you thought about it.

 “I am? Really? Me?” Scott chuckled at your reaction and nodded.

 “Yes, you” He restated and again you were smiling even wider than before.

 “Why?” You asked quietly, trying to suppress your smile at least a little.  Scott paused, and you could see the skin under his lip move as he rapidly licked his lips.

 “Because uh- because well uhm” He spoke very fast but lacked a reason in his words.  You leaned forward slightly, your eyebrows raised as you waited for an answer.  “Well y/n I’m very protective over you” Your lips upturned into a slight smile.

 “I know” You said with a small shrug.  “I can tell.  You push me back in fights and always try to take me home or something”

 “No y/n it’s more-”

 “It’s fine though, I don’t mind I’m actually quite honored to be your anchor-”

“y/n I’m in love with you” Scott said before you could ramble on anymore.  You froze completely, staring with wide eyes at him and your mouth snapped shut.

 “That’s not funny” You mumbled, unable to break eye contact.  He stepped closer, a small shuffle really.  Your breath hitched in your throat as your noses brushed together just slightly.

 “I wasn’t joking” He told you, you thought for a moment you were going to start crying.  You tried to form words but as your lips moved no words came out.  His eyes flickered for a moment to your lips and before you could manage a real sentence he was kissing you.  For the shortest of moments your eyes widened but quickly you had your arms wrapped around his neck and was kissing him back passionately.  Scott pulled away, his hands cupping your cheeks and combing through your hair rapidly.  He sighed heavily and pressed his forehead to yours, your eyes closing again and caught your breath.  “I’ve wanted to do that for… for a while”

 “You have?” He nodded.  “Me too” You both smiled at each other, holding one another close and even laughing a little.

 “Wait, so you like me?” You nodded your head, sucking in your lips.  “Ha, how embarrassing” He said with his stupid grin you loved so much.

 “I’m embarrassing? Did you not just tell me that you were in love with me then kiss me like we’re sin some dramatic fanfiction?” Scott chuckled again.

 “I guess I did” You let out a small giggle and pulled him back down close to you.

 “Well maybe if you ask me out sometime, I’ll say yes”

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Scaredy-Cat: A Theo Raeken Imagine

Request from Anon: Can you please do a fic where the reader was captured and tortured by the dread doctors kinda like Lydia but she is human and she’s dating Theo and he saves her and protects her and just fluff at the end when he saves her and she’s scared ily xoxo

Sorry this has taken so long, I’ve been so bogged down with coursework because teachers set ridiculous and pointless deadlines. Anyway, I hope you like it, even if I don’t! Enjoy x 

Originally posted by fytwolf

Three times.

He’d called her three times and she still hadn’t picked up. 

The first thing Theo felt was fear. Undeniable, raging fear. He couldn’t lose her. If something had happened, well, it just didn’t bear thinking about. 

The next thing he felt was anger. He knew where she was if something had happened to her. 

Dread Doctors. He knew it. He knew it had to be them. 

That’s when his phone started ringing and her name flashed up on the screen. He’d never picked it up so quickly in all his life.


“Theo?” the fear in her voice made his heart ache, confirming his suspicions.

“Where are you? Tell me where you are, I’ll come and get you.”

“The doctors. They took me. They’re doing things to me. Theo, I’m scared,” she was close to tears now. 

Revenge was definitely on the cards now. 

“It’s okay baby. I’m coming to get you. Don’t worry, okay? I love you.”

“I love you too. Hurry, please.”

Theo hung up, getting in the car and driving as fast as he possibly could, thinking about how he’d be with her soon. 

“Theo!”, Y/N screamed from her place in the bathroom, making her boyfriend rush in.

“What? What’s going on?” he instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist, protecting her from any danger.

She pointed to the huge black spider in the corner of the ceiling, and he chuckled. The girl could handle chimeras, werewolves and every other supernatural creature under the sun, but she was scared of one spider. 

“You’re such a wimp, Y/N.”

She slapped his chest, before nuzzling into it to avoid looking at the so-called beast. 

“Shut up. Just get rid of it, please.”

He grabbed her shoulders, pulling her away from him before kissing her on the nose. 

“Anything for you, scaredy-cat.”

When Theo got to Y/N, he had found her strapped to a chair, needles up and down her arms. He’d carried her bridal style to his car, using pieces of an old blanket in the back to create bandages for her wounds. 

Now, they were lying face to face on the bed they shared, his eyes never leaving hers. 

She winced as she moved her hand to trace the features of his face. 

“What did I do to deserve you?” she asked. 

He took hold of her wrist, kissing the inside of it gently, smiling as he heard her heart rate quicken. 

“What are you talking about?”

He kissed it again, never wanting his lips to leave her skin. 

“You saved me, Theo. Any normal person would’ve ran.”

Theo took her face in his hands, brushing his lips against her forehead. 

“I’m far from normal, Y/N. And, besides, I love you. I’d do anything for you.”

She smiled. 

“I love you too.”

Theo pulled Y/N into his arms, sighing deeply as she snuggled into his chest. 


“Shut up.”


The Great Pink Floyd Mystery

Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 5 August 1967

AS THOUSANDS IN ballrooms and assorted hell-holes across the country are deafened and blinded nightly by the Pink Floyd, the well-known psychedelic group, thousands might be forgiven for thinking: “What the ‘ell’s it all about?”

Are the Pink Floyd being quite honest when they make coy and attractive records like ‘See Emily Play’ and then proceed to make the night hideous with a thunderous, incomprehensible, screaming, sonic torture that five American doctors agree could permanently damage the senses?

The Floyd do not wish to appear dishonest, but they are worried. They appreciate the contrast between their records and live performances, agree the latter might not be all that they should be, and are taking steps to rectify the situation.

Roger Waters, bass player, with rather aesthetic good looks, and a taste for frequent pints of bitter, grappled frankly with Floyd problems this week.

“We’re being frustrated at the moment by the fact that to stay alive we have to play lots and lots of places and venues that are not really suitable. This can’t last obviously and we’re hoping to create our own venues.”

Roger accepted a government-approved cigarette and warmed to his theme: “We all like our music. That’s the only driving force behind us. All the trappings of becoming vaguely successful like being able to buy bigger amplifiers—none of that stuff is really important.”

“We’ve got a name of sorts now among the public so everybody comes to have a look at us, and we get full houses. But the atmosphere in these places is very stale. There is no feeling of occasion.

“There is no nastiness about it, but we don’t get rebooked on the club or ballroom circuit. What I’m trying to say is that the sort of thing we are trying to do doesn’t fit into the sort of environment we are playing in. The supporting bands play ‘Midnight Hour’ and the records are all soul, then we come on.

“I’ve got nothing against the people who come, and I’m not putting down our audiences. But they have to compare everybody. So-and-so’s group is better than everybody else. It’s like marking exercise books. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch get a gold star in the margin, or ‘Tick - Very Good.’

“On the club scene we rate about two out of ten and ‘Must try harder’.”

“We’ve had problems with our equipment and we can’t get the P.A. to work because we play extremely loudly. It’s a pity because Syd (singer Syd Barrett) writes great lyrics and nobody ever hears them.”

“Maybe it’s our fault because we are trying too hard. After all the human voice can’t compete with Fender Telecasters and double drum kits. We’re a very young group, not in age, but in experience. We’re trying to solve problems that haven’t existed before. Perhaps we should stop trying to do our singles on stage. Even the Beatles, when they worked live, sounded like their records. But the sort of records we make today are impossible to reproduce on stage so there is no point in trying.”

Isn’t this being dishonest?

“This is the point: We don’t think so. We still do ‘Arnold Layne’ and struggle through ‘Emily’ occasionally. We don’t think it’s dishonest because we can’t play live what we play on records. It’s a perfectly OK scene. Can you imagine somebody trying to play ‘A Day In The Life’? Yet that’s one of the greatest tracks ever made. A lot of stuff on our LP is completely impossible to do live. We’ve got the recording side together and not the playing side.”

“So what we’ve got to do now is get together a stage act that has nothing to do with our records, things like ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ which is beautiful, and instrumentals that are much easier to play.”

Are the group depressed when they fail to communicate with an audience?

“It’s sometimes depressing and becomes a drag. There are various things you can do. You can close your mind to the fact you’re not happening with the audience and play for yourself. When the music clicks, even if it’s only with ten or twelve people, it’s such a gas.

“We’re trying to play music of which it can be said that it has freedom of feeling. That sounds very corny, but it is very free.”

What is the future of the Floyd?

“We can’t go on doing clubs and ballrooms. We want a brand new environment, and we’ve hit on the idea of using a big top. We’ll have a huge tent and go around like a travelling circus. We’ll have a huge screen 120 feet wide and 40 feet high inside and project films and slides.”

“We’ll play the big cities, or anywhere and become an occasion, just like a circus. It’ll be a beautiful scene. It could even be the salvation of the circus!

“The thing is, I don’t think we can go on doing what we are doing now. If we do, we’ll all be on the dole.”

(2) "Stuff that's been said in the chatroom" Sentence Starter meme

(( LAST ONE I SWEAR - and so finally, my memes are off my hands… @roaringheart ))


“In what context should I take that.”

“That feeling when you’re creeping around and your target is creeping harder than you.”

“The worst part about it is it’s [muse name].”

“I am a doctor, I got my doctorate while torturing people.”

“Sometimes I look at my hands and find random marks of blood ????”

“Why do I keep coming in at the weird moments.”

“Define ‘flattering.’”

“I have found the source of the blood.”

“Is it a lot of blood?”

“First it was the drunks and weed, the bath salts and face eating, now this.”

“[muse name] is treating themselves bleeding like a minor inconvenience.”


“What is this… sleep?”

“Holy crap, you’re in 13th grade.”

“Don’t put that in the sentence meme.”

“Stop destroying things.”

“That was funnier in my head.”

“I will secure your buttocks with my hand.”

“Sometimes I fear for my hair.”

“Why can’t I have kitty thigh highs.”

“I don’t need your sass, [muse name].”

“Does it taste as good as it smells?”

“That was one of the best jokes I’ve ever heard tbh I couldn’t top that.”

“Get back here, you can’t just trigger me and leave.”

“I mean I’m gonna blow it up but ykno.”


“…… What the heck is golden juice ?? Pee ??”



“Your ex just tackled me in a fit of passion.”

“HIT HER !!! WITH A STICK !!!!!”


“Do we have to adopt [insert name]?”







“I need to make a bubble at least once with this lollipop gum.”

(Stares at [muse A], whispers) “[muse B]’s mine now.”


“I’m much saltier than I realized.”

“I have to decide whether or not I’m gonna lie.”

“It’s never ‘nothing’ with you, [muse name].”

“Never have I felt so pressured to eat pretzels wtf.”


“One time, I did the Macarena to a song that was not the Macarena song.”

“I enjoy not talking to [muse name].”

“My internet died because it couldn’t handle my waifu.”

“I feel like I just watched a car crash in slow motion.”

“Meh why meme when you can sleep. Better yet, why not meme WHILE you sleep?”

“Are you actually intoxicated.”

“Go back to bed, it’s daddies time.”


“You want pizza ? You’re dead.”

“I JUST DAB-SLAPPED [muse name]’S FACE!”

“Don’t do anything illegal.”

“Time to do something illegal.”

“IS [muse name] THE FATHER!?”

“I thought you said my hair was pregnant and I was like…. what.”

“I only accept kisses with lipstick color coral blue number 2.”

“Is it too late to return these friends for another set?”

“I’m Shrek no longer.”

“Why are you awake. You need to sleep at night.”

“You just swore like three times.”

“How can an idiot like me drop a titanium baseball bat in their eye?”

“Goor ebiufh.”


“I cant believe im in the middle of a child custody battle.”

“Believe in the power of booby.”

“It’s like a man period.”

“if only [muse name] hadn’t made a chew toy outta him during his man period.”

“Frik, these pajama pants are too hot to wear; why did I put them on.”

“Frickety frack, this replica’s whack.”

“I think I accidentally made a [insert thing here].”

“Dwarven Vow #420: Blaze it after you glaze it.”

“Bye, [muse name], don’t die in math.”

“Time to keep talking to Shrek.”

“Then suddenly you hear trumpets.”

“I don’t want to fight my husband.”

“Would you fight my husband ?”

“I don’t think I’m putting this game down for another 18 hours.”

“Do not Dad Joke the Dad.”

Kink List

Here’s my Kink List!

These will be written over time, and you can always send in a new request!  This will be an ongoing list of prompts/pairings. :)

For this specific list, I will only be writing SHIPS, no reader inserts.  Please be creative, as I really want to write some rare pairings in addition to the more common ships.  I know ships aren’t everyone’s thing, but I want to stretch my writing fingers a bit.  Maybe someday I’ll open up for reader inserts.

If you want to request a kink, please send me an ASK with the number below and the pairing.  For now, I’ll accept two requests per number.  I’ll also accept multiple requests from each person.  You can request a kink on anon if you want, that’s totally fine! :)

Kinks and ship examples below.

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