The boat pulled up to the dock and I disembarked. The air smelled sweet. The colors were vibrant. The people were all smiles. I was standing right on the main street in the town of Tortuguero.

Every house here appeared to be a different color; all vibrantly painted. I wandered around the central square while being greeted each step of the way by locals. The area was filled with little trinket shops, all with handmade sea shell necklaces or hand carved animal statues made from wood.

Eventually I ended up stumbling right across a school house that was currently in session. The children were running back and forth from the beach serving as there backyard. That’s right, right behind the school the beach began reaching right down to the Caribbean Sea. Outside of the school house was a sign that had 3 simple but powerful words written in Spanish on it: “Todo es posible” (All is possible).

I made my way down to the beach, and

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