tortoise shell glasses

Tom Davis

I had a great chat the other day with Mr. Tom Davis, the Master Made-to-Measure Specialist at Brooks Brothers on Madison Avenue. He’s been with Brooks for 49 years. It turns out we have several mutual friends in common–the menswear world is a small one.

the raven cycle character aesthetics: what's in their bags edition
  • gansey: a crumpled map of crudely sketched ley lines, a heavy leather book marked with sticky notes, a small box of epipens, polished car keys, old receipts from Nino's, a spare pair of tortoise shell glasses
  • adam: tarot cards neatly packed together, one blue pen with a lost cap, a school notebook nearly falling apart, half used hand lotion from ronan, rusted car keys, extra change
  • ronan: a chipped lighter, a nearly empty silver flask, a crucifix pendant looped into a rope chain, a folded photo of aurora lynch, old cassette tapes, snacks for chainsaw
  • blue: three chapsticks, an unopened cup of blueberry yogurt and a tiny plastic spoon taped to the top, a bunch of colorful hair clips, a broken choker necklace, an unopened bag of pressed flowers, a beaded compact mirror
  • noah: a glittery snow globe, a set of used coloring pencils, a picture of his unsmudgy self when he was alive, a couple toy race cars from his childhood, a fuzzy blanket, a picture of the gangsey smiling
  • henry: bits of crushed metal from god knows what, a spare ringer t-shirt in case his current shirt gets wet for some reason, tools to fix robobee just in case, expensive hair gel, baseball cap with the word 'bro', snackbox of kimchi because he's always hungry
Fuckboy! Lee Daehwi

masterlist can be found (here)

Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin 

“And out all these things I’ve done, I think I love you better now.”

  • The intellectual & conceited kind of fuckboy 
  • The type to attract you with how smart he is when he talks about the philosophy of life with a cup of coffee in his hand 
  • It’s a myth in your school that if you want to pass your exams, just get a smile from Daehwi because that megawatt smile of his can even revive dead plants
  • Girls find him extremely attractive whenever he talks about poetry whilst wearing his oversized sweater and cute tortoise shell glasses 
  • He even has a fan club dedicated to him who will be cheering for him whenever he has a poetry slam 
  • Also, he uses that charm of his to flirt with literally every senior he knows of to the point that 10+ girls will try to get him to be their prom date
  • Meanwhile, you and Daehwi had been going head to head with each other since you guys were 12
  • While it might seem like you two would’ve been great friends, you two absolutely hated each other with a passion
  • It’s the fact that you both disagreed with each other on everything: you loved Dante’s Divine Comedy, but he thought it was an absolute killjoy; you found Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice boring, but he could go on speaking about Shylock’s speech for ages 
  • it was also how you hated how arrogant he behaved and him hating how you never seemed to fall for his charming ways plus you were the only person who went against him for the way he interpreted his prose during literature class
  • The rivalry between you two started when you had joined a lego building competition and you two were tied for best creativity
  • The next thing you knew, you both were also tied for first place in the public speaking competition and were both 1st place in grades for scoring an average score of 100 for your final exams since the start of middle school to now
  • But this year, you two were going up against each other for the upcoming student council’s election to be the next elected President and you weren’t intimidated by Daehwi and his hoard of fangirls cause you fight me
  • You two were already members of the student council, you the secretary and him the treasurer hence you two were automatically placed in the election
  • However, the elections’ outcome for the president was chosen by the student body which meant that you and Daehwi had to compete in terms of who could get the most votes and it didn’t matter what your current position was
  • Naturally, you two were getting increasingly competitive as it was finally the chance to finally beat the other and the current president was just happy to give up his past because having two around meant non-stop bickering
  • Campaigning season had never been this intense before
  • There were posters of you and Daehwi EVERYWHERE
  • If you gave out cookies, he will give out coffee
  • Every single day, you had to put on a picture perfect smile and acted energetic and friendly as you interacted with your other classmates
  • It was honestly getting the better of you as you were always super tired 
  • As you walked out of the school two days before the election, you heard Daehwi making a snide comment as he walked past you 
  • “Why else would people vote for you besides that fact that you are y/b/n’s younger sister? You are nothing compared to him.”
  • You took a deep breath and went to the female bathroom only to break down, crying away all the stress you had the past month
  • It was tiring enough to campaign but now you had to deal with him making personal rude comments on you?
  • Your brother had been someone you looked up to a lot as a child, but as you grew older, you could only hide in the shadow of his achievements 
  • People knew how much you loathed being mentioned in the same sentence as your brother and how you were always trying to prove yourself hence everyone avoided his name in front of you 
  • You hated how Daehwi made it seem like that all you had was your brother’s name and all your hard work so far meant nothing
  • You decided there wasn’t a point in this goddamn competition if you had such an unworthy opponent like him who gave you such a nasty and low blow
  • The next day, the news that you forfeited the election spread across the entire school and because of that, Daehwi became the President by default
  • Daehwi was extremely happy with this because hey there wasn’t any competition until he regretted his word when he met his Vice President 
  • His Vice President was a junior who literally won cause he was some popular jock and not because he was capable of it 
  • When Daehwi assigned him any work, he would give the excuse of having track & field training and left
  • he was also never seen during any student council meeting
  • This was when Daehwi realized everything was wrong 
  • He missed the bickerings your two used to have and your presence in general
  • He realized without you, nothing was functioning right, he needed you
  • He should have made you stay and that’s when he decided he had to apologize and get you back 
  • You weren’t moved by a single bit when he came to look you, you just coldly rejected him
  • That was until he did it every day for one month in a row and you accepted his apology and request half because you were super embarrassed at his very lame puns on the pastries he gave you like and another because it was pretty cute seeing him try so hard because he knew that you had the power to just turn around
  • Also because you found out that Daehwi had visited your parents and literally recited all your achievements and your parents were shocked because you never mentioned it 
  • That acknowledgment from your parents was all you need as you became his new Vice President and everything became so much smoother considering you knew what your job required you to do 
  • Your relationship with each other will just keep growing as there so much less fights with each other as you two would just back off 
  • You both began to notice each other’s good points like how Daehwi was a much better speaker while you were better in collecting ideas which became a win-win situation as you guys managed to solve many problems amongst the student body
  • It wasn’t long before Daehwi realized his true feelings for you
  • You just wouldn’t leave his mind
  • When he saw you, he felt like his heart was going to explode 
  • He basically knew he was screwed 
  • Well, something similar was also happening to you like you found it hard to maintain eye contact with Daehwi before your face started burning up
  • You two were so obvious that even the other student council member were placing bets on when you guys will end up together
  • He decided to confess to you on Valentine Day and spent the longest time on deciding what to give you
  • He was planning to write a poem at first but somehow Woojin managed to convince him to change his technique
  • On Valentine Day, you will receive a bouquet of flowers which each of their meaning written on the card and a card which had a simple lego drawing on it
  • ‘I like legos. You like legos. Why don’t we build a relationship?’ 
  • While no one had signed the card, you immediately knew who it was caused that had been the start of everything despite the fact that both of you had grown out of playing legos
  • Daehwi appeared moments later, doing an acoustic cover of your favourite song
  • That’s when you said yes to the confession cause how could you not? 
  • While he has dated around with other people, he has never been in an official relationship so you were the more dominant one 
  • You did become the first one to initiate the first kiss and start holding his hand
  • It was also because he was very careful with everything he did that he was scared that something he did might make you leave him again
  • But one day, you would just kiss the heck out of him and told him to stop feeling that feeling cause you weren’t planning on leaving him anytime soon
  • That’s when he would try to drop hints for you to wear his sweaters when he somehow forgot his entire bag pack of sweaters in your house
  • But you did appear wearing it for a student council meeting when you were rushing to school one day
  • he will blush and stutter through the entire meeting because he finds you so cute in sweater paws that he finds it even hard to breath lmao
  • without a doubt, the school’s cutest couple 
  • you guys are honestly so busy but he still finds time to get you coffee every single morning with a bright orange post it notes that says ‘good morning & i love you’ and you never fail to bring him breakfast
  • you two will still end up staying up all night face timing each other to argue on which poet was better but it ends up with both of you just agreeing with each other
  • Lastly, movie dates watching old classics and bookstore dates where you guys don’t even realize how fast time has gone


Shortly after my arrival at the legendary Atlanta haberdashery Sid Mashburn, I ran into this gentleman while trying on dress shirts. As it turns out, we’re from the same hometown down South–he went to the same prep school I did. We even had some of the same teachers. Even better, he’s just as big a fan of Alden tassel loafers (shown here in tan suede) as I am.