tortoise shell glasses

Tom Davis

I had a great chat the other day with Mr. Tom Davis, the Master Made-to-Measure Specialist at Brooks Brothers on Madison Avenue. He’s been with Brooks for 49 years. It turns out we have several mutual friends in common–the menswear world is a small one.

the raven cycle character aesthetics: what's in their bags edition
  • gansey: a crumpled map of crudely sketched ley lines, a heavy leather book marked with sticky notes, a small box of epipens, polished car keys, old receipts from Nino's, a spare pair of tortoise shell glasses
  • adam: tarot cards neatly packed together, one blue pen with a lost cap, a school notebook nearly falling apart, half used hand lotion from ronan, rusted car keys, extra change
  • ronan: a chipped lighter, a nearly empty silver flask, a crucifix pendant looped into a rope chain, a folded photo of aurora lynch, old cassette tapes, snacks for chainsaw
  • blue: three chapsticks, an unopened cup of blueberry yogurt and a tiny plastic spoon taped to the top, a bunch of colorful hair clips, a broken choker necklace, an unopened bag of pressed flowers, a beaded compact mirror
  • noah: a glittery snow globe, a set of used coloring pencils, a picture of his unsmudgy self when he was alive, a couple toy race cars from his childhood, a fuzzy blanket, a picture of the gangsey smiling
  • henry: bits of crushed metal from god knows what, a spare ringer t-shirt in case his current shirt gets wet for some reason, tools to fix robobee just in case, expensive hair gel, baseball cap with the word 'bro', snackbox of kimchi because he's always hungry
Room of Requirement Draco x Reader

Reader has been a friend of Draco’s since first year much to his Dads disappointment. They get up to mischief all the time but are just friends though Draco does get jealous when reader has a crush or a date with someone.

Warnings : two swear words (female dog ;) )

Type : fluff

(I’m open for any request if someone wants to give me a suggestion for a new imagine)

My footsteps echoed up the whole tower as I tumbled away from Draco who was tormenting me with a spider charm (which he knew I hated).

I whipped my body around my Y/H/C hair flowing across my face, I then shouted “Ridiculus!” pointing my wand in the direction of the spider.

After a few sparks of scarlet light the spider turned into a clown which eventually shriveled up and singed into a pile of multicolored overalls. Draco stormed towards me laughing in his adorable tone. He was wearing his Slytherin scarf and robes as we were meant to be going to a Quidditch match. It was the biggest match of the year between Gryffindor and Slytherin so the whole school was empty and silent. Draco and I had hid in the prefect’s bathroom before running around the school casting various spells at each other.

”If Snape catches us Draco!” I whispered

“Calm down Y/N he won’t” Draco smirked tugging at my Y/H scarf. “I’m bored of running around. Lets play adventure, adventure!” Draco laughed pulling me back up the stairs and down a corridor. Adventure, adventure had been our favourite game since the first year. Someone picks a place in the school to visit and we try and get a souvenir from it.

“Let go Draco! You know this won’t end well!” I squealed laughing

He pulled me into a room with a huge mahogany door. My eyes were met with tons of cabinets filled with silvery and books. The room was tinted with a green light from the gloomy winter clouds reflecting through the window. The room of requirement.

“Hey Y/N look at this!” Draco hollered racing over to a cabinet filled with dusty books that had broken binds. Draco picked one out and flipped through the pages. The air became speckled with ancient dust. Draco hadn’t been much of a bookworm but when I told him my love for books he insisted on reading all my favorite muggle ones. I started him off with Romeo and Juliet (which he loved) then I suggested poetry.

I pulled my tortoise shell glasses out of my robe pocket and push them onto the bridge of my nose. My eyes glanced over at Draco who was still absorbed in a book his white hair concealing his dark eyes. No one feature makes Draco so handsome, though his eyes come close. People often speak of the colour of his eyes and the intenseness of them. What he is, what is beautiful about him, comes from deep within; it makes me want to feel how his lips interchange in a kiss, how his hands follow the curves of my body. I can imagine as each year passes the lines will deepen upon his face, he will be more handsome still, as if his soul sheens through his skin.

I ran my fingers across the panes of mirror and glass liking the smooth feeling on my fingertips. I swung open one of the cupboards to be met with a stale, damp smell. The cupboard was filled with crystals small and big which cast sparks and shadows across the whole room. I picked out a silver one with a dip containing a clan of crystals. I thrust it into my pocket and carried on exploring

”Hey Y/N maybe I can use this spell on my crush.” Draco barked.

My gut wrenched at the sound of the word ‘crush’ spilling out of Draco’s mouth. I wandered over to Draco who smirked at the book he was holding.

He pointed at the page with a pale finger and then ripped it out.

“Draco! You can’t do that!” I said angrily as he shoved the scrap into his pocket. He put his finger to his lips and winked.

”You’re cute when you’re angry” Draco laughed grabbing my hand and pulling me away. I liked the feeling of his warm skin against mine. It gave me a sense of security. I felt so safe with him. Every time he complemented me it made me fall for him even more.

I never found out what the scrap of paper had on it until the next day at breakfast I was sitting with Y/B/F/N who looked awkwardly at my cup of pumpkin juice. She/he had been acting weird the whole of breakfast not being able to look at me straight in the eye. I put the cup to my lips but before I could take a swig she/he screamed

”Don’t drink that Y/N”


”Draco slipped something into it earlier when you were talking to Hermonie ”

My body filled fled with fury. I knew Draco had slipped polyjuice potion into my drink as a joke to turn me into Crabbe or Goyle. I got up from my seat and stormed over to the Slytherin table where Draco was staring at me with an eager smile on his face.

“You git!” I screamed pulling him up from his chair by his jumper.

”Y/N I don’t know… wait … do you feel differ….” But before he could finish I slapped him as hard as I could. He cupped his face in agony as all the Slytherin table cooed and laughed.

“Don’t get your knickers in such a twist Y/L/N its only love.” Pansy giggled nudging Goyle.

”Hey bitch, shut up or your going to be eating my fist for breakfast!” I screamed at her putting my hands up in a ready stance. Her face dropped so she focused on her plate full of breakfast.

“If you think slipping Polyjuice potion into my drink is funny its not! Don’t talk to me!” I shrieked at Draco whipping my body around and storming back to Y/B/F/N

”No Y/N wait it wasn’t that” Draco hollered pulling my hand back. I could feel the whole great hall staring at us. “The thing is…Y/N…I put… love potion into your drink because I wanted you to go to the…. Yule ball … with me…” Draco mumbled his face flushing red. Then I understood the spell book was full of forbidden spells that students weren’t allowed to use. It was a recipe. My stomach dropped, I had been such a bitch.

I pulled Draco’s chin up to face me “Well Malfoy, luckily I didn’t drink it because… I already love you.” I whispered pressing my lips against his. Electricity surged through my body making my hairs stand on end. He kissed back eagerly.

”Get a room!” Harry shouted. I looked over to see him hand in hand with Ginny. I was so happy for him.

“All right Potter!” Draco replied laughing, he then grabbed my hand. We then strutted out of the great hall hand in hand heading up the stairs to the Ravenclaw tower.

”How long have you liked me for?” I asked as we reached the top

”Since first year”

”Why didn’t you tell me!” I laughed stroking his cheek

”I acted as if I was really strong but I was such a wimp….” Draco mumbled really embarrassed. “I’ve loved you ever since you stood up on the stage of the great hall getting excepted to Y/H through the sorting hat. You had your huge glasses on and looked absolutely adorable. People laughed but you didn’t care what they thought, I wanted to be like you…”

”That’s adorable!” I assured him kissing his cheek “I got my souvenir from yesterdays adventure.” I pulled out the crystal and watched him smile at it.

”Do you count as my souvenir?” Draco joked

I hugged him and he pulled my hips really close.

“So Y/N will you do me the honour of attending the Yule Ball with me?” Draco asked through small kisses.

”Of course!” I smirked pressing him into a more passionate kiss. His arms wrapped around me. I didn’t want him to let go.

a heart’s a heavy burden

i saw it was @kixboxer‘s birthday when i got home from work today??? is that right??? and also that you wanted more howl’s moving castle AUs?? anyway, here is a gift


Victor puts a new color on the dial when they move house.  Before the door was divided red, yellow, black and green, but now there’s a blue triangle as well.  Yuuri isn’t going to ask about it, but when Yurio and Lilia are distracted with dinner and by Christophe begging for their scraps from the mantel, Victor pulls him away.  

“Is everything okay?” Yuuri asks, Victor tugging him along by the hand.  Yuuri hates it when he does so, drawing attention to how knobbed and crooked his fingers are now, the liver spots on his wrinkled skin, but he allows it if it seems urgent.  

“Yes, of course,” Victor says, turning to him with a smile on his face.  He gives Yuuri a squeeze when they get to the front door, and the arrow tick tick ticks to blue.  “Go ahead.  Open it.”

Yuuri looks at him cautiously, adjusting his tortoise shell glasses once before giving the door a gentle push.  It opens to a flurry of cold, icy wind, snow whirling in around their ankles.  The last time Yuuri had looked outside, it had been a balmy summer evening.  Wherever this is, it is far, far away, much darker, much colder.  Yuuri almost doesn’t notice as Victor unclasps his cape and wraps it around Yuuri’s shoulders, barely stops himself from reaching up to grab Victor’s hand again where it rests on his shoulder.

“Where is this?” he asks, taking a brave step forward.  Victor is right behind him in nothing but a blousy top and the equestrian trousers he wears more for fashion than function.  He doesn’t seem bothered by the cold at all, and the red flush that gathers at the tip of his nose, the shells of his ears is nothing but endearing.  

“It’s where I grew up,” Victor replies.  Outside they’re surrounded by tall, incredibly old pine trees taller than most of the buildings in Hasetsu, branches heavy with snow and glowing in the moonlight that peaks over the tops.  Angry wind snakes its way through the pines, blowing at the cape around Yuuri’s shoulders, making the icicles overhead tinkle together.  “C’mon.”

Victor keeps hold of his shoulders, presumably to keep the cape from flying away, even though Yuuri could very well clasp it.  Yuuri doesn’t mind, secretly savoring Victor’s warmth that comes through the fabric somehow, magic maybe.  They come into a clearing and before them is a frozen lake, and on the other side is a brick cottage.  There is already a light on in the window, an inviting puff of smoke from the chimney.  Overhead, the sky is clear.  

“I don’t know what to say,” Yuuri says.  His eyes suddenly hurt behind his glasses, and he pushes them up to take in everything a little more clearly.  Who lives in that cottage? he wants to ask.  Have there always been so many stars in the sky as there are here?  

“Say you like it,” Victor says.  “Please.”

“I love it,” Yuuri admits.  “Why?”

“It’s yours if you want it,” Victor says.  He’s brushing past Yuuri now and stepping onto the ice, enchanting his boots with blades.  It’s like the first day they met, before Yuuri was cursed with an old man’s body and Victor had shown him how to skate across the frozen lake back in Hasetsu to escape the Grand Wizard Yakov’s goons.  Victor had kissed his hand when they reached the opposite side of the shore where a small festival was happening and told him he had skated beautifully before disappearing into the crowds.  

“I do,” Yuuri says, but something eats away at him.  It’s too perfect.  Victor reaches out for him on the ice like he’s still the young man he was when they first met like he remembers too, with a flirtatious veneer meant for someone more desirable than he is now.  

“Then let me show you the cottage,” Victor says, bowing before him.  His smile is even more radiant in the moonlight, head of hair like a halo collecting dew at the crown.  It’s the same smile he uses to be polite, to distract others from his lies or lack of manners.  

“No,” Yuuri says.  The cottage looks too inviting, too warm.  “You’re up to something.  It feels like you’re showing me my inheritance in your will.”

Victor frowns, and it’s devastating how he doesn’t look any less handsome when he does so.  “Yuuri, I’m just trying to make you comfortable.”

“For when?” Besides the wind, the forest is very quiet with so much snow.  Yuuri’s shout comes out fiercer than intended.  “For when you leave again?  For good this time?  You’re going to get yourself killed, and I, I know I can help you.”

“Yuuri,” Victor says again, wilting.  “I don’t know what you want from me.  A kiss, maybe?”

“No!” Yuuri says again, hands clenched at his sides, wrinkled, crooked, thin skinned.  “Just let me help!  Even if all I’m good for is cleaning and cooking and pretending to be your grandfather to get you out of trouble, even if I’m not beautiful–”

“You are beautiful,” Victor says with such conviction, like he means it.  Yuuri sniffs, reaching for the glasses perched on top of his head.  

“I’m getting cold,” he replies dismissively.   He wants to go back to the castle, with Yurio and Lillia and bask in Christophe’s warmth and Victor’s smile, the real one, the sleepy one late at night as he bores Yurio and thrills Yuuri with stories of his adventures, the soft one when he takes the first bite of Yuuri’s pork cutlet bowls.  The nice thing about getting old, he thinks, is that he doesn’t have much to lose anymore.  

He doesn’t want to lose Victor.  

A very belated birthday one-shot for the wonderful @drsweetheart​. Happy 17th, Bud! ❤️

Callie and Arizona had been back together for over four months now. Callie spent the first two finishing out her contract with NewYork Presbyterian, and the last month and a half staying at The Archfield while she settled back into her role as Chief of Orthopedics at Grey-Sloan. They decided it was too soon for her to simply move back in with her ex-wife-come-girlfriend, and Callie didn’t have the heart to look at real estate without the woman she knew she’d be spending the rest of her life with. They didn’t need to rush things this time. There was no car crash, or shooting. No trip to Africa, or surprise baby on the way. They had the rest of their lives to figure all of the details out.

And yet, between working out logistics for Sofia’s schedule and reaching the point in their relationship that allowed for sleepovers, they realized that Callie had all but moved in already. So Arizona presented her with a shiny new house key while on a date at a fancy restaurant to make things official, and Callie gladly accepted. Two weeks later, they were finally settling into a routine. It really felt like home again.

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