tortoise shell glasses

the raven cycle character aesthetics: what's in their bags edition
  • gansey: a crumpled map of crudely sketched ley lines, a heavy leather book marked with sticky notes, a small box of epipens, polished car keys, old receipts from Nino's, a spare pair of tortoise shell glasses
  • adam: tarot cards neatly packed together, one blue pen with a lost cap, a school notebook nearly falling apart, half used hand lotion from ronan, rusted car keys, extra change
  • ronan: a chipped lighter, a nearly empty silver flask, a crucifix pendant looped into a rope chain, a folded photo of aurora lynch, old cassette tapes, snacks for chainsaw
  • blue: three chapsticks, an unopened cup of blueberry yogurt and a tiny plastic spoon taped to the top, a bunch of colorful hair clips, a broken choker necklace, an unopened bag of pressed flowers, a beaded compact mirror
  • noah: a glittery snow globe, a set of used coloring pencils, a picture of his unsmudgy self when he was alive, a couple toy race cars from his childhood, a fuzzy blanket, a picture of the gangsey smiling
  • henry: bits of crushed metal from god knows what, a spare ringer t-shirt in case his current shirt gets wet for some reason, tools to fix robobee just in case, expensive hair gel, baseball cap with the word 'bro', snackbox of kimchi because he's always hungry

Reydar drabble, approximately 500 words. Written for @reylofanfictionanthology‘s Reydar Month, bingo card square “Glasses.”

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! More to come. :)

Her disguise was ridiculous. If she thought she could waltz onto base with little more than a pair of round tortoise shell glasses and get away with actual espionage, then that girl was sorely mistaken.

She looked painfully out of place in the green jumpsuit. She was tall enough, but her slight frame wouldn’t fill out even the smallest of their uniforms. She looked like she was wrapped in a deployed parachute, the outfit’s shape only held together by the garish orange straps of her tactical harness.

It was grudgingly endearing. Cute, almost.

The radar and navigations division, was it? Employee number 751B3. Kira Scavenge. She thought she was clever. He would show her how clever she wasn’t.

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All summer I’ve been feeling relatively uninspired because I haven’t been dressing like myself because of my job. But today I finally got to wear my favorite Lilly Pulitzer shorts & it inspired me to design this QR code! Please enjoy😊

❀ featured accessories: ❀
• straw boater
• tortoise specs (GracieGrace)
• white leather shoes (GracieGrace)