tortoise on a leash


Adventures with gckaf!

On Saturday, Mommy and I got to visit friend gckaf! Mommy brought my leash, so friend gckaf took me out for a wonderful long walk through her yard. I had so much fun exploring all the different kinds of rocks in gckaf’s yard under the warm summer sun!

Friend gckaf says I am much easier to walk than dogbeast Bucky. Maybe next time we should try walking Bucky while I’m sitting on his head!


Big Park Adventures, Part 1

This past weekend, I finally got to visit the Big Park Mommy has been promising to take me to for months!

I had so much fun running around the park! Best of all, there were dandies EVERYWHERE! Sadly no dandie flowers because it’s not dandie flower season, but there certainly were tons of dandie leaves just waiting to be nommed!


Mommy and I had such a wonderful time at the park yesterday!

I’ve gotten too good at escaping from my yarn-only leash, so Mommy made me a new leash with a rubber band. I tried to eat it, but it didn’t taste nice at all. I have yet to figure out how to escape from my new leash, but that didn’t stop me from drawing crowds of adoring fans! I got lots of shell rubs and cuddles, and I posed for photos with everyone.

It was so nice to run around the park with the sun on my shell! We were disappointed that the park had almost no grass at all. There were lots of plant clusters, but they all had gravel underneath. Even more strangely, what grass there was was all fenced up! Mommy and I jumped one of the fences, but the grass turned out to be mostly crabgrass and people’s trash. We decided to stick with the gravel after that.